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We will kill journalists covering ZANU factionalism- Mazivisa

“There are cases when killing somebody is justifiable …”

 ZANU PF deputy spokesman, Psychology Maziwisa, has threatened journalists with death for reporting on ZANU PF factionalism.

The embattled ZANU (PF) deputy information director Psychology Maziwisa has gagged media from reporting on  ZANU(PF) factionalism because the reports ‘are scaring  away potential investors’ and threatened journalists who continue reporting factionalism  with not only lawsuits but also death.

Speaking in Harare at the weekend Maziwisa was at pains to defend the ongoing factionalism rocking the party as he is traditionally known for doing. President Mugabe and the entire politburo has on the opposite clearly stating that there is indeed factionalism in ZANU(PF) and it’s now a matter on public record

The youth politician warned journalists of law suits should they continue reporting on factionalism.

“Do not forget that there are already negative perceptions around Zimbabwe,you further those perceptions by saying that there are all sorts of problems in Zimbabwe .They will shun our destination and they say there is political instability and you know when it comes to investment  and economy the one major aspect  that must really be prioritized  in the mind of the investor is whether   the destination is safe,” Maziwisa said.

He continued, “I think they will come a point when some of us will really say that your conduct is unconstitutional and it should be tested within the parameters of the constitution because no right is absolute.

“You might claim that you have the right to freedom of expression that is true but when we juxtapose that with the main right which we feel must be safe guarded I think they must be justification for that right to be limited even the right to life is limited.

“So imagine if the right to life is not absolute because there are cases when killing somebody is justifiable I think you all know that”, he threatened.

Maziwisa whose recruitment into the party is being questioned by President Robert Mugabe could only accuse the media for ‘fanning hatred, or sometimes violence’ by continuously reporting on the power struggles.

Factionalism in ZANU(PF) became visible three months ago when the First Lady Grace Mugabe began her nationwide so called ‘meet the people rallies’, where she incited ZANU(PF) supporters aligned to the Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa to boot out Vice President Joice Mujuru and her allies at the party’s elective December congress.

Grace said blood could even spilt in the process of eliminating Mujuru from the party because ‘she wants to topple the President’.

Since then Grace has been using a group of unemployed youths and some former liberation war fighters to violently remove provincial party chairpersons who are aligned to Mujuru from their positions so that they do not attend the congress.

The provincial chairperson Grace Mugabe has so far forcefully removed from their positions are Ray Kaukonde (Mashonaland East)  Temba Mliswa (Mashonaland West), Jason Machaya (Midlands), Amos Midzi (Harare) , Callisto Gwanetsa (Masvingo) and Andrew Langa ( Matabeleland South) .


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