I know already the title of my article is going to cause a lot of raised eyebrows or a lot of mixed reactions, this is my opinion and I am sure an opinion of many black African mothers out there. I have just been bold enough to write about it! I am a mother of two boys and I know I won’t be adding to the population any further, despite the numerous questions as to when I am having my third and don’t I want a girl? I have accepted that in this life time I shall only be a mother of two boys and I have prayed and told the universe that my daughter-in-laws shall be the daughters that I never had. So in coming to this conclusion I have also prayed that my son’s marry the right woman and by the right woman I mean a woman who is Black or African!! I cannot even begin to fathom my son’s bringing me a white woman, an Indian, Chinese and worst of all a “Colored” Southern African woman.
In Southern Africa, the term Coloreds is an ethnic label for people of mixed ethnic origin who possess ancestry from Europe, Asia, and various Khoisan and Bantu tribes of Southern Africa. Barack Obama would be called Colored so too would Mariah Carey. Now here are my reasons why I wouldn’t want my son’s to marry a Colored woman, firstly it is mainly due to their background which has been made complex by the many contradicting idiosyncrasies they’ve encountered while growing up between two dominant cultures (black and white) to put it simple they are confused and don’t know where they belong and that alone makes them ticking time-bombs! For example I would love to be called “Mama” and not Jane by my daughter-in-law that’s just how African custom is and how I was raised to give respect to my in-laws more importantly my elders. To a colored this may be confusing her “white” upbringing will cause her to say “Hello Jane” and she can blame it on being raised that way and I am supposed to just let that slide? What about her “black” culture surely she should know how to great her mother-in-law?
Secondly I would prefer it if she were a 1st generation colored rather than 3rd or 4th generation of coloreds whereby she can’t trace back her history, women with identity issues are seriously confused and tend to be spoilt Barbie’s and have a lot of daddy issues and we know how common it is for coloreds to not know who their fathers are. 1st generation coloreds at least will be able to relate to their immediate families and I would have a good reference point in probably trying to understand her. 
Thirdly 3rd and 4th generation coloreds do not have the etiquette and socially acceptable behavior that normal black or white women have! They are known for their rowdiness, being crass, uncouth, drunk, always involved in fights and we also know they look for financial gain in a man before love! They are back-stabbing and can sleep with their own sisters husbands they have no boundaries and I believe it is really because they have no identity and do know where they belong in society. They don’t really excel in academics and normally just become secretaries, make-up counter girls or they marry well!!  I do not need my sons to be calling me in the middle of the night so I can solve some drunken fights or where she has threatened to know an “uncle of an uncle” who is in jail who will harm my son! 
I know you are all beginning to say what about love what if he loves her! Well that’s why I am praying I am raising him right to know to stay away from ratchet colored girls and to look more towards his race. I really could go on and on with many reasons why I really don’t want my son to bring me a colored daughter-in-law. 

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  1. Idonotgeneralize

    Very stereotypical opinion…I know a lot of colored people thriving and they do not behave as described. Give us real statistical data….

    • She must clearly have been wronged by a coloured woman, i.e her husband cheated on her with a coloured woman. She’s merely venting her bitterness towards coloured people on this platform. She’s hurting and wants her hurt to be felt by the broader coloured community. An angry reaction is exactly what she’s looking for. Don’t fall into her twisted mental snare. She’s extremely uncouth; tactless to say the least. The world would be a better and more loving place without people like her. Sweety do yourself and the world a favour and see a therapist, an exorcist or better yet, hang yourself.

      • Better still: go and see a sangoma who should prescribe some goat testicles to cure your racism and ignorance!

      • What an obtuse, moronic, bitter and twisted woman this is. It’s such a shame that she’s showing just how uneducated and uncouth SHE is. And her punishment shall be that her sons DO indeed bring home that very same “crass” coloured woman that she’s praying they won’t! And that daughter-in-law will treat her very well, unless of course she spews this rubbish from her facial orifice, in which case she would deserve the ass whippin’ she’ll get. How rude! The arrogance and ignorance is astonishing!

        • Are you annoyed because you feel you are one of the dysfunctional coloured women, the joke of the world. You spitting venom to protect a decaying coloured raced who maintain white bosses in the western cape

          • Oh dear, here, once again is the perfect example of incitement of racial slurs and stereotypes and once again we have to deal with an ignorant, uneducated, misinformed young soul. Get your head out of your anal orifice before you comment on things you are clearly not culturally educated about young man. It’s narrow minded people such yourself who incite Xenophobia and hate speech. Just as you have the right to defend YOUR race / creed / gender and you feel WE are not allowed to stereotype you all as criminals etc. we too have the right to set the record straight about our “RACE” / Culture. Had this piece of “journalism” been written by a coloured or white journalist “spitting venom” about them not wanting their children to bring home black / African partners I would bet my bottom dollar that your opinion would have been venomous and rude to say the least. As SHE has the right to her opinion, WE can set the record straight.

          • You have a typical coloured mentality, that never fought white oppression and became the slave mentality that you expose. You are infested with amphetamines and alcoholic slurs. Your premise is unfounded and ridiculous, you are still a coloured slave. What history do you have, Van Riebeek claims your land, you walk away without a life, they call you the docile people, mentally defective, who votes white racist into power to enslave and impoverish their own people. Proudly coloured fool. Africans represent the only battles against oppression, you got your freedom because thousands of black Africans died for your freedom, not Your conclusions have no deductive support. Farm workers are evicted daily for being coloured and you support this, you immoral fool. You are the enemy, you and your coloured clan

          • Such a bitter little man you are that I simply MUST ask, were you perhaps rejected by the coloured women when you approached them with your small mind dear? Did they smack your advances down because of your lack of your intelligence and obvious contempt and intolerance that you treat other races with? No matter what any person on this forum says, you will remain a Neanderthal in the dark ages. Shame, you poor pathetic excuse for a black man. I am so proud to say that my BLACK Grandfather made us very proud with his broad minded, intelligent, tolerant and humble soul. Humble… now that is a virtue you will never be able to possess with the current your lack of understanding for the Coloured race. Call us all the names and hurl as many insults as you like, we will always rise above it, always. We possess a thing called manners which you very obviously and very sadly lack.

          • Firstly, you do not get a good coloured women, according to universal standards, their illusionary egos of being coloured, slave to the whites and the illusion of being better than black. I maintain that you do not present any inductive reasoning based on your fragmented details, merely claiming to be better than black, an ideal candidate for the DA, a representation of the masters of slavery and injustice. You have not yet developed any theory to show you are a better human being, mere hypotheses and notions of illusionary perception grandeur, thinking you are better. Coloured people reek of disgust, an undeveloped political conscious. a state of mentally enslaved prehistoric culture of condescending and obedience to your white master. Wake up little coloured women, you will be trampled in the next revolution

          • AAAH Lago. Here is you gripe. You are bitter with Coloured as some of them believe they are BETTER than you. Yet just by reacting so angrily to such stupidity leaves you looking as ridiculous as the Couloured who thinks he is your better.

          • You do not get a good coloured woman… And who died to make you the supreme judge? You keep bringing the slave to the white man into this? Is that all you know? My whole family from maternal as well as paternal sides have never been slaves to anyone. Unlike tou who are enslaved to archaic black traditions where a sangoma cures your shit and you need to kill yourbown for muti against the tokoloshe. Fuck you and your tokoloshe. He can’t do fuckall to others because we don’t believe in them.

          • Emile Lester Jansen

            You need to read more, live more and love more

          • LOL are Blacks free in South Africa?
            Thats the joke of the world. Black people were GIVEN this country back after the Invader raped it and left its pantry empty, AFTER PRESSURE FROM OUTSIDE OF SA.
            I hear daily of Black Folk going on like they are the only ones who contributed to so called liberation and they use this as an excuse to grab everything and even use their influence to disparage Coloured Folk. NOT COOL OR MATURE FOR ANY RACE.

            If you have a problem with Coloured look at one of the most popular of them all, Nelson Mandela.

          • South africa is rich and was rich when given over to the incompetant anc it is not the white mans fault your corrupt shit government is full of corrupt stupid people.

          • I think you need to get your facts straight. Find out who was instrumental in the bombing of the fuel depot in Salisbury. Then you can tell us that the coloured people were not involved. Why were some of our brothers hung by the Smith regime. Idiot.

          • wendy i understand your anger truth be said generally speaking most colored woman fit the description

          • Yes, Im annoyed because she will use glue to paste on straight hair on
            her head and use false eye lashes to try and look like a “coloured” One
            thing i can say about “coloureds” and what this counrty should adopt is
            that they are already a proud rainbow nation!!! and will never backlash
            another race… because in their whole entire family there is a white,
            indian , black and chineses member…

          • interesting…does your mother allow you to eat with that mouth? The problem dear sir is that if we should look at racial profiling we could probably say that because of poorly educated black people running the country that’s why South Africa is the laughing stock of the developing world. The fact that the government is raping and pillaging the country is because…let me guess…to correct the inequalities of the past. If we look at history you will find that the colonialist treated YOUR ancestors as barbarians and introduced Christianity to them to civilise them. In a nutshell we all bastards one way or the other. Continue standing on your soapbox and acting hypocritical because that’s all you’ll ever be. Take some of that anger and play soccer or something. you’re no better than the refugee who wrote this article and you’re not worth the energy. have a nice day

          • Stating facts may offend you, the truth may hurt your illusions of reality. Black people suffer every day in poverty created by apartheid. Their are more black degree (higher education) people than whites living in SA. Mugabe is the most educated person in the word (most degrees) Google it. Ouch.. that hurt.. hey.. racist fool. The Arabs and Egyptians led the world in intellect until white colonist stole our land and culture from us. Black Africa lives a white culture and are displaced in their own country by a hand full of white racist controlling their lives. Whites own almost 90% of western cape land and businesses, and you refuse to acknowledge facts. Blacks were living for thousands of years before whites came on earth… White colonist corrupted the world, not Zuma. White people stole Africa with a false white god and a bible to oppress and enslave them

          • Wow! you really are a hazard to society and a cause for concern – for all we know, you are a serial killer –
            black people call themselves proudly Africans – with an American accent? and they claim to hate the so called “white” = well now! what happened to the language of your proud heritage!
            Higher educated blacks = how many stole their way through education – leaking exam papers, corruption, and the list goes on =
            I and my family have been African since the day of our birth = what else are we expected to be but African = whether we be white, coloured, indian, or black = no good calling the pot black when the kettle has been tarnished all this time.
            Only black people are barbaric enough to cut the ivory from a magnificent animal like the elephant and rhino = a truck of pigs overturn, and only black people run amok to cut the limbs from the animal while it is still alive – without using the dictionary, I present my case so that you can understand your heritage =
            the land belongs to all who dwell on and in it = even the barbarians,whites, coloured, Indians.

          • White apartheid is a serial killing process. You in need of desperate higher education. When people die of starvation because of racism in the western cape, it is virtually murder, because it could have been prevented. 10 % of the white population can not own almost 80% of our country. nothing has changed because of the coloured vote and our government refuse to enforce white changes. We are still dying daily of starvation and township dysfunction and you continue to defend Zille /

          • Seriously Iago are you actually going to go with what you just said? You know for a fact that your black president is bringing down this country, yes granted you are defending your race. But at least own up to the fact that your ignorant president doesn’t give a crap about you and the starvation of others. It is your president who built himself a village for him and his family and is letting his own people starve and is taking away their education (because he himself has a lack of education you see) and you want to tell us that its “white apartheid” that is the serial killer. You better check that.

          • grow up please = I am far to educated to enter into further words with you. Crawl back into your kraal.

