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When Billiat, Jah Prayzah fashion styles went viral

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What a weekend!

When it comes to art which includes music and fashion, have you noticed that we all sound perfect at criticising even when we do not have enough knowledge on the subject.

To be a fashion critic is easy because you just say, “I love it or I hate it,” but fashion is more than love and hate.

This past week the fashion world was abuzz with South African Zimbabwean born soccer star Khama Billiat over his suit and sneaker picture and musician Jah Prayzah’s attire in his latest video “Chikomo”.

Let me start with Billiat’s fashion sense.

Kudos goes to 4May Men’s wear shop which dressed the Warriors team.

The team got six-button slim-fit suits and shoes while others had to get chino trousers.

Zimbabwe’s rich footballer Billiat (net worth R18 million) decided to wear his Dolce & Gabbana Superking which cost 675 pounds equivalent to RTGS$2 750 now, with the 4May suit.


During the picture time one of the players decided to post on his status and surprisingly it then went viral that he had a fashion disaster.

With fashion, sometimes you wear what is comfortable with you though you work with trends.

Everyone expects you to wear dress shoes with your suits but some style rules are made to be broken.

Remember when the rules of footwear, particularly with athletic shoes, meant that sneakers were only acceptable to be worn when playing sports or engaging in some sort of physical activity?

How the times have changed.

Thanks to the thriving athleisure trend and the endless array of sneaker options on the market — your favorite kicks are no longer just relegated to the gym.

But can guys really wear a suit with sneakers?

With some fashion stylist including those from 4May, we definitely stand with Billiat, just that maybe he is not known as a fashion person and doesn’t care on what he wears.

Imagine if that suit and sneaker was worn by Mudiwa, Stunner or Ginimbi we could be talking something else.

I can say, sneakers help you liven up a classic look. To be honest, this concept isn’t brand spanking new.

Celebrities like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, David Beckham, Bradley Cooper, and Will Smith have experimented with the suit and the stylish sneaker pairings for some time now, but without a celebrity stylist to supervise your daily dressing, the results can be a disaster for the average John.

So if you decide to wear the trend here are my two cents:

Check the length and cut of your pants, the sneaker shape matters and please no tie needed.

Case closed on that.

Then Jah Prayzah pulled the drap white pants, crop-top like which had a long tail courtesy of his stylist and designer Thembani Mubochwa.

Again just like Billiat, this did not go well with his fans as they started labelling him alas creating a meme of him.

That is the challenge we have as Zimbabweans we are too judgemental because the picture went viral before the video and when the music video was released we were all happy and agreed that it suits the video.

Somehow it shows we are not yet ready for fashion revolution and this makes us remain behind. Jah Prayzah is going international, have you seen that look on Jason Derulo, we then salute and say yes.

Get me right, I am not saying the outfit is dope but bear in mind, if it was for video shoot thumbs up. We wouldn’t want to see him in streets in that very long tail. It was stylish for the video.

source:the herald

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