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VP Emmerson Mnangagwa’s mansion complete (Pictures)

Zvishavane – Zimbabwe’s Vice President,  Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa has completed building a gigantic stately palace in Zvishavane said to be great than President Robert Mugabe’s, we can reveal.

The property is protected in the same way as President Robert Mugabe’s residence in Harare is.


Zimbabwe Today can reveal that Mnangagwa has since triggered anger in the local village community as a result of that house after villagers were continuously warned not to dare tread their feet anywhere near its vicinity in the same way President Robert Mugabe’s state house is protected from passing pedestrians.

Mnangagwa who designated a large hectarage around his rural home, where he built the massive multi-million dollar mansion has received scorn from villagers who complain that it continuously restricts their freedom of movement in the area having been told that they would be arrested if they get anywhere near the property.


The former Minister of Rural Housing and Social Amenities, Ngwena, as the Zanu PF heavy- weight is known in some circles , built the 24 bedroomed ‘heaven –on- earth’ structure which is perched on a hill top in the secluded Dambudzo area near Lundi primary school, on the outskirts of Zvishavane. Mugabe’s Harare mansion in Harare which is only one bedroom greater (25 bedrooms) than Mnangagwa’s, is said to be still lesser in glory than this one.

Mnangagwa’s Gigantic “State House” Mansion Blocks Zvishavane Villagers

Disgruntled villagers have said the house has however brought more harm than good in the area blocking freedom of movement and access to their traditional paths used by locals for centuries. Scores of villagers told ZimEye, they have been strongly warned against getting anywhere near the structure being told it will be interpreted as “ trespassing.”

“Initially we thought the Minister’s state of the art residential structure would bring sanity and development in the area. We were informed after finishing constructing the house, the Zanu PF Secretary for Legal Affairs, Mnangagwa would install a tarred road in the rural area but this has been delayed. What we are experiencing now is a ‘curfew’ imposed on us. No one should be seen trespassing or loitering around the Minister’s homestead, ” said Evans Machokoto from Sinami area.

“The Mansion has indeed brought more harm than good in the community. We were not expecting this would happen here. No one must be seen walking or trespassing at or near Cde Mnagagwa’s house .If you are found loitering near the property you will regret it , ” said a villager who only identified herself as Mainah.

A village headman in Muzvondiwa area who declined to be identified said although the mansion has restricted freedom of movement in the area they had high hopes that the second phase of the veteran politician’s tarred road installation project will improve the local road network.

The construction of the mammoth-size mansion was said to have been carried out by unnamed Chinese Company and a sub constructed Zvishavane based New Base contractor. An impeccable source has indicated that the completion of the intended tarred road will lead to the official opening.


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