          • Christopher Skinny-boi Liwani

            I am a “coloured” folk. I understand your anger im angry too. Most uneducated coloureds are backstabbers and racist towards the black man. And true, they think they are better than black people. Sincerely
            the light skinned african brother.

          • Hi Christopher, racism is not limited to uneducated coloureds.. It’s not only a coloured phenomena.. I have personally encountered racism from blacks and whites with limited cultural capital,

          • Your ignorance has no limit, throwing wild accusations without a single piece of empirical evidence…a classical illustration of intellectual bancruptcy. it amazes me how coloureds ‘struggle credentials’ are always questioned…you mention how coloureds never fought oppression in south africa, now really which South Africa are you living in.

            We don’t owe it to any one to justify our struggle credentials or even lack thereof and certainly not an ignorant idiot like yourself…I won’t even go Into the ebdless list of prominent members of the coloured community who fought oppression from the day the first European arrived…are you even aware the first political prisoner on Robbin island was coloured?

            We are the sons and daughters of Tuan Yusuf, Tuan Guru, David Stuurman and Sara Bartman… We are proud of our brown skin and curly hair….We are Kreoles and if you don’t like it then you are welcome to choose, in South Africa we have both the Indian and Atlantic Ocean….you can go and jump in either one of them,

          • LOL Lets be honest Lagos, sorry Lago, Black folk are generally pissed with the Mixed Race child because said child GENERALLY prefer white and this stings the Black mind. Solution is if someone rejects you DON’T GET MALICIOUS, SORT OUT THE PROBLEM INSIDE YOURSELF.

          • I don’t want or need white or black. Sorry.

          • I am a cloured male who has many white and black people working below me. My wife is a coloured woman who has many white, coloured and black people below her. We make enough money not to require anything from anyone except the glory of God. So yes we probably are better off than you. But we won’t look down on you who insult us. You just need better education to see the light.

          • Christopher Skinny-boi Liwani

            How dare you mention God in your ignorant comment.

          • You see how ignorant you are that you do not even realise what i was saying as long as you can attack my comment. Here is some plain english for you: Fuck you and the horse that came in you, damb racist ass!

          • this is what the lady was saying ,you are already insulting the lady instead of proving her other wise

          • I don’t need to prove anything to worthless assholes.

          • Why should coloureds vote for blacks when you people fuck up everything you touch.You can’t build your own shit or have original ideas.You must steal the white man’s stuff.Look mwhat you people are doing with the farms,when you got the land, you destroyed it.Your uncivilzed culture is what’s holding you back.
            Watch this clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2YA4irxFEzE

          • that pastor needs to research more i think the black race has suffered more than any other race and even to date its still suffering

        • I also really hope from the bottom of my pure heart that her sons DO indeed bring home a good coloured woman just as I am with good morals and values. You must feel sorry for yourself’ Shame on you.

        • That which you hate SO much and put all your energy in, you shall receive…. The Universe knows how to deal with people like this woman.

        • the divisions in people who convieniently call themselves black is astounding.From Colored’s to indians, other Asians, Zulu’s, Xhosa’s, Sotho’s, Tswana’s ,Shangaani’s, Venda’s, Pedi’s, other Africans…they all exhibit their individual differences and act out of opportunity with regards proximity to favourable, economic culturalism,history, political class or white capital….all divided but when it suits all they call themselves black ..meanwhile back at the farm , they are all trying to do numbers on each other….its sad and a let down to sincere individuals across the collective….

      • So true Clinton….

      • Lol for her sake I actually hope her sons bring home coloured men hahahaha

      • Well put Clint, my sentiment exactly.

      • proudly coloured

        She is probably one of those Zimbabwean expatriots living in Jozi. SA…..kick all of them back to their hometown, her sons should marry Robert Mugabes daughters…..lol…..she is an arsehole….

        • I’m not xenophobic but it would be nice if they all went back

        • Wow…. So many of you crawled out of the wood work, coloured cockroaches, supporting your white bosses in the western cape. Dysfunctional ja baas. Every day we see you, we are disgusted at your strange coloured slave mentality, the whites who you support are impoverishing your coloured people… fool.. you are bigger enemy than the whites you empower.. disgusting coloured race.. their is no place for you in this world !

          • Get real. We dont live in that world anymore

          • …says the stupid black guy from Western cape…. Oh! please nigga grow up! or move to Durban or Jozi where the majority is…. We cant be taking over the whole country… Western cape is for them give them that at least!!

          • This guy, this guy right here is indicative of why we will always have racial tension. Spewing mindless drivel, designed to incense and cause disharmony. It is a sad fact that people with your kind of opinions are always the most vocal, always the ones who start with the racial slurs, when in fact you are just as guilty of the purported behaviour of the entire coloured community.

            Iago you want to talk about a slave mentality? Then why not talk about the black people’s slave mentality when it comes to the ANC? The bright future that Madiba started us towards has become tarnished by constant scandal and ineffectual leadership of the ruling party. But still the black people vote for them, after many many broken promises.

          • Your perception of economics limits your understanding of global inferences. Certainly all capitalist governments are corrupt, nothing more than your apartheid government, who not only stole our land, but mass murdered and lynched to protect racism. The Bush government owned ranches and petrol refineries and the Chines government are all billionaires while Obama is the highest paid in the world. Why single out Zuma, when Zille is overtly a racist. Your people are dying of hunger on farms and townships daily caused by Zille. Racism is rife in the western cape, yet you choose to vote for your white masters who perpetuate slavery, your perceptions define your mental state known as psychopathy, and you probably call yourself a Christian with a white god

          • This iago guy is a sorry excuse for a human being behind his big words and ignorance his just a racist fuck that cant come to pass with the past. . . Grow up little guy we are not in a race for superiority the sooner all of us see tht we all of us need to work together to make this country go forward the sooner things will come right and yes. . . I might be a idealist. . . But you. . . You not even a realist. . . You live in a bubble a black bubble you the reason us coloureds are labeld as racist. . .

          • I really thought white SA are a sick, demented race, their reality excluded the black people suffering around them, then came this crude, disturbed coloured race with a history of ‘ja baas’ protecting white SA slavishly and all they get is more racism. Colourds disgust the world, no backbone, an emasculated attempt to emulate their white masters. The truth agitates you – whites are racist and oppressing the colourds, the evidence can be observed daily in the western cape, and colourds are their slaves, protecting white interest, god would never ordain, your utterances are filled with disgust, you coloured excuse of a human, STAND UP and fight your oppresses, and maybe god will be proud of you

          • I am watching the attacks of xenophobia and now I am convinced that this idiot is one of them. First these poor hardworking people are allowed to enter OUR country to be used to vote the black man into ruling this beautiful country and its beautiful people = then they get abused by the black man’s barbarians, cause that is what they are, and then they get kicked, shot at, murdered and forced to go back to where they came from. Let’s face it, any GOOD, SENSIBLE, GOD FEARING, KNOWLEDGEABLE FULLY EQUIPPED, EDUCATED,PERSON immaterial or race colour or creed, can rule a country, THIS country, but it has to be a person with merits. People like you should be thrown in the middle of the dessert and left there to think.
            Your utterances are based on hearsay, and unless you were part of the so called “suffering” please shut up
            Do not bother replying – your message will not be educated enough

          • Don’t generalize Lago it exposes acute stupidity. Many Coloured people don’t support White. Dont be like some idiots who think all mixed race people are in Cape TOWN.
            You make a good point. Rather TEACH THOSE COLOURED WHOSE EYES ARE BLINDED. Black Folk as the majority political force in south africa need to stop with the victim mentality and be the big Brother they’re supposed to be to Mixed Race people.

          • Christopher Skinny-boi Liwani

            Thank you. Ive been waiting for someone to respond and not to react

          • If i am not mistaken, coloured people are here because you blacks were too dumb to stop your women getting fucked by white people so there. Who are the actual slaves here? Us or you who allowed us to be created? We didn’t crawl out of the woodwork. You MADE us so deal with that, dumb knave.

          • You wreak of mental white disease, retard, which toilet wrapper did you read to obtain this knowledge. If you represent white sentiment, they in for a rough ride, distorting history without a credible premise. You represent Jan van riebeek, the pirate criminal, psychopath and serial killer, who raped young black girls, perverted pedophile, they continued till past the 1960’s and seventies, literally getting away with apartheid murder, you should be lock-up with the rest of the retard whites. Did your white christian god tell you to hate blacks, ordain the inhuman apartheid government and white supporters, then think you have some white right to criticise a black democracy, the first people on earth, the mother of mothers, were black, history has taught you nothing, boy. Your illusion of whiteness is your doom

          • Iago, care to meet in person?

            Don’t worry, your fear of been confronted by a toothless, drunk and brainless coloured man wielding a okapi knife is merely a stereotype..

            instead what you can expect is a person who is ready to test your intellect all the way.

            my hope is that we can have a meaningful discussion, through this I might just be able to emancipate you from your hate and ignorance.

            I will leave you with the words of Tata Madiba: “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

            I am based in John, you can choose the time and place, no violence or hate…simply dialogue

        • i guess all zimboz we will live the say way we came in our thousands,how ever truth be said most of you are proving this woman to be right in her allegations,you where you need to use your intellectual skills you resort to violence and strong language

      • Uncouth, and you want her to hang herself!

      • You Right Clinton…Her Husband must have cheated on her with a colored women. I’m curious to hear what she has to say about Indian and White Women…By The Way. The colored women in Cape Town are really hot:-)

        Indian Guy

    • this was always the belief about certain coloured people from certain backgrounds

    • Be careful, you could even have a “COLOURED” President one day

    • mutaura chokwadi

      She is of course not a statistician or a researcher. She has of course started of her argument by saying this is her own opinion. I am a black Zimbabwean and many black Zimbabweans have that opinion of coloreds in our country as what she described above is common of most of them. It maynot be fair to put all coloureds in the same brackets but many black people can identify with that. Even in South Africa coloreds are like the same. Many colored stay in capetown- areas like Mitchells plain etc and they can kill those people and rob, the girls love money. You should watch the American South african movie called Zulu- it portrays the clolored behavious truthfully. I also know a coule good coloreds but sometimes they have those tendencies. kkkkkkk ma daddy issues apo pandinakidza

      • Your comment is so ignorant! I am a coloured female who was proudly born in Cape Town and family is from Mitchells Plain (Which where we were segregated to due to the same Apartheid that blacks faced) I have a BCom Marketing Degree from a top South African university, I earn more than what you did at my age and own my own car. Your opinion is nothing but racist and ignorant. We should be celebrating and inspiring one another as Africans not putting each other down, leave that to the many First World countries that already do so.

        • Tiredof Corruption

          Oh no KC. Precious blacks cant be racist!! From a position of inferiority they are allowed to hurl abuse at whoever they see fit!

        • mutaura chokwadi

          you are just an exception, you should be smart to know that

      • my dear, shame thats all i can say, do you know that Coloured not white nor black chose where to stay but was placed in areas for segregation, as for your racism, and lack of knowledge ill let that slide, as you are not even worth educating

      • Proud Educated Coloured Mal

        You know just as you can sit there and make dumbfounded generalisations about coloured people, so too can we generalise all black people. And regardless of whether it is the general opinion of you idiots to think in that way, it wouldnt be fair for us to label all blacks in one bad box. Think first before speaking. This post alone has brought forward a lot of unconventional coloured people as you may label us and if you were to look a bit further and with less of a tunnel vision approach, you may accept your sentiments to be exactly that; dumbfounded.

