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WhatsApp goes strides up

Get ready for the newest addition — WhatsApp My Story (live)

Get ready for the newest addition — WhatsApp My Story (live)

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Ola la la la, another week has passed by.

Surely the days are moving and make sure each week you have something you can point to as an achievement.

For many, weekend involves sitting on the front porch, watching television or reading a book while enjoying your favourite drink.

Seeing the family is a very important part of my weekend, what’s yours like?

So Wednesday we were ambushed with latest news on WhatsApp status which will be like SnapChat.

WhatsApp status, the new feature which lets users upload photos and videos for their contacts to see, instead of a simple text-based status message, has now gone live.

The feature is live on Android, iOS and Windows smartphones across the world.

WhatsApp’s new Status, which is totally inspired by Snapchat’s Stories, was announced earlier this week by the company.

Many teens were so excited about the news but did you know that it has pushed it out as a OTA update.

You won’t have to search for an update on App Store or Google Play Store, as the feature has gone live on the app itself.

So first up, Status is no longer that boring text-based thing, which no one bothered to read or care about, although people in India and Zimbabwe are known to update status regularly.

Status works exactly like Stories on Snapchat or Instagram.

Now on iOS, Status has its own tab on the extreme left at the bottom, followed by Calls, then Camera in the middle, followed by Chats and then Settings.

On Android, the tabs are ordered like this: Camera, Chats, Status and then Calls.

Think of it as a way of broadcasting something fun to your contacts in one go, except it won’t show up in their individual chats, but rather in their Status tab.

Remember these WhatsApp Status stories last only for 24 hours.

They will disappear after this period.

First just go to the Status tab.

Then just tap on that broken circle with the plus symbol on top, the one that’s similar to how you post Stories on Instagram.

The camera will open, and you can just long press to shoot a video.

You can send as video or edit it as a GIF.

Or just take a photo like you normally do, and then just send on Status.

Just like Snapchat lets you see how many people have viewed your story, WhatsApp will let you do the same.

On to gadgetmania, meet Olly, a fusion between smart home hubs, such as the Amazon Echo, and smart home robots.

It can respond to your questions by looking up information for you, and can control all of your smart devices and internet-connected products.

But, like a robot, Olly has deep-learning capabilities which means it gets to know you and your daily routines over time, and will evolve to become more like you and respond to the patterns of your life.

We still wait for the price tag.

For couch potato, get some popcorns as our movie of the week is “The Great Wall.”

According to moviecritic.com, Chinese/American co-produced action-fantasy “The Great Wall” doesn’t feel like a McDonald’sified version of a Chinese film.

True, when square-jawed Matt Damon fights alien monsters side-by-side with Chinese soldiers, the film sometimes feels like a spectacular big-budget action epic with a golden-age western-style hero.

Damon and Pascal play William and Tovar, respectively, wandering European mercenaries who are captured by the Chinese army of the Nameless Order shortly after they slay a mysterious green monster.

The monster, they are told, is a “Tei Tao,” one of a horde of creatures that attacks the now-famous Great Wall of China once every 60 years.

William and Tovar are initially unmoved by the Nameless Order’s considerable plight; they want to make their fortunes by stealing gunpowder from their hosts, and selling it to European traders.

But eventually, William and Tovar’s agendas drift apart after William becomes seduced by the formal control and selfless zeal that defines the Nameless Order.

The film’s action scenes also exemplify a sense of precise, shared responsibility that one rarely sees in action-spectaculars.

The army works together as a unit, just as the Tei Tao do.

You can imagine how hard that philosophy might be to enforce given that it demands a big enough budget to focus on two warring armies’ clashing manoeuvres.

But no, the film’s action set pieces are not only thrillingly large-scale, but visually rapturous, despite a preponderance of computer-generated imagery.

Hope you catch the glimpse at our movie theatres.

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