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What Can Zimbabweans Do?

My Dear People,

Can Zimbabweans do anything efficiently and correctly to the benefit of the rest of the nation?

Of course, I am talking of Zimbabweans based in Zimbabwe.

The question is now being seriously asked by many following clear indications that Zimbabwean politicians are the most incompetent layabouts in the world.

Unfortunately this is now affecting other facets of life such as business, sport and just about anything.

I have been forced to ask the above questions following several classical blunders in the last week.

I will mention a few earlier blunders that must be making all potential partners think twice about investing in the land of milk and honey.

There have been many previous jaw-dropping acts of classical incompetence, but for now we will start with the disappearing

US$15 billion diamond revenue.

Criminal politicians have made theft of public resources appear so normal that Zimbabweans have become used to being told of shocking levels of corruption and incompetence.

The US$15 billion which was stolen would have been enough to fund our budgets for four years.

But up to now, Zimbabweans do not seem to appreciate just how much these criminals are destroying our country and the future of coming generations.

Our children and grandchildren’s future.

The question keeps popping up though.

What can Zimbabweans do for themselves?

What can they do without needing support from better organised neighbours such as Botswana and South Africa?

Can Zimbabweans do anything for their people without the support of Europeans, Australians and north Americans?

I have read online content by Zimbabweans expressing outrage at the fact that less resource-endowed countries such as Botswana now have to come and show off with their good governance.

They are showing off that their politicians and public officials are better organised, more patriotic and less corrupt.

As the internet activists pointed out, Botswana only has diamonds, cows and some goats.

Zimbabwe has diamonds, cows, and some goats as well and many other advantages such as lots of arable land, a good agricultural climate, gold, uranium, platinum, copper, lithium and many other advantages.

But it is Botswana which comes and provides medicines and fortified food.

And to really embarrass Zimbabweans, Botswana President tells his compatriots that he would not dare assist neighbour Zimbabwe with loans but is only assisting a neighbour with a large starving family.

He gets quite a lot of laughs whenever he derides Zimbabweans for clearly being disorganised and very corrupt.

More humiliation for Zimbabweans. Ouch! Ouch!

The question comes back again. Can those Zimbabweans do anything orderly without corruption and incompetence?

Incompetent reaction to Cyclone Idai by Zimbabwean government

So, how else did the Zimbabwean government and its leadership expect to be forewarned about the coming Cyclone Idai?

Competent weather forecasters had long indicated that a devastating cyclone was bearing on eastern Zimbabwe.

A listening president who listens to his experts and his people would have done something about the weather forecasts which were available for free anyway.

Incidentally, does anybody in our military Cabinet have the foggiest idea about the weather and cyclones?

The most basic response would have been to simply evacuate schoolchildren, the elderly, disabled and the rest of the communities lying directly in the path of the cyclone.

All those inactive soldiers and military vehicles would have then been deployed to serve the people of Zimbabwe.

All those helicopters that we always see escorting Lacoste Dhakisi and flying around when his powerbase is threatened could have been deployed for useful purposes.

Our soldiers reacted with lighting speed following demonstrations on elections on August 1, which left six Zimbabweans dead after the intervention.

We would have expected a similar rapid reaction from our patriotic boys whom we believe are sworn to defend and protect all Zimbabweans.

We would have expected our listening president, who appears to be hard of hearing, not to have abandoned his people for a joyride to the Middle East.

As the young people say these days. Who does that?

How can a president leave his compatriots in the throes of death while attending a clearly non-productive and useless foreign trip?

Lacoste Dhakisi was visiting a museum in UAE while Zimbabweans were dying.

In fact, I warned him that by the time that he left, scores of Zimbabweans were already dying and that he needed to abandon his trip.

This was the second time that Dhakisi had fled from the country after doing so during the fuel price increase inspired riots in January.

So the question still comes up.

Surely is that the best that a Zimbabwean president can do while bucketfuls of rain water falls in the country?

Flee to a desert country?

We will not mention the bit about hiring a plane from Dubai to come and collect Dhakisi from Harare to fly from Harare to Bulawayo.

Is it the wife of General Chandazimendi trying to portray Dhakisi like a lame President?

Can’t organise a party in a brewery

So incompetent is Zimbabwe’s leadership that the senior national football team could not train in an empty stadium in their own country.

If a country’s leadership is not able to organise something as basic as that, what else can they not do?

Chatunga Chete Chete!

Gushungo Chete Chete!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

Source : Zimbabwe Standard

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