      • Agreed with all the replies , your comment is as ignorant as the stupid lady that wrote this article and you generalise too much, Lets not get people started on opinions about blacks. People like you and that retard of a lady are racist and ignorant to say the least

        • mutaura chokwadi

          hey, its not my fault that you are coloured

          • And this is why xenophobia exists…

          • mutaura chokwadi

            both exist so its all good. Before you talk about xenophobia you need to think why you black and colored folks are poor in the modern SA and the whites continue to piss on you as you scramble for the few low income jobs with foreigners. Also for the record thousands of Zimbos have been given permanent residence in SA because they are educated to do high and top level jobs which you lazy people cant do. If u check engineering, accounting finance positions are all filled with Zimbos, even the education jobs- I dare you to check and fill in if your poor black a#s can do it. At UCT, Stellenbosch etc they are giving Zimbos scholarship to do Masters and PHDs coz you people dnt have the brains and you busy thinking about xenophobia because a foreigner has taken a cleaning job for you or a house girl job. GET REAL AND THINK YOU CAPE MALAY OR ITS BETTER YOU BE SHIPPED TO MALAYSIA OR WHEREEVER YOU CAME FROM. THIS IS AFRICA!!!

          • Mutate, don’t throw insults at your host.. When in a foreign country a little bit of respect towards locals goes a long way.. I can’t be disrespectful in your own house..be grateful that South African institutions are giving you research opportunities and most likely funding your phd studies. Cape Malays are South African who enjoys full citizen rights entrenched in the constitution…

            Citizenship includes political, economic and social rights which cape Malays enjoy as citizens.. Please be mindful that acquired citizenship can be revoked…in summary cape Malays enjoy far more rights then you will ever imagine here in south africa.

            How dare you question their right to citizenship by asking them to go back to Malaysia…the difference between their citizenship and yours, if you even have any is that theirs is a right while yours is an extended privilege, a privilege which can be revoked…with or without your highly skilled job

      • Amazing! Such comments from thieving, housebreaking, highjacking, 5 lving in one back room, don’t bath stinking, run from you country, ctap spewing Zimbabwean

      • In South african Coloured Folk are generally working, productive tax paying people.The majority of Zimbabweans in SA are refugee who do not pay taxes. Are you not disparaging the very race who is contributing to all the FREEBIES You get in SA? LOL,

        • mutaura chokwadi

          You are completely illiterate, All the working Zimbos pay Tax. The refugees and non refugees. All refugees from Congo, Malawi, Nigeria etc do pay tax. Dont expose your foolishness on public forums. I guess it speaks of who you are.

    • True however i personally have been dealt a racial blow by a number of them…since they are in between some of them think they are better than blacks and would back whites against a black person….

  2. ShemzWannaBeJournalist

    What an ill informed piece of archaic and racist riddled garbage.
    You call yourself a journalist?!
    I see you never included your name. Clearly you were aware that this could possibly be the worst piece of journalism ever penned.
    Your writing is a form of social bullying based on presemptuous assertions of a race based on your run in with a minute sample of people.
    Zimbabwe, a progressive Zimbabwe has no place for your “kind”. And by your kind i mean a pompous breed of ignoramus who thinks that she is informing the masses when really, she is spewing unprogressive racist verbal diarrhoea.
    Hope your sons think for themselves.

    • BornFreeSeeNoColor

      Hahahahaha, truth!!!!!!!

      • Hahahahha and you wonder why the world believes blacks are idiots. This story here: case in point.

        • Aren’t you with that comment now driving the exact same train as she is, just in a different compartment?

          • You bet :). For some people harsh comments may be the only opportunity in life they get to slightly open up their minds… And climb out of there black or white or whatever painted boxes.

          • If she had an incling of knowledge about races and DNA she would know that no pure race exists any longer on this earth. It is very sad that we live in a world where the majority of the population are idiots. I should clarify how I define an idiot: either someone that has knowledge but chooses to let it pass their lips and instead washes out their mouths with garbage like the above article (God have mercy) or someone that knows they don’t have knowledge yet still chooses to make “knowledgable” claims instead of educating themselves. So even knowledgable people can be idiots.

            A fool is a fool by any other name.

          • Its sad that the very thing you accuse us coloureds
            of is exacly what you portray in your article. Etiquette is something you clearly lack. If you did have it you would have known that is when you are able to control mind and body. The way you walk, talk, eat and dress in a sociable environment. Clearly you dont have these skills as you are supposed to be a journalist but you publish a load of uniformed random comments about a race you dont know much about. I am a very proud 3rd generation coloured women who knows very well who my ancestors are. I have owned my own business but most of all I not only know my identity as one who comes from a royal line but I know my identity in Christ Jesus. I dont have any identity crises that I need to pray to the universe because I have enough wisdom to know to pray to the creator and not the created.

          • If you really knew God you’d know that he doesn’t approve of anothe rhuman being calling another a fool.

        • @Jj You’re no different,judging by ur reply ..you’re a hypocrite and a far greater retard since you’re laughing at her whn u have the same gangrene tht she has….hope u follow.We all have stereotypes abt each other n can spew out all kind of gabbage at each other bt tht doesn’t make them true or valid….and please Jj you do not speak for the world,you’re not the world’s spoke person and clearly you don’t knw anything abt the world.Ppl with ur level of ignorance generally come from small towns or farms or just never been anywhere else their entire lives….and probably not educated too…lol!!I mean which person that’s been around places or well read that is ignorant?This fact here,case in point.

        • “The world believes blacks are idiots”?

        • & how do you think you are different from the write of this article?

    • Hey you funny person. Your article shows your mentality. It also shows that you are ignorant backward and not learned. I am a colored person and I will pray for you and your son’s. Better than that. I will ask the entire church to pray for you. All colored.

    • Why do we indulge in “perception is reality” to the exclusion of truths about people, nations and religion. This is running the risk of distorting, even profaning the truth. Worse we respond to an article that does not have a name nor a face. Maybe our response to it tells a story of what we also perceive about ourselves. Why must we keep on explaining ourselves when some little mind posts nonsense to get free airtime & we also comply accordingly… everybody has a positive or negative perception about anybody but the point of departure is what does truth & fact say…

  3. Idzi ndoo mbanje idzi! I’m a black Zimbabwean man and my wife, who is ‘coloured’ was born and raised in Zimbabwe and is a very respectable, down-to-earth, smart and gorgeous Zimbabwean woman. And of course, my very wise mother approved. Not only is this some stereotypical run-of-the-mill xenophobic BS paddled by backward Zimbos, but it is also wildly offensive – to people like myself and many cultured coloured African women who by the way happen to be the rule rather than the exception! KMT

  4. The real opressed minority

    I really do hope her sons never bring home a coloured woman, i would never want one of my own to have to deal with a racist mother in law like this.

    • The real oppressed minority

      New-Zimbabwe.com should be ashamed to allow an article as blatantly racist as this to be published. Are you this desperate for news that you would allow an entire race to be degraded on your website simply for the traffic? Disgusting….

      • I absolutely agree with your comment. It is bullies like her that have driven majority of a minority ethnic group-coloured people -out of Zimbabwe. This Web page condones such because he president himself has referred to us as “so-called coloureds”.

      • Exactly!!!

      • I have to agree here. Zimbabwe-Today – are you that desperate for traffic that you would publish an article that revels in spitting in the face of punctuation, and uses “ratchet” (not wretched) as an adjective?
        I can only assume this was done to draw attention and visitors to your page, because I simply can’t imagine anyone in their right mind wanting to publish such a ridiculous, completely factless piece based on nothing but this person’s skewed perspective of women of a certain skin tone (be they coloureds who very much have their own culture as far as I’ve experienced, or biracial women like myself who grew up in two cultures) for any other reason than for it to circulate around the net. I’m guessing the author posted a false picture and pseudonym for the very same reason. But I guess you achieved your goal. So two cheers for your mickey mouse publication.

      • I would have thought there would be laws against such disgusting hate speech. The paper should be sued.

    • Ag just by the advertisement of her boobs I am certain no girl would want her for a mother in law. So dont stress your self my friend. She needs to find God very soon cause she is a time bomb herself.

      • She could only wish she looked that good
        Sure that pic is the ‘coloured’ she is referring to lol

  5. Total CRAP…..her racist up-bringing is the reason that she can seem to get the stick out of her ass. First things first, never judge a group of people on the basis of hear say which in your case must be where your information comes from because with your attitude you would have never lasted two seconds with any coloured person enough to get to know about them. Secondly, you ignorance is going to be your downfall and most probably will be the reason you will end up not being so close to either one or maybe both of your sons. You talk about coloured women sleeping with their sisters husbands and yet day in and day out in the press we see many stories about Black African women who use witchcraft to get their relatives men or are caught sleeping with their relatives men, Deary don’t pin point things that will just come right back to you. The world we live in these days is a complicated one and it is very different from the one you lived in 20 years ago. Life today is not about colour in fact it was never meant to be about colour, life is about loving and respecting one another so please the next time you want to waste good news space with your crap, think before you start typing and i beg oooooo please start praying because you need serious deliverance. Keep your racist BS to yourself……..Yours Truly…. A WELL MANNERED, WELL RESPECTED COLOURED WOMAN

    • Amen my Colored sister. Vertel haar waar Dawid die wortels begrawe het.

      • Beautiful Colored Woman

        Well said. She must be a butt ugly black woman that wishes she could look like nd be like us beautiful colored women.

      • Amen my sister we COLOURED WOMAN got the looks, the brains,the body,oh and the ass………sorry black mamma blame the factory not the products 🙂

    • Amen to that! This African woman is an embarrassment to us classy and intellectual black women. This is racism personified and I pity the boys she is raising, I’m sure when they grow up they will teach her a thing or two most definately. I wonder how old she is…

  6. ColouredWithEducation

    Spelling darling, spelling…. from a 3rd generation coloured woman who is a CEO and just about to complete her MBA!

    • clinton Raymond Roberts

      You go girl!

      • Beautiful Colored Woman

        Well done!!!

        • So proud of my respectable, strong, vibrant, intellectual and ambitious coloured woman! Coloured woman are beautiful and proud and we have every right to be. Judges, CEO’s, Doctors, Nurses all of which I know personally and more than just one. We don’t need to stoop to the level of others.

      • proud to coloured @19

        How I wish one of her sons could meet up with me lady I’ll show you how my mother raised me you would so be surprised ek is dik van mense wat so neer kyk op ons hulle moet uit kyk vi ons glo my die wereld saal my naam nog ken and one day when I’m thr this women will see the face of this 19year old girl who’s typing out this response to the nonsense she wrote you don’t blame ppl for things you went through sorry if your life is hell don’t make it our probs and you know that you’re a coward state your name darling so we know who we dealing with coloured women has respect for themselves and ppl around them you don’t know us ppl should stop judging us my ouma se altyd bly met n mens Dan saal jy di mens ken ek is baie kwaad but with all that is in me I forgive you for you do not know what you are saying or doing I’ll pray for you so that you can be blessed and find it in you’re heart to get to know coloured ppl and not judge us from a distance

    • And there is sure as hell nothing wrong with you. A strong coloured woman who worked her way to the top without having to claim the poverty pitty fest of being black. As a young coloured lady, I admire you and I pray you grow to be even better than you are right now.

    • Enough said … this isn’t even worth the dignity of further discussion.

    • This funken1 big nose cow is not up to your standard
      It (she) will remain a 6th world mongrel
      At least she will keep aids & Syphilis where it belongs

    • well done gal

  7. Oh my days!! In my life!! I am speechless!! The person who agreed to publish this article should be ashamed your at bigger fault than the racist who wrote this nonsense!!

