Waverley Boss Seeks to Bar Company Owner’s Daughter From Suing Him

WAVERLEY Blankets managing director, Aron Vico who is embroiled in a bitter wrangle over ownership of the late Victor Cohen business empire with deceased’s daughters, is seeking to stop one of the siblings from filing charges with the police.

Cohen’s daughters, Amanda Berkowitz and Belinda Halfon (nee) Cohen have been fighting with Vico over the past three years accusing him of trying to throw them out of their father’s business empire.

This has resulted in several cases piling up before different courts.

In the latest application, Vico approached the High Court seeking an order to silence Berkowitz complaining that she was not giving him peace.

He wants Berkowitz barred from initiating any civil or criminal legal proceedings against him without permission from the High Court and also wants her to settle costs if she opposes his latest application.

“This is an application for perpetual silence. Respondent is my aunt with whom I am involved in a convoluted family dispute in relation to the ownership of a few entities in which we are co-shareholders. Pursuant to that dispute, the respondent has to date initiated multiple proceedings in different fora,” Vico said in his founding affidavit.

He added: “I believe that those multiple proceedings are meant to harass me and amount to clear abuse of court and other legal procedures.”

He listed several cases including case CR 337/03/18 which was reported at the Harare Central Police station in which Berkowitz alleged Vico had stolen her shares in Waverley Plastics.

“In respect of that matter, prosecution was declined because of lack of evidence,” he told the High Court.

Vico said Berkowitz also lied that he had forged signatures on certain resolutions that were passed at the general meetings of Waverley Blankets. According to him, the proceedings were stalled on account of Berkowitz’s neglect to cooperate with the police after she had lodged the complaint.

“Criminal proceedings under CR 611/05/09 in which the respondent made allegations of fraud against myself and other co-directors. There has not been any progress in this matter because the respondent has neglected to cooperate with investigating officers. The matter is, therefore, lying dormant,” he said.

He also listed case 349/01/2020 and another criminal report made at the Commercial Crimes Division in which Vico was accused by Berkowitz of theft of trust property, money laundering and fraud.

He said he is still to be furnished with the formal charge in respect to the last charges.

“From the foregoing, it is clear that the respondent is initiating legal proceedings against myself solely for the purposes of harassing and vexing me. I verily believe that if the respondent has any legitimate legal basis for raising any proceedings against me, the reports concerned would have been made at once and pursued to their finality.

“In the circumstances, I verily believe that it is fair, just and equitable for an order for perpetual silence to be granted on the terms specified in the draft order,” Vico begged the court.

The sisters are complaining they are being denied important information regarding the companies where they are shareholders and directors as their nephew, Vico was trying to elbow them out by changing directorships and various shareholding structures.

The matter is yet to be heard.

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