Voluntary disclosure: Payment of withholding taxes

The Income Tax Act [Chapter 23.06] requires payers of certain amounts to withhold taxes on making the payments to the payees. These taxes withheld are usually referred to as Withholding Taxes. It is therefore, important for every payer of an amount to ensure that the correct withholding tax is collected and remitted to Zimra.

The list below indicates Withholding Taxes that should be collected and remitted.

The Withholding Taxes payments should be accompanied with a Withholding Tax Return [REV 5]. A schedule should be attached to the REV5 indicating the details of the taxes withheld.

For any persons that have already failed to submit the Withholding Tax Returns [REV5] they are encouraged to take advantage of the Voluntary Disclosure Program and be compliant. No penalties shall be charged for late submission of returns under the Voluntary Disclosure Program but interest remains due and payable.

Benefits of making a Voluntary Disclosure under Voluntary Disclosure Programme

Penalties, civil penalties, fines and additional tax shall be waived in full

Outstanding tax debts are paid on agreed payment terms

Business is free from the burden of non-compliance

Access to tax clearances certificates for compliant taxpayers

Business managers and owners can focus on running their businesses thereby reducing costs of compliance.

Period covered by Voluntary disclosure

Applications for voluntary disclosure shall be made from 1 July 2018 to 31 December 2018.

Assurances to the Applicant

The information for voluntarily disclosed shall not trigger an audit, investigation or prosecution.

Withdrawal of voluntary disclosure

The voluntary disclosure benefits shall be withdrawn where the client fails to honour payment arrangements agreed on with Zimra, without seeking for alternative agreement payment arrangements

Please Note: REV 5 Returns are submitted manually at your nearest Zimra office.

For more information, please approach your nearest Zimra office.


This article was compiled by the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority for information purposes only. Zimra shall not accept responsibility for loss or damage arising from use of material in this article and no liability will attach to the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority. 

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