  8. Utter bullshit.

  9. Zimbabwean coloureds doing big things in the world – the first event was in Arcadia, Harare. The next one is in UK. http://brownvelvet.com/blog/2014/06/13/the-brown-velvet-awards/

  10. Proud coloured woman

    You need prayers. It’s sad how judgement and ill informed you are. I am a young coloured woman who has completed a Bcom finance degree and is still studying further. I work and support myself and am not looking to marry rich, best part of it all is I’m not a first generation coloured. I’ve been overseas, know how to conduct myself in a professional manner. I know who my father is, his been in my life since birth and has provided for his family.

    I know who I am, what i want and I am proud to be a strong, independent coloured woman!

  11. It’s 2015, wake up and smell the coffee!! What God do you pray to?? Obviously not the living God we all pray to, who sees no color. This article was written by or of someone who’s extremely racist and ignorant. You don’t choose your sons’ lovers and I pray they are both gay and bring two colored husbands to your home, then what? Why would an outlet even publish this garbage???

  12. Daniël Jacobus Oosthuizen

    Just about the mama thing. Coloureds mostly are afrikaans and have the same strict conservative upbringing. Never met a coloured who call an in-law on their first name. But regarldess of how racist you come of it is your choice to feel this way but it isn’t up to you who your sons will want to marry. And with ALL races you get classy people and scruffy people. I’ve known both versions of every single race I’ve encountered

    • Agreed, I’m coloured and have met both sides of each of the people of our country, this lady must be extremely delusional to think people fit into one bracket just because of their colour

    • Disgusted by this article
      Do not generalise because people (not only coloureds)do the very same thing….practice what you preach DO NOT PIN POINT!
      there are many successful beautiful and very intelligent
      Young coloureds out here doing it big
      Respect and accept people for who they are as a person not based on colour and religion ….sies man! I’m not impressed with this article at ALL!

  13. Loool are you trying to justify why your sons can’t score a coloured girl (known to everyone as the hottest race). And no, I’m not coloured, just saying facts.

    • LindaGProudcoloured


    • Cannot AGREE with you more my friend!!!

      Among the most BEAUTIFUL woman in South Africa(especially our hometown, Cape Town) and the World 🙂

      It certainly makes a LOT of people out there seriously jealous when they can’t marry or have a coloured girlfriend 😉

      If I have to say so myself, I have a drop dead gorgeous daughter who is any man’s admiration and I know so many countless beautiful coloured girls who just bewilders any respectful man because of their peculiarity.

      I would never allow my beautiful daughter to go near the sons of such a sick woman.

      Jealousy makes you nasty…


    • Beautiful Colored Woman

      Thank you. Mwah!!!!

  14. ConcernedZimbabweanMale

    Articles like these surely disgrace mankind and backtrack our efforts to primitive eras. Such myopia deserves to be institutionalised for the sake of our upcoming generations. If this is a stunt to gain publicity and a sense of fulfilment for one’s low self esteem, then I believe this is a bad way to kick start such an endeavour.

  15. The fact that you published this article I take it as hate speech. You should have the discussion with your sons (whom I feel sorry for) and ask them what they want. Shame on you.

  16. ColouredManAcardia

    Whether you like it or not, there is some truth to this article….everyone in Zimbabwe or South Africa knows how we coloured people are – abuse the social welfare, alcoholics, inbreeding, lazy – no family ties. Yes there are exceptions but most of the issues raised in the article are very true. Sorry guys. Whoever wrote this has some truth to it and that’s why we are hurt.

    • Proudcolouredlady

      yopu just as vile as this person and generalising every coloured person! Highly disappointed in you! Please change your name from colouredmanarcadia…..

    • Proudly SA Coloured

      Yes, there is some truth to this article … Truth is that EVERY race & ethnic group the world over, have that portion who abuse social welfare, alcohol, are lazy, have inbreeding & no family ties. It is NOT SA Coloured specific, nor is any of the stuff the author wrote about. Sorry for you & the rest of the narrow minded people like the author of the article who generalize simply because you know no better.
      I am a proudly South African 3rd generation Coloured woman. I was raised to have respect for EVERYONE & treat my Black relatives in the manner which is deemed respectful in their culture as well as my White & Indian relatives in the manner which is deemed respectful in those cultures too. I am educated, employed in a major corporate company, earn very well & bring my own to my marriage & home!
      And no, its not hurtful to read her article or your response. It’s just SAD that people like you & her exist in this beautiful world. Grow up & move out of the “hood”. You will see that there are heaps of educated & sophisticated Coloureds out there who positively contribute to the economies of the world.

    • Speak for yourself!!!

    • The truth is that this article could be aimed at every race. These traits are not reserved and owned by the coloured community, Have you been outside of your neighbourhood. Every race has a band of bandits. This article directly attacked the coloured community. I come from a proud, respectful, educated family. The members of which are predominantly women. We are taught, manner, grace, independence, importance of education, respect. And history is passed down from generation to generation due to the sheer size of our families. We are a proud respectful group. And if we do not call our mothers in law “mama” there must be an excellent reason…It may be complicated, or as simple as she doesn’t deserve the title. Yes, the most powerful man on earth, Obama is coloured, is he classified as a “degenerate” because of it. I am NOT confused, I do not have ‘daddy’ issues, I have a rich history which crosses continents And yes, we are beautiful. I feel I am personally the best of both worlds. I will eat in a 5 star restaurant using ALL cutlery correctly, as easily as I would attend a traditional ceremony. I refuse to be judged by a highly inappropriate ‘journalist’ who obviously wrote this hogwash in a hurry without properly researching her subject matter.

    • Praise God and Him alone

      Whoever you are, speak for yourself…. You might be an alcoholic who abuses social welfare, but I happen to be very successful with great values and morals. You need The Lord in your life.

    • thats because off poverty you idiot some people unfortunately are not strong enough to leave their situations and better their lives like you i assume

    • Perhaps those truths apply to your home and family, and for that I truly pity you. I am blessed to have been raised by wonderful Godly parents who taught me to take responsibility for my actions and carry myself like a LADY. Perhaps you need the training manual so you can lead your family in the right path
      I feel for you bro…

    • Liticia Trindade

      The characteristics you have mentioned above are found in every race Sir…so what is your point? Are there no black alcoholics? Is there no in-breeding among black people?…people like you and this lady should really check your facts before typing stuff..
      And don’t say everyone knows how we coloured people are” …maybe you the coloured person that have given us coloureds a bad impression…stop drinking mr and inbreeding and abusing the social welfare so that people like this silly lady will not write ill of us…please STOP IT!!! clearly you have identified yourself with the list of things you have mentioned above…fortunately I DONT:) so you need to check yourself

    • LindaGProudcoloured

      I can say the same about blacks,Indians, and other races, they also drink, are violent or get violent, steal, swear, do not know their babies’ dads, abuse welfare, so basically yes ever race is guilty of what she mentioned, why is she only putting the spot on coloureds???

    • well maybe the ones you met but we coloured females are respectful and yes we can call ourselves ladies no matter where we come from and we can walk with our heads up high without looking down or blaming others for our failure. we’ve learned if you fail it’s just another opportunity to pick up and to better

    • Beautiful Colored Woman

      Speak for yourself and your own family

    • that happens in all cultures white , black , indian , purple ,

    • Maybe where you come from honey, but certainly not where I come from.
      Shame I’ll pray for you as well. You and the writer of this article clearly need prayer.

    • Come live with me, and I will teach you colored living. I agree there are some truths…but most of this article is flawed. According to you…we abuse everything, we touch…Mmmmm – You must be an angel. Sorry….you are fake.

  17. we are all coloreds my dear, trace back your origins from Noah wemubhaibheri chaimo. we are descendants of Kushi, the original black Africans ndevaya vamunoti ma bushman

  18. YouSuckForBeingARacist

    I really hope her sons never bring home any women (or men!) at all. No one deserves to have such a racist piece of trash like this as a mother in law.

  19. i guess I would pay more attention to the racist and biased diatribe above if it didn’t read like a junior high school girl book report. But that’s just me.

  20. A lot of hate there, I would say the author is confused and highly dense in mind and outlook .

  21. #ipityyourignorance

    It’s really a shame that you are so backward and racist. The sad thing, the people you are so against are the exact women your sons will fall for and bring home. Look at white parents who hate black people, their sons bring home black women and live happily ever after. Maybe in your youth or before you had your sons with your glorious black man you were with a white, indian, chinese or even mixed race person and they left you for their own race all because of your racism… The world is evolvnig, 10 years or even 5 years from now the majority of children being brought into this world will be mixed race. What will you do then? hide your children in a cave or under ground and look for a suitable black woman for them? Your article didnt make me angry at all, it just made me pity you… Good luck with your future daughter inlaws.

  22. I am a coloured and think this a brilliant tongue in cheek article! Made me smile and remember the coloured madness and why I love coloured women so much.

  23. Proudcolouredlady

    If my black grandmother was alive she would beat you up with a machete! This article is disgusting to the core! We have no identity? we formed our own identity because blacks and white made us and couldnt keep us because of segregation!!! we werent wanted by either so we formed our own community!!!! I grew up in zimbabwe im an accountant, i drink wine, i speak very well, I have a culture my black grandma instilled into my coloured mum and dad and into myself!!!! Im not racist, i dont generalise and neither do i have a small mind like you do!!!! Shocking that this is published…. I am a very respectable woman….. sad that you can say such rubbish!!!! I hope a coloured lady doesnt marry your sons because she will be racially profiled, racially abused for her skin colour!!!! Please lets us know your sons names so I can warn my sisters!!! Imagine having you as a mother-in-law!!!!! id run a mile away!

  24. This article is based in one person’s biased and racist view. Generalising an entire race based on her own personal views. What world is she living in?

  25. If I was that daughter in-law and you spoke that trash to me about the stereotypical crap you just mentioned – I would punch you in the throat. #proudcoloured

  26. Not a single comma was given that day…

  27. what makes us diverse or unique as an individual is not determined by the colour of our skin, yes we are all part of different ethnic backgrounds but that never determines the way you were brought up, morals, respect, etiquette ,aspirations and identity see no colour. Being a women of coloured origin does not make me any less of a women than say a white, Asian or black women.
    Infact I embrace my individuality as a mixed race descendant as each home has a different story of there orign. To the lady who wrote this article and feel you were being bold you are mistaken, there is nothing bold in thinking so narrow minded and doing it anonymous.

  28. Seriously though guys, who doesn’t have a family member who hasn’t shagged a niece or nephew..as coloureds we all have heard of those stories in our families…that is painfully true

    • Huh uh sies man who shags their nieces and nephews? That is just wrong on so many levels! And seriously you gonna call it a coloured thing?? I beg to differ. You and this clueless , can’t spell idiot that wrote the article should hook up ! my broer nee man sho! Ek gril my dood! How can you shag your nieces and nephews??? Like really now!

    • u got a seriously effed up family, this has never happened in my family. nor have i heard of this bs in other families

    • Whaaaaat? No your family has some deep seeded issues then. In my COLOURED family incest is a NO-GO! YOH……..

    • Beautiful Colored Woman

      Sick piece of crap!!!

  29. Sounds like somebody’s lost a man or two to coloured ladies. Very stereotypical and quite immature if you ask me. Behaviour differs from person and is not determined by your race or upbringing, but rather what people make of their lives. Your poor sons…..who were probably embarrassed by your public opinion.

  30. She justs wants attention in her lonely life

  31. Proud of my heritage

    Wow !! You really are ignorant …. You belong in the same genre as ”apartheid” whites where they stereo typed all blacks !!!! Its evident you were born in a polarised society with polarised views ..

    You say your pray?? well then its an interesting racist GOD of yours that will allow your son to only marry a black person?? What i tell my daughter is to marry the right person who shares the same virtues and values as her rather than marry ‘the right color’ .. that’s what my GOD teaches me !! Lastly, I have met uncouth, drunks and crass people from all colors its not reserved for coloreds only; don’t confuse class with color !!! The problem is as a minority when our brethren do these things it is very visible ..

    By the way i chose to fight by becoming educated not using fists, i chose to be a good person by being godly and loving thy neighbor? Maybe you should try it ?? I am proud of my colored heritage ….

  32. Someone who dispises you

    Shame on you!!! I am a coloured lady and nothing like how you describe. All of your descriptions can be found in every single race. You are a hateful person, but what is comforting to me, is that as you sow, so you shall reap, and you have sown so much hate and judgement, and YOU SHALL REAP IT. Enjoy your miserable life! May your racism keep you quenched when you burn in hell.

    • Oh my heaven. Shocking to say the least. As a coloured women – 10th
      generation indeed, I was raised by not only my mother and father, but by
      my whole family. I was raised to stand up for myself and not be except
      belittling. As a 10th generation coloured lady I was tought that in
      order for you to care for anyone else you need to care for yourself
      first, to not be selfish and the art of sharing. As a coloured lady I
      was tough respect for my elders – to stand up for older people and to
      love no matter what. As a coloured lady I was tought to be forgiven –
      and mam I do forgive you your ignorance. And most of all as a coloured
      lady – 10th generation I need to add – a mother in law like that will
      never get the respect she so solemnly believe she deserve. To get
      respected to need to respect others. Lastly I need to tell you mam that
      as a coloured mother that is precisely what I teach my daughters.
      Stand your ground and don’t let any man belittle you – most of all not
      his mother.

      Yes mam I am a coloured and a secretary and very proud of it because I am a damn good one.

      Yours sincerely

      Proud Western Cape Coloured.

  33. That’s so funny…who is calling the kettle black…or “coloured” in this case. You get idiots like in all races everywhere and you are just consuming too much oxygen from this wonderful continent.why don’t you just kill yourself

  34. To that women you sitting the pot far miss and clearly have pissed on your ankles…I’m born colored and for your info I got to wonderfull and respectfull sisters…so don’t come and talk boghus…you from Zimbabwe at first get a grip on your opinions cause it clearly aint facts…and who ever told you that your sons either of them will be able to get a colored,white or indian women…sies we not interested in yo people at all…get a freakin life you illiterate human being and nogal a journalist.

  35. Clearly a woman with no sense of human kind… Narrow minded … But i forgive as a proud colored woman from southern africa… God bless your soul my dear…

  36. proud coloured women.

    I’m proud to be a coloured young women and I hate the fact that you have become stereotypical.Everything you have wrote is a whole lot of bull.I can’t believe how little people’s brains are.You obviously know a coloured women who is better then you and has accomplished things you were to lazy to and you probably hate all coloured women because of her.Grow up!I can’t believe the Editor allowed this to be posted and printed on a newspaper. You’ll sicken me.

  37. Clearly a very sick woman. You need serious help. Maybe you should approach a psychologist or even a psychiatrist. I feel sorry for those two sons of yours. May our Good Lord be with you.

  38. Proudly Coloured!!!

    Racist bitch. Go back to school!!! You will never say this to a COLOURED (yes thats how you spell it) woman because they will show you just how ratchet we can be.

  39. Proudly Coloured!!!

    Your poor sons. You’re not even a mother’s ASS!!!!!

  40. I pray your daughters-in-law are exactly what you have described and oh how I pray they are Chinese!

  41. A coloured woman is the least of your worries.

    Pray your son don’t bring back a man. hahahahaha

  42. This woman who wrote this article, believes she knows it all, as a matter of fact she is narrow minded. How does she even pray or talk about God when she thinks she God. All I can say is good luck to her and may God’s purpose prevail in her sons life’s. As a parent myself, I know I can’t choose a life for any of my kids but the best foundation I can give them is respect, values, standards and love. All you can do is hope your teachings will come in handy when they are faced with life’s challenges one day.
    We have the responsibility as parents to raise open minded man and woman, it saddens me to even think, what she teaches her boys.

  43. Well since we colered are a mixture of black and white we have you to thank for our so called behaviour. We inherited it from you guys. We got inherited your stinking manners and attitudes when when you decided to mix and create us. So all and all we have you to thank for how we turned out.

  44. She’s either looking for the backlash and attention Khuli Roberts got or she’s just very bitter.

  45. In this day and age ,shallow minded racist uncomfortable bitch can only hate another woman,honestly did one of the chics fuck yo man,coz u actually sound bitter toward coloured women,,we can’t all be the same,the world wud be boring without a mixed race of fun people,,

  46. What if your sons bring home boyfriends.

  47. Simply put this is myopic racist (exuse my lack of socially unacceptable vocab) KAK!

  48. what a load of shit, how can you stereotype kullids that way. There are many kullids that are striving and they a flippin hard workers, I am single mom, I know my kids dad and I have a wonderful job my own car my own money, We dont need men for financial gain, we have our own damn money, we independant sisters and anyone hating on a beautiful kullid women has serious issues. the beauty of us being mixed is what many cannot stand we come in all colors, shapes and sizes, our hair is unique, our bodies we are a beautiful nation and you a hater,

  49. I have three beautiful coloured daughters. The one qualified and degree and working for a five star hotel. She is polite and we’ll mannered. No alcohol on her lips and spiritual so she is very clear about her God. My other daughter is 3rd year occupational therapy and loves to help people. She glows while helping others. My youngest is in grade 10 and a wonderful hockey player and a maths and physics expert. Now if any of my girls were to marry any of your boys she would probably have to sit in their and your company and have to listen to you all be racist to other religions and races. So yes there would definitely be a divorce for all the right reasons because you all would turn my grandchildren into racists as well. Eventually they would become haters and end up in prison. Thank you for telling us at least who you and your son’s are. The world can now avoid you like the plague

  50. Girlfriend! (in my very coloured accent) 1. you cannot spell. Get yourself a dictionary or a grade school teacher. 2. Stupid shouldn’t breed! Period! I pity your sons. 3. Confused? Jou ma is confused thats why you were born. See point no 2… 3. Don’t know our fathers? Really? Who told you that hogwash? My dad was there all through my life and was married for 45 years to my mom till he died! You stupid idiot! 4. Your men love us and we really don’t mind them, we don’t have race hang ups like you do. 5. We are very educated and we actually have jobs in most Corporate companies. (braiding hair and putting in weaves is not our speciality) yes i know I’m generalising. Its not ok for me to do that i know but see we can do it too… ijs… 6. we dont all drink, exactly the same as, not all black woman or white woman or indian woman dont drink. And if we do, we don’t all forsake our manners. 7. We look after our children, we don’t dump them at home with ailing parents and run off to other countries to over populate their country and insult their woman just because your men look at them. This reply could go on forever but i think you get the idea. Your article is not ayoba sister. You don’t know a thing about us and you sound bitter. By the way, i think you should give me your sons number. You need a dose of coloured hell to shag them into oblivion for as long as it takes them to forget your name you racist piece of trash! You will deserve being forgotten by your kids and their coloured babies they gonna make with their fabulous coloured queens! Crude??? Shame did you really think we gonna take this lying down? You can thank your lucky stars you don’t live in Eldos because you would have had a very interesting article to right tomorrow hahaha

  51. Help me lawd ...

    Lol, Lol, Lol may God bless you with no daughter in laws whatsoever. For whomever is unfortunate to have you for a Mother in Law let alone a Mother would truly be cursed.
    Wretched is being that colored girl married to that African man with a Mother in law commanding you call her Mom before ever meeting in person which once a bond happens i.e marriage we do or not depending on the “Mother in laws individual preference ” demading we adhere to all these customs of theirs which some are completely ridiculous and not affording the daughter in law the same courtesy.
    As well Men you have never met or have and they are less then a class act Women as well and they demand to be called Auntie or Uncle?
    Being “well bred” with a Western culture ideals and customs we might say Mr. Ms. Mrs Miss so and so not anything to familiar. Nothing to do with an identity crisis or fatherless home that was how we were taught to respect our elders it does not equate to confusion dear blonde clip on extensioned bitter red boned woman. Whom obviously has had a bad experience with a bi-racial woman or few in her unwise lifetime.
    First of all after the horrendous interactions with a few of my other half it not only enhanced my awarness of the judgemental pretentious mentality of some and the beauty and class of others who share my African heritage.
    Talk about Mother in Law unrealistic expectations.
    The eldest son must provide for his siblings parents yada yada even though you as parents chose to have the children that you send abroad to live with strangers to be educated as something prestigious so you can brag to your neighbors and hope he will provide for you after graduation.
    A Fourteen year old sent to Canada, another child to England, another to the USA as you intentionally try to give birth in these places planning from birth their destiny’s.
    I must call you my African stranger Mommy because you only had four boys always wanted a girl and prior to even marriage or meeting you?
    You who stays often with” Uncle “in Atlanta where you the elitist, prejudice, judgemental hustler, “Christian African Woman”,” Mommy” has an affair with Uncle so so thinking we are all stupid and unaware as your husband stays in the homeland.. well the only stupid ones are the sons she partially raised.
    If I didn’t know more Africans I would think that all subscribed to this lunancy.
    Thankfully not the case as in all communities there are open- minded and educated well to do theirselves raising their own children not expecting they provide for them.
    Well travelled most importantly faithful to God.
    I agreed with a few points the bitter author started with like during my formative years I was angry I didn’t know my biological African Father or Mother. I was adopted by a white Father and Mother was in a Caucasian World which only led me define myself as Black and only that.
    Then healing came thanks to travel and exposure to all different worlds and cultures the arts the streets the Mountains and Oceans ,Operas, Hip Hop Culture, Symphonies, bigotry.
    You could only pray for your son to expirience the complexity and diversity, strength, love and compassion a colored women brings to the table.
    WOW Sleeping with the sisters man etc Lol you certainly lost me there.
    I think that could be any race sweetheart oh I mean Auntie Lol.
    Enjoy exactly what you don’t want coming your way if they are not gay from your overbearing personality and hatred of women..most probably yourself.
    Not the African way but sounds like therapy may help.
    In my unwise coloured girls opinion you might want to focus on something else
    it seems whatever we really don’t want or judge always seems to happen.

  52. This is such a generalized stereotypical opinion. I am a coloured woman and none of my family members or friends fit the description you have listed. I know who my father is. He has been married to my mother for 45 years. He has never cheated on her. I have never gotten drunk and started fighting. My parents and family do not swear. My family and I are educated and have good jobs. I am independent and have never lived off a man. The same goes for my friends/family. I have traveled to over 40 countries in the world. My cousins have degrees. Your sons would be lucky to meet a woman like me. Stop judging and criticizing others. Your sons will pay for your evil thoughts and end up with the wrong woman. Karma is an ugly thing. What goes around comes around. I am surprised people like you still exist in this day and age. Dont paint all people with the same brush just because a few you have met were badly behaved. I can say the same thing for every race . . There are good and bad people everywhere.

  53. Racist pig!!! Shame on editor for allowing this.

  54. Oops write… i was way too long around your stupid behind…

  55. you are fucking racist plain and simple. How many black children doesnt know their father’s and who is rowdy.. ive seen black women picking their noses and pulling back their snot! U say colored women dont know where they belong black people should stop with the mentality that they were the only ones that was affected by apartheid ajd that they were the only race involved in fighting for their freedom. Your opinion sucks and doesnt make any sense. Because what you are saying about colored women worse can be said about black women but do u see people attacking black women? Grow up! And be the mother u are so proud to be…

  56. All I read were a bunch of stereotypes.

  57. Wow not only are you extremely racist, but also pathetic and relentless… I am a colored girl and am not at all what your stereotypical nature perceive colored girls to be. And by the way you should do your research properly, because I happen to be a very successful auditor. You don’t hear us colored people saying that black girls are only good for domestic purposes, don’t embrace themselves coz they wear weaves and wigs or being babysitters. So stop your stupidity and grow up!

  58. “Why I Wouldn’t Want to Read an Article by an Anonymous Author”….

  59. This is not an opinion!!! You can’t name your article “Why I wouldn’t want my sons to mary a white or coloured woman” if you’re only gonna lash out on coloured females. Instead of taking the time to find out more about coloured woman and their backgrounds, you just decided to generalize and form an “opinion” on a matter you clearly didn’t do research on. Yes there are SOME truths in what you’re attempting to say but what about black girls?? What you’re clearly saying is that not a single black girl behaves that way. I myself am black and i’m proudly dating a coloured girl who is far more sophisticated than these black girls that you worship! I told my girl that when she meets my parents, she will refer to them as “mama” or “ma” and “papa” or “pa” because that’s how I was raised and in relationships it’s all about LEARNING about your partners background, beliefs and traditions. There is more to colour than just “black and white” and you need to see that…I was taught to respect my elders but you are one that will never get my respect, regardless of the fact that our paths will never collide but because you lack the ability to learn and you stay thinking inside the box. Lol This is the generation we’re supposed to look up to and follow in their footsteps? Chance…

  60. A woman of COLOUR

    Sweety my dear, please go find Jesus in your life and while you’re at it, pick up a dictionary and English for Dummies hand guide. You are generalizing to the max. Yes, I 100% agree there are messed up coloureds out there, there are just as many messed up black people as well. And BTW, you want your sons to marry a “Black or African” woman? I was born in Africa! That makes me AFRICAN! And guess what? My skin is not black. Wow shocker hey?! Oh and guess what else! You and I, cut open, are exactly the same! I know your brain cannot handle all this information at once but here’s another highlight; you, provided it is your photograph in the article, are sporting a white/indian/chinese/brazillian weave! You claim we as coloured people don’t know where our roots are but why are you sporting another races characteristics that you are so clearly ashamed of?

  61. I didn’t finish this article. I honestly have no intention on doing so. Firstly, from one writer to another, can I just say my dear “Jane” I presume, your writing is terrible, and you should feel terrible. Secondly, in this modern society, no one should give a rats arse about culture. Particularly cultures that are still stuck in the dark ages. I get that traditions are important, but I find that most traditions are in this modern era, antiquated.
    Now what I really want to say…actually I feel the need to insult you as you have insulted many(if not all) of your readers and the many ethnic groups you have mentioned, particularly the Coloured community…but I am better than that. But back to what I really want to say, is racism still exists because of people like you writing these kind of articles. Please stop and please hang up your press pass. You have no right to call yourself a journalist.

  62. Sincerely responding here as a highly successful coloured woman, I refuse to lower my dignity to voice my opinion to meet you on your page. Your mentality is of an extremely low, uneducated, ignorant calibre and frankly it seems you are the problem, not coloured or white woman which is why your opinion is a mirror image of you. My sincere condolences you need dire healing my dear, best of luck to your sons, I just cringe to think of any coloured young lady that will find herself in your clutches as her mother-in-law. May God spare her a monster.

  63. My God lady, as a 4th generation COLOURED woman I can proudly say that I am not at all uncouth. I have my morals and I have respect. For all I care, I wouldn’t want my son to marry a close-minded, racist woman such as yourself. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  64. Proud Coloured Woman

    Lol!What a load of rubbish!
    Clearly you dont know any coloured people.
    Small brain!
    I am a proud South African COLOURED woman who wouldnt want to be any other race…and believe me there are MANY of us out there!

  65. Your stupidity astounds me.

  66. Interesting article. To start off I think she is afraid that her sons will bring home someone like her. She refers to the lack of academic achievement by our women but she herself seems bit dodgy. Her sons must bring the right woman an African woman, this includes coloured. She refers to southern african coloured. Now that is right as we do live in SA, Namibia, Zim, etc but our cultures as coloureds in these countries are very different. So maybe the coloured women in your town are like that but do not generalise about what you think you know about them. We are not confused. Most of us are coloured, not mixed, our parents are coloured and grandparents are so there is no white dominance over black or vice versa unless you Trevor noah. I do call my in laws by their names and not mom and dad but that is how I was introduced and that is how they prefer it. My wife calls my parents aunt and uncle cause that is how she is comfortable and shows respect. Most know their history. And daddy issues are just excuses people use for their bad behaviour. Our women are headstrong and do not confuse this with rowdy or uncouth behaviour. As for all the bad traits you bestowing upon them you clearly have never lived in a university town. White Black Coloured Chinese Indian Zimbabwean women when they party they get rowdy uncouth crass drunk oooo and especially get into fights. So where you getting your info from only the Lord will know. My thoughts are you been watching old episodes of Jerry Springer about mixed race women getting drunk and sleeping with their deep south family members. My guess is you are one of these women you referring to as if you worked in the corporate environment you would eat your words as to the sheer amount of young highly qualified coloured women are helping build our nation. My wife is a secretary/PA and earning very good money and who incidently happen to be very intelligent and highly qualified (Masters degree ). So next time do your research before spewing hatred and uttering mindless drivel because you think you know a few think about a few people.

  67. Sad for days, WHY? ? Zimbabwe today.com is now in the habit of writing/publishing hatred & gutter- mentality diatribe… Stop reading this shit!!!

  68. Luke James Matthews

    The heading of this idiotic post is why you would not like your sons to marry colored or WHITE women. You haven’t explained what you have against white people. And your views are grossly inaccurate to the point of old world logic. You clearly have no idea what it means to be colored. The bulk of your knowledge on my people you researched on Wikipedia. You have a clouded view of us and of your immediate environment. Do you have to be black to be considered African? At first I was mad when I read this but now I just pitty you and most of all your sons. They will never experience the world with a narrow minded mother like you.

  69. So people are butthurt because she wants to keep her own culture?
    Coloureds are just butthurt because they have no real claim of ancestral rights, since only one part of their ancestry was actually African, they know damn well they’re not going to be accepted by Africans & whites alike.

    If a son/daughter of mine came home with anything other than a full blooded African, they’ll be cut off from the family. Simple as that. My ancestors didn’t die for my (future) children to marry the scumbags who invaded, murdered, massacred & pillaged my continent. That’s utterly SHAMEFUL.

    Africa for AFRICANS! Viva Tate Mugabe! Viva Meme Mugabe!

    • ColouredfriendofBiko

      I never make comments on these kinds of forums but I came across yours something really disturbed me. Why would you use the name of such an honorable hero as an alias? Whats worse is that you then go on to use crass words like “butthurt”. You are mocking Steve Biko’s legacy and I am sincerely disgusted. I had a personal relationship with Steve and his family and ,trust me, he would never say “If a son/daughter of mine came home with anything other than a full blooded African, they’ll be cut off from the family.” nor would he even begin to support that notion. I am 100% sure he turns in his grave to see this. I have so much more to say about the disservice you do to Mr Biko, your ancestors, your children, and everybody who has been “murdered and massacred” in the fight for EQUALITY and ACCEPTANCE.

      YOU, dear sir, are UTTERLY SHAMEFUL.

    • Typical response from an ancestor of the RAT family
      breed further with your little sister GNAW

    • Clearly you are a complete IDIOT!! Africans are coloured, black or white you stupid twit if you are born in this country you are African. I am a coloured woman born in SA so I am a FULL BLOODED AFRICAN

    • God will reward you for your racism…

    • havent you hear we are the future you dumbass….by the way just a courtesy we dont want to be accepted by either black or white, we happy with who we are. it us dumbass that wants to fit in thats why ur woman bleach thier skins and put in TUCK SHOP HARE
      “google translate that” your man love us and your woman want to be like us. just like alias you are nothing but a fake.

    • Beautiful Colored Woman

      Do your research Steve Biko wannabe. It has been proven that the KHOISAN people were the 1st in Africa. KWAAAA!!!!

    • Full blooded? No pure race exists any more on this earth. Get education son

    • Proud Cloured Woman

      WOW steve biko. I am coloured and I was born in the Southern part of Africa which makes me a FULL BLOODED AFRICAN you ignorant twit. Doesn’t matter what colour we are, we were born on the continent of Africa which makes us African… seriously dude.

  70. It’s incredible how this heading stated No white nor Coloured ladies. However you seem to mention how white woman and black woman are more acceptable. It is extremely sad that you think your son’s love has anything to do with you. God simply blessed you with his angels and thought you might be the one to raise these young boys into men, I think God himself is looking at you right now saying, my word, I have made a HUGE mistake here. Be careful woman. Because what God blesses you with can also be taken away from to so quickly. You have the time to place such hatred into the universe about a culture and a group of people you know absolutely nothing of and all because you want to be called Mama. YOU might not even make it to their 18th Birthday, wouldn’t you just want to raise solid men, God fearing and life changing individuals who are beautiful souls and contributors to this world. It’s people like you who our South African President and world leader fought against. I think the best thing for you to do while you are falling on your knees over there and “praying” to God for Black daughter-inlaws, please ask God to forgive you for your terrible and disgusting approach to life and ask God to purify your soul and I hope He makes you understand that everyone in the world is an EQUAL! Using words such as dominant races with black and white? In closing to my comment here, I wouldn’t want to know what your reaction will be when one of your son’s come home and say, MOM I AM GAY AND MEET MY GAY, COLOURED BOYFRIEND! Lets hope he calls you MAMA. LMFAO YOU ARE A JOKE! WELL DONE FOR SHOWING EVERYONE ELSE WHAT A JOKE YOU AND YOUR KIND ARE!!!!!!!!!!! YOU’RE BLACK, AND STUPID, RACIST AND RUDE, BUT DOES THAT MAKE EVERY OTHER BLACK PERSON LIKE THAT???? NO! Figure that out.

  71. FYI PLEASE DO NOT generalize because not all colored people are the same and it deem it unfair that you classify colored women like that. I am colored from zimbabwe and have just graduated with my honors in psychology and proceeded to do masters. My mother is colored and is a qualified Charted Accountant. Majority of my family are colored and we ALL have qualifications at university level. And well respected in our community at that. And for that matter i know a number of black girls i was in school with that fell pregnant DURING their o level year so please dont be so quick to run your mouth because its not about race its about the individual mxm.

  72. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! i guess someone was a little bored and they needed to jazz up their media life.

  73. So narrow minded. Be careful what you wish for, you might end up with a son-in-law.

    • There’s nothing wrong with that either, however judging by your character it might scar you in this life and the next.

  74. I suppose its people like you with your typical archaic mentality who would write something as biased and cynical as this. In case you haven’t noticed the, the world has been evolving for a very long time now, but I forgot, evolution was never and will never be part of your culture so you’ll always be left behind in the 18th century.

  75. My heart goes out to your sons, their only hope is when the time comes for them to marry ( if they can find a good woman irrespective of the their colour) is to run as far away from you as possible or their marriages will be doomed. A sure case of a dysfunctional family in the making. A mothers love is unconditional.

    There is nothing sadder then a grandmother who has no access to her grandchildren – just saying.

