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My Vote Counts Zimbabwe

My Vote Counts Zimbabwe

As Zimbabwe heads for the 2018 elections so many stories, allegations, propaganda, manifesto’s are cooked up by yours truly politicians. This is the nature of politics and l have nothing against it, but clearly it shows how much power ordinary Zimbabwean citizens have over these powerfully men and women. Now to spinning the coin for the first time in five years ordinary Zimbabwean have a clear audible voice, your voice within your vote can be heard undisputed and obeyed. Its you ordinary Zimbos these powerful men and aspiring leaders will be bring unearned sugar and butter for the first& last time until another five years.

These men and women need your vote of confidence but…………………!!

Will we sale our votes over a sweet melodious voice and candy bars that last for the moment? Help me save you as l save me, protect my child as l protect yours, show love to my grandchildren as l show love to yours, do unto others as you would like them to do unto you. Vote for the right reasons, register to make a statement. Zimbabwe your vote counts and am honored and proud to say that but its time to change and shake this leveled playing field for politicians.

They are used to giving you candy for your vote, accept but with a closed heart, no more promises lets hear a voice of action not borrowed propaganda and manifesto’s. These evidence that our votes count and should not go in-vain, Zimbos are entrusted with making a decision that will impact their 6 months old or 17 year old children. Zimbabwe we have to make a wise decision when we vote in 2018.

l will not make suggestions just as yet, but l will tell you this, the road map starts from councilors to MPs then Presidential. My focus would be the lower levels because they sharp the Presidential seat to success. My point is My Vote Counts and yours too ordinary Zimbabwean, we have an estimated 15 million people in Zimbabwe or Zimbabweans and my guess is at least 5+ million are able to register to vote, its time to be true to our future. I saw an article saying Mr. Morgan Tsvangirai says Zanu PF has already rigged the election, ayahs zvakaoma sorry to disappoint you Sir but this one is for Zimbabweans undertaking not speculation.

My vote counts its not rigged neither is yours, so be ready to proudly cast your vote, though we know who you will vote for surely Zimbabwe still has some thinking and brainstorming to do. Our worst mistakes have been the Councilor-ship and Members of Parliament (MPs), we have in so many years especial in the major cities voted by a partisanship approach rather than merit or potential thus leaving us again complaining about poor service provision and corruption.

This my brothers and sisters has to stop partisanship must stop and now we need people who can bring results no matter their affiliation. In my previous article l expressed concern over the Economic manipulation crisis in Zimbabwe and shared light on how bested we should fight this evil, some amongst us consider it a necessary evil for personal agendas but l see it killing our future and we have to fight it with our votes. Yes we go into this election with a very highly corrupt nation and truth be told the corruption is starting from the lowest ranked men amongst us i.e Police, Ecocash Agents ( 10% interest are these people gods?).

When corruption is at the lowest level surely it feeds the highest levels and propels them to act unseen or hitched. Its time to set the record straight Zimbabwe, its time to build a stronger self reliant nation. My vote your vote is the remedy to this economic madness. My vote is my right and power to make a difference and personally am a non partisanship person but am a patriot. I love my country, am proud of being Zimbabwean and African. My views as to how to cast my vote are and will be centered on what is right and the opportunity cost

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