“We are all addicted to prostitutes.”-Mugabe confesses

In a stunning admission, Zimbabwe’s President, Robert Mugabe  admitted to being “addicted” to prostitutes.

The revelation came during an address at a United Nations event in New York in 2009, which Zimbabwean media houses have not published for fear of persecution and possible banishment. However at Zimbabwe Today, as part of our editorial policy we are here to expose ALL corrupt activities that happen behind the corridors of power in Zimbabwe without fear or favor. 

In his native tongue Shona, Mugabe said, “Tiri vanhu vemeso meso. Chakabaya chikatyokera, tozviita sei?,” which translates into English as, “We are easily tempted by different women. Once it is in and it has stuck right inside, what else can we do? Its an addiction, what can we do about it?”.

Chairperson of the MDC Women’s Assembly, Theresa Makone, who was part of Mugabe’s entourage during the Unity government quickly answered back at Mugabe, telling him the ‘bad habit’ could be stopped.

Mugabe replied, “Its impossible to stop. ‘Small houses’ are everywhere in Zimbabwe. That’s what we do and the women suffer.”

The term “small houses” is a Zimbabwean phrase used to refer to houses of prostitution, popularized by the local television show, “The Small House Saga”.

The lack of international coverage on Mugabe’s admission may be due to the fact that he said it in Shona and not English, notes African Crisis editor Jan Lamprecht. “There is much they say in their own language which most Western journalists never pick up on,” Lamprecht said.


Zimbabwe Times reporter John Chirau, who writes under his own name, details more of the Mugabes personal lives: Mugabe’s infidelity is spoken of widely in Zimbabwe. While his first wife Sally was alive, he carried on an affair and reportedly ‘had a child’ with his married secretary Grace Marufu, whom he later wedded even though her marriage had not been formally dissolved.

He has also been linked to other women, including the Zanu (PF) Women’s League chairperson Oppah Muchinguri (pictured above in Mugabe attire) , who was married when the scandal broke.

Former Mugabe girlfriend, Oppah Muchinguri
Former Mugabe girlfriend, Oppah Muchinguri

According to a report by The Standard at the time Muchinguri had scuffled with Grace Mugabe at Harare Airport over earings allegedly bought for her by the President. According to the report, Grace had ordered Muchinguri off the plane bound for a foreign trip after discovering the affair.

During acrimonious divorce and child custody proceedings, Muchinguri’s former husband Tapiwa Rushesha told the courts that he had been upset that Mugabe often sent his bodyguards to pick up his wife for ‘meetings’ in the middle of the night.

Oppah Muchinguri has been mending her relationship with the First Lady, even going into overdrive mode by surrending her ZANU-PF Women’s League Secretary Position, accompanying and amplifying the First Lady during her ‘Meet the People’ rallies where  the former launched venomous attacks against VP Joice Mujuru who has since been fired. Grace Mugabe has since become very powerful and is the one literally calling the shots in Zimbabwe, a revelation that even the President himself concedes. Politically savvy Muchinguri was aware of this dynamic and quickly started mending the once acrimonious relationship. 

However, if Mugabe is an infidel, his wife Grace is not far behind him. A few years ago, his chief bodyguard, Winston Changara was fired and subsequently murdered after he told the President about his wife’s love affairs with other men, among them businessman and former Telecel Zimbabwe Chairman James Makamba.

Information obtained by this correspondent this week shows that Makamba was provided a love nest by businesswoman Jane Mutasa. A maid for Mutasa who witnessed the events had a house bought for her to silence her. Makamba is a ’specified’ person, meaning he can not conduct business in Zimbabwe lawfully though it is suspected that he is the owner of the radio station Zi-FM where his son Zororo is one of the managers and chief broadcasters. 

Makamba fled Zimbabwe in 2004 after his affair with Grace was discovered. He was detained for five months on corruption charges which he says were trumped up. Secret service agents contacted by this reporter said Grace’s affair with Makamba was ‘common knowledge’ within the spy agency, the CIO which is also responsible for providing VIP bodyguards to the first family.

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