  76. Wow. I’m ‘white’ and I am offended by this article!! Sjoe!

  77. Wow I feel embarrassed for you. In this day and age to even think about people like that is utterly disgusting! Your judgement is clearly clouded by your ignorance. I do hope your sons find love irrespective of race, culture, etc. I also hope that you use the time you have and do some actual research and get your facts straight before discriminating people in such an uncooth manner! I am a proud South African woman, a qualified lecturer at a university, just enrolled to do a MA. My husband is British, a store manager with a college qualification, we are happy and the difference of colour, accent, upbringing etc we embrace. Ps. Please check your facts before making a mockery of yourself on the Internet.
    Your African sister

  78. This lady needs to learn her English grammar! More than one son=sons (not “son’s”). Greet (not “great”).
    She’s got a totally warped idea of what coloured (not the American spelling “colored”) Southern African women are like. I know Plenty of people from All races who do not know their fathers or do not know who their fathers are. I know plenty of people from All walks of life who are lazy, raucous, drunkards, drug addicts, unemployed, uneducated, who are just secretaries and make-up counter girls and Many non-coloured ladies that marry well. It is Not just coloured people that have no etiquette. All the bad characteristics she has mentioned are found in All races. There are rotten apples in Every basket. To break it down to her further, there are what can be called sub-classes within each race. She should be smart enough to figure out what that means, judging from her belittling of other people.
    I feel sorry for her sons. It is such a pity that this woman is so judgemental and narrow-minded. She was quite brave to make such atrocious statements about coloured Southern African women. She has got a pretty damn huge pair of blinkers on that face of hers and won’t get very far with That pathetic mindset.

  79. What a load of rubbish!!! Your sons will marry who they love regardless of race. It’s their choice, not yours…

  80. this is one stupid human being, and to pick out on one specific race. I know people that said the same about blacks. this has no logic

  81. Shame on the ZIMBABWE -Today….no news worthy material -felt like I was reading Die Son,,oh sorry for my non coloured friend The Sun…..no wonder Zimbabwe is in such a dire situation,, Black sterotypical woman walking around thinking they Gods gift to this world…wow….#Proudtobecoloured#Ashamedtobe African#Wasn’tZimbabweaSouthAfricanprovince#deadfordays

  82. Im educated, smart, I dont drink, get into fights and I’m 4th generation Coloured and so proud of it, so get your facts right. Wish you had the balls to include your name the way you boldly decided to write this rubish. You are clearly very unhappy with yourself. Your son would not deserve me anyway!

  83. The Real Colored

    Fuck the bitch who wrote this article! Black Bitches are loud and fuck’n ratchet! Don’t even have table manners or know how to eat with a knife and fork. Fuck’n can’t speak English and washes once a month. They stink and all they good at is cleaning your house!

  84. Nina Mullin-Gill

    What a brain dead human being she is..need I say more…

  85. Wow…i have never heard such an opinion on coloured woman before. I just want you to know, please don’t group all coloured woman, whether it’s 1st generation or 100 generation of being a coloured woman. It’s all about how you are raised. Whether you are black, white, coloured or asian your “class” as in sophistication comes from how you are raised. I think if you want your daughter-in-law to meet your requirements look at her family and how she has been raised. Coloureds are the future just to let you know. Generations from now there will not be whites, blacks, Asians or any other full blooded race. The world is changing. Don’t be ignorant and put restrictions on your sons just to suit your needs. If the marry a coloured woman who makes him happy then why should you worry. When your sons were born didn’t you want the best for them and want him to be happy with HIS life? You have to remember your sons wants and needs might not suit you, that’s why it’s his life and not yours.

    I’m writing this with love my sister 🙂 and I’m like the 50th generation of being coloured. I’m not confuse of who I am. I might not know where my blood line begins but I do know that does not make me feel like i dont belong.

  86. Beautiful and lovely coloured

    She clearly doesn’t know me. I’m a coloured, don’t even know which generation, maybe fourth, I’m not a nut case, nor do I fight in clubs or on the streets lolol… hahaha. She reminds me of the times when I grew up in apartheid and had to only marry my own race. I think maybe her sons will be better off alone, because no girl might be good enough lol. Good luck boys.

    • Idiot, I really with Nelson Mandela can whisper in her ear. Is this black pleoples perceptuon of us in the back of your minds? You walk round with a chip on your shoulder we also felt the rath of apartheid the counry didn’t become democratic for you to dog us out. I’m very disapointed in you and I feel sory for any girl tht marries your son. As a grown woman I do not respect you and spit on this hole thing you wrote because what about black or white people who do not prosper and are drunk? U singling out only in my race group I think it makes to your article ignorant. And I see why your husband cheated on you I think the man is rite u deserve it and your pain wil only get worst because my God dnt sleep sista! 25 year old MaLe Coloured Permanently Employed, Partime student

  87. I am coloured not colored and think you just a plain down racist!!
    I hope your 2 sons bring two other boys to meet you!!

  88. What Rubbish!People like you are why we struggle to find common ground with each other.Why is race so important to you!? I am a coloured girl & I don’t fit any of you racist stereotypes!Get your mind out of the gutter!

  89. Written by an idiot who has not interacted much with other race groups and relies on stereotyping myths. Its not about what you want but what your son wants

  90. ignoranceisbliss

    I feel sorry for this woman. ignorance is bliss. she lives in her own little world.

  91. BornFreeSeeNoColor

    Hahahahaha her opinion I guess… But she is a basically a racist idiot, lol. There are far more non centered, violent disrespectful, ratchet young so called “african black” girls than coloreds in zim alone. Take a visit to Pomona food court on a Saturday when schools are on exit…
    Matter of fact thank the lord you ain’t got daughters, the likelihood is you would have raised one of them thots. Smh.

  92. This woman isclearly confoculated and has clearly been living under a rock. If I married a black woman, do you think my mum would be offended by someone calling her MAMMA and not JANE?
    Clearly she has never visited a club or bar!. The ‘black’ girls with their ‘straight coloured looking’ hair are the majority of patrons and can clearly bee seen taking advantage of men of all cultures and race ethnicity.
    Clearly this woman had her heart broken by a coloured man or lost her man to a coloured woman.
    She felt good about opening her comments by claiming to be bold and brave, to cover up for her warped way of thinking……well lady, I to am bold enough to say what everyone else is thinking but will not say…”if your granny had not taken her panty off for the mlungu, tgen you would not be in this state of confoculation.
    You are nothing more than a stereotypical racist and Mugabe should deport you to a coloured township in CapeTown!

  93. Well, from a coloured male’s perspective, you are absolutely a fn idiot. Forgive me, but you deserve that. Firstly I know where I come from and can go back quite a few generations to the Khoi in my family. Whom are the first people of this country of OURS South Africa you dumb fok, so sorry tief. Secondly, I’m not educated have an average job, have a beautiful ORIGINAL SOUTH AFRiCAN QUEEN wife, married for 17 years, never strayed. Never had to use culture as an excuse to lose her independence or have her will broken by a man. No, she is the strongest African woman you’ll ever find, she will never be ostracised by her family or her inlaws. You want to be called mother by a woman, then go fok yourself and breed another fence jumper, TIEF!!!

  94. ThisIsNotAnArticle

    first of of all I don’t see how this person calls what she wrote an article. she clearly cannot think nor write. Please check your spelling before you put some thing out. secondly this person (I call her person not a woman because a woman does not think and say the ignorant and backwards things she has said) has much to learn from this life. There is clearly a beauty and something special in all races and each individual on this earth, but she is CLEARLY threatened by women of another race. It seems to me that she does not want to compete with the fabulous women that her sons will bring home. she wants a black girl whom she can bully around and blame her actions on culture. She wants to be the main woman in these boys lives. If her sons were raised right (hopefully the dad will have contributed to their upbringing), then race, religion,social status should have nothing to do with the girls they bring home. She says coloureds are rowdy.. to you Mrs So Called Racist Journalist Person it may seem like rowdiness. To the rest of the world it is standing up for yourself and having an opinion. I feel sorry for your daughters in law already! May God/Allah/Bhuddah/Jehovah/the Universe be with them when they meet you…
    And Zimbabwe today shame on you for putting this piece of crap up. Its not an article. Its Bullsh*t.

  95. How racist and stereotypical!! I am coloured and I don’t have gang fights!! I am coloured, I am educated and respected and I dont have a string of exes and kids…YOU NEED TO MIX MORE COZ YOU GOT A SHALLOW VIEW of LIFE and PEOPLE!!!

  96. under which rock does this woman live under? I really hope that her sons bring home cheeky coloured women so she can be smacked to the ground with humility.

  97. This is absolute rubish… What did I just read??? I can’t believe there’s still so much backward thinking out there. Its the 21st century!! Hello?? How could one person be so steriotyped. So much fallacies and generalizations on this. I’m disgusted by the writer’s foolishness, this is so childish. You have to be put in an institution for this kind of mentality, people like you are a threat to human intelligence and development. I just can’t believe this.

  98. Wow, narrow minded much? We are a product of our upbringing, my parents taught me to respect my elders and to this day I never call an elder by their first name. I have a lot of coloured friends, my son’s Godfather is coloured and we are very close with his entire family, and the way you have so stereotypically described makes me feel like you may never have met or befriended a coloured person.

    As for you wanting your sons to only date and marry black Africans, shame on you. You should want them to find true love with someone who will make them happy regardless of the tone of their skin. Our souls are what makes us humans and are not defined by race, religion or even gender… So rather support your sons in making choices that make them happy than to make choices that will make you happy at their expense.

  99. Very racist and pathetic, I could speak about African poor hygiene, the head tapping, the throat snorting sounds they make. I can even speak about the 10 kids from different fathers, or how about the arrogant rude, violent, corrupt African nature, the limited brain functionality, but I wont. Instead, I’ll leave u with this…

    • Hmm, is this woman coloured, that she is displaying such disgusting behavior?? NOOOOT!! Thanks for sharing, as this clearly squashes every racial stereotypical statement she has made!!!

  100. ColouredWomenAndProud

    OMW, cleary tihis women has issues. How is this for being stereotypical.

  101. racismgoesbothways

    Thank you so much for this article! As a white woman in Zimbabwe I find it hard to explain to people the amount of racism directed towards me – the assumptions that people make because I am white, and even direct abuse with people saying ‘you white people think …’ (once just because I accidentally went to the wrong queue – apparently because I’m white I thought I was allowed to jump ahead of everyone else). Some of the most blatantly racist comments I have heard in my life have come from black Africans stating horrendously stereotyped opinions about Indian, Chinese, and yes, coloured people. Finally this article can be my go-to reference to show people just how racist some black people can actually be! (See what I did there, I said ‘some’ black people, I didn’t say ‘black people’ because that would be letting a bad experience with a few people cloud my judgement of an entire race of people….) People are saying I hope her sons fall in love with beautiful, respectful coloured women … I hope they marry rude, ignorant and disrespectful black African women to show that ignorance and bad manners know no race but are found in all walks of life!!!!

  102. Oh dear oh dear – I am Coloured and agree that it would not be wise to let your sons marry into 3rd or 4th generation Coloureds – They will never be accepted we as Coloured people have developed our own distinct culture – there are many levels of class in Coloured people if you have never experienced Arpartheid then become a Coloured. You will soon find out that you are not as great or as good as you may think. Coloureds have goals and aspirations – you know nothing about us – We made successes out of our lives – we do not play the black card – we do not suck up to whites – we make our own way in life – we made it during Arpartheid (White domination) We making it today (Black domination) – We dont look out for handouts or favours.

