WELLINGTON CHIBEBE Zimbabwe General Secretary

Wellington Chibebe ( Bulawayo , 1963 ) is a union Zimbabwe . He is the founder of the Union of Craftsmen Rail and since 2002 is the Secretary General of the Congress of Unions of Zimbabwe , an organization that includes some 1.3 million workers. He is also president of the Crisis Coalition of Zimbabwe, which aimed to achieve free elections, fight hunger, defense work, housing and an end to violence. In 2003 he was awarded the rights of man George Meany-Lane Kirkland, awarded by the American majority union AFL-CIO.

On 17 October 2003 he was imprisoned along with sixty Chibebe union members of the same union, and the next day were imprisoned percent. On 5 August 2004 he was arrested, jailed and accused of promoting issues that foment discontent, along with four other trade unionists. On 8 September 2005 he was arrested again with almost two hundred trade unionists during a march against poverty. He was arrested and tortured and released thanks to international pressure. The last of his business acquaintances dates back to August 15, 2006 when he was imprisoned accused of transporting illegal currency. These charges were converted in a few hours in police assault charges. International pressure, including from the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions and Amnesty International , raided his release on August 18, 2006. [2]


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