  103. Very racist and pathetic, I could speak about African poor hygiene, the head tapping, the throat snorting sounds they make. I can even speak about the 10 kids from different fathers, or how about the arrogant rude, violent, corrupt African nature, the limited brain functionality, but I wont. Instead, I’ll leave u with this…

  104. I’m sorry but this is a bunch of bull shit yes I said it I am a white male who is married to a coloured women and she calls my mom mom and daddy issues why do you think it’s your four fathers you don’t know how many you have

  105. Thank God this coloured woman with four University degrees including a Masters degree, who knows her ancestry, is well loved by her daddy and has never gotten into any fights would probably never marry a man raised by a woman this ignorant.

    Dearest MAMA please learn where your apostrophe’s go. The word is “wouldn’t”! Any educated woman would know that. Pity that your son will most likely end up marrying someone like you.

  106. What a shame this woman is so narrow minded but we are all entitled to her opinions, I just hope one of her sons will come home with someone else then the obedient African woman she is hoping for.

  107. Hahaha how hilarious and naive…some points mentioned, concerning the behaviour of” 3rd/4th generation coloureds” are somewhat refelected in certain suburbs in south africa. However, to say that coloured women suffer from an identity crisis, is ludicrous! I’m of mixed origin, coloured to you, but i certainly know who i am, what i want and where i’m heading to. I simply dont care whether i have british, eastern, german or khoisan blood flowing through me….I AM A THOROUGHBRED SOUTH AFRICAN AND SUPER PROUD OF IT. So keep your precious sons wrapped safely to your bosom cause “coloured” woman is certainly interested in a partner that sees ME, a thriving and determined woman filled with compassion, tolerance, acceptance , hope and love. Have a blessed life 😉

  108. OMW!!! Really?

  109. HOW THE HELL DID THIS EVEN SURFACE, THIS IS BULLSHIT AND BASICALLY THIS PERSON IS SAYING EVERY COLORED WOMAN IS NO GOOD WELL TO THIS PERSON YOU REFFERING TO MY MOTHER, GRANDMA, GREAT GRANDMA AND MY DAUGHTERS, to your sons i feel sorry for them as they wont be able to love who they choose instead love who there mother agrees upon which is sad really and its a pity you see colored people this way, if you can say this about us then what can’t you say about other races too, GOD HELP YOUR SOUL and you know something every race drinks and everyone has problems not just WHITE or COLOREDS.

  110. Very Proud Coloured

    Women, is this you talking? The same dirty, dusty, big ass cracked heels, traffic lights beggar from Zimbabwe that I gave R10.00 to yesterday afternoon on my way home from work to buy that same precious sons of you some bread? So you now rich enough to share your opinion from way over there in Zim, after you spiened enough buss fare to go home . Dont forget to come collect your brother and blind mother under breach at the Nasrec traffic lights. Do something constructive with your time and try create jobs or vegetable gardens or something positive for your poor nation instead of commenting on an issue you clearly know nothing about. You sound intelligent enough in your own way. By the way, is it not you that physically abused your brothers daughter by slapping and standing on the poor 3 years old’s back. Are you insulting us from behind bars? You BLURPLE idiot.

  111. Lol I wont say black ppl think that way or even if the general population think like that, all ill say is the world is full of idiots who live in a bubble and experience life through what they hear from ppl or see on tv, everything she said I can say the same about every other race, but I dont because you have to be really dumb not to know that ppl from all walks of life are generally stupid and painting every one with the same brush is not just racist, its retarded.

  112. Of course there are Coloured women who act like that.. There are also Black women who act like that, and White women, and Asian women, and Indian women. You get these types of women in EVERY SINGLE RACE. You also get some of the best, most gorgeous, most successful women in EVERY SINGLE RACE!!!!

  113. indian men love the colored women cause they carring, adventurous, loving and dont take shit from no one, i wonder what she will do when one of her sons walks in one day and tells her Love is blind ma!

  114. I have never been more proud to be a coloured woman – to know that I don’t fit any of these stereotypes you spoke about with so much pride. (As if any other women from another race don’t have these traits.)
    Point is – you are one of the reasons why society can’t live in harmony and accept every culture and race. It’s because of people like you that children grow up thinking they are better than another race. Why are we even discussing this issue in 2015? This article says more about you (and your lack of a dictionary) and your lack of depth, dignity, insight, knowledge, compassion and love for your fellow human beings than anything else I read here.

  115. Fine Coloured Female

    U gotta b kidding me!! In dis day & age..talk about ignorance & racism. Coloured females r not rachet, uneducated drunkards. Do not stereotype all coloured females by 1 or 2 dat u know & respect is something we have a hellava lot of.We dont call our mother in laws by their names, we call them Ma/Mum.we were raised well by both parents.we not lacking 4 father figures & y would coloured females want her sons when there r soooo many Fine coloured men..STUPID WOMAN!!!

  116. Gabriel Gabi Le Roux

    You are a Tripod. What’s a Tripod? Someone who qualifies for being titled 1) Racist 2) Bigot 3) Prejudiced. It’s a rare quality to have all three of these in one’s character. What a special kind of creature you are…

  117. Cant even spell “greet”… lol

  118. Wow what an attack on coloured women. the sad news is lady, you have no control over who your sons fall in love with and what to live with.
    pray for an accepting heart, so you can accept people for who they are 🙂

  119. Not a opinion but a fact , percentage of coloured graduates are more then blacks . Educate yourself : http://www.moneyweb.co.za/archive/the-2006-matric-results-by-race/ . I would rather start worrying about your sons actually passing matric .

  120. Dontlikeignorance

    Stupid cow. I’m coloured and don’t call my white inlaws by their first names.

  121. eh ehm, sour grapes perhaps love?. You have serious issues sweetie. I suggest you sort them out before any of your daughter’s in law regardless of race start labelling you “Monster in law”, which you probably will be. As for the part where you say colored woman start fight’s are uneducated, rude and marry wealthy men. I am a proud 21 year old colored woman, I’ve actually never gotten in a fight, I have my MCSE already therefore making me a Microsoft Engineer and I need no man to provide for me. Get you facts straight please oh and as for your ranting, cry me a river then drown yourself in it..

  122. Surely this is satire?

  123. What an idiot .. It’s good that you don’t plan on re-producing any further.

  124. Clearly you are not moving with the times. So only colored women are single parents and whose kids dont know their fathers? I bet you, a colored lady took your man from you and why you full of hatred for us! Get your facts right lady. I am colored, married my first boy friend and have been married for 30 years! With three children who just completed their degrees! I should maybe tell my daughters not to marry a black man, is that how you want this world to be? Knowing if she does, she will encounter a mother in law as evil as you? I feel sorry for the women your sons will marry lady, you sure do fit that shoe of the bad mother in law! My household and those of my other colored neighbors are quiet except for my black neighbors who speak loud and play their Zimbabwean music loud as if we like the music! Oh not to mention the fights over men as well which am tired of hearing and the mess outside their yard! Makes my street look like a war zone! My daughter was head hunted by corporate worlds to come and work for them and she excels in every academic field! My young one going on to do medicine! And yes they will marry well. I am a very loyal friend and lots of my black friends can vouch for me. So lady instead of causing this kind of trouble, take the log out of your eye instead of that speck in my eye! You could start by learning to play your music softly, speak in low tones and clean your home up and bring up your sons properly. You currently raising xenophobic sons who will hate other ethnic groups! Shame on you lady!!!! Colored women are really a threat to you I see! One thing we look good, cook good, spoil our men and we loyal to them! We also dont mind if they lost their jobs, we will hold the fort while they sort themselves out. On the other hand you would dump your husband, as you only marry for money, cultural background and lust for a man, as you know nothing about falling in love! We fall in love and we show it too! Grow up and stop spreading hatred!!!!!!

  125. If your sons are anything like you, I hope they stay away from all women. We need people to bring positivity not a mindless backyard mentality.

    Maybe they should remain momma’s boys and stay virgins till they’re too old to procreate!

  126. Oh forgot to say, that is what you get for living in country where uncle Bob rules, it rubbed off on you, why you stayed on.

  127. Firstly you start your article by saying you don’t want your boys to marry colored, then you go on about rather 3rd and 4th generational crap?You know nothing about colored culture. We call our in-laws mother and father as that is what they become when you get married. I too would prefer id my children marry within our own race but in reality life does not work the way you want. Religous miss matches is even worse. People cheating has nothing to do with the race you are are there is black girls that are rottenand there are those that is honest nothing to do with the colour of their skin. If one has to judge somoone else by the colour of ones skin you become a racist. It preference I get it but deep down you know the truth you would love you boys to get a colored girl hence you even went into 2nd and 3rd generation crap.You still living a life that other people set standards for. Tough sh1t happens to all of us one chooses to be racist or not. Publishing nonsense is also a choice if you boys are ugly looking they probably will not even get a wife…And there is bigger nonsense to wory about what if they GAY what id they are terminally sick be thankfull if they can even get a hard on…idiot

  128. You need Jesus and a very strong cup of wake up coffee MAMA!

  129. Mama Jane, stop stereotyping! Stop generalizing! Being Colored does not mean that ALL Coloreds are brought up the same way……….Imagine me saying I dont want my son to marry a black women because black women are lazy and not very hygienic! Imagine the outrage from you(black people) and rightfullly so?

  130. You are actually so ridiculous.The same “coloured” people who have no culture and do not know where they come from are the most Happy people.You my dear need to take a seat and start finding wives for your sons,hoping u actually find them with your disgusting mindset.

  131. Darn the Colored people are angry……….Mamma Jane I bet you did not see this one coming. By the way, what’s up with the European name “Jane”?

  132. Are you jus?

  133. Wow! Just wow!

    You sound like a typical white racist making excuses for their racism. I’ve heard it over and over before. You have a list of racial generalisations that you base your decisions on.

    I don’t want to insult you … I believe racism is caused through not knowing better. Learn to judge people for who they are not based on who their parents are or the colour of their skin. We all have personal problems we have to overcome, black, white & coloured. You need to start judging people by their actions, not the actions of other people of the same colour or background. You’re limiting yourself and the lives of your children … You are part of the reason why racism continues.

  134. Wow what a racist person, clearly she doesn’t know the world around her

  135. Hi there, i understand what u are saying. TOTALLY
    But those kinds of behavior is shown by all races. Im a so called Coloured man who’s family tree traces back to Scotland from my mothers side and Portugal from my fathers side. Behaviour issues honestly comes from your upbringing it has nothing to do with your skin colour. To be honest i think Nelson Mandela will be unhappy with the judgement u’ve made because thats exactly how things were handled during the apartheit era and as a black woman you should know how wrong that is. Another thing is that children are consciouss, they are there own person and they make there own choices eventually, who knows who they will bring home. It might be a white respectable lady or coloued man, then what? are u gonna have a fall out with your son or sons because “U” dont like white people or that he might be gay?
    That could honestly be the breaking up of a mother and son relationship.

    So think about your decisions. Rather be stupid for a while and work on yourself that stupid for the rest of your life.
    A Concerned Neighbour for South Africa, Cape Town

  136. Racist! Racist! Racist!

  137. Best scenario is that both your sons turn out to be gay as I fear no daughter-in-law will ever meet up to your expectations

  138. Where do you come on your information? Shame lady….. your ignorance
    astounds me. What does your generation levels have to do with morals and
    standards? I really hope my daughter, or any of my nieces, never meet
    your sons… that would be a disaster! Come visit our neighbourhood, you
    could learn quite a bit about life as a 4th or 5th generation coloured.
    Who knows, we could even teach how to be become more enlightened and
    insightfull, two things you sorely lack! Ooh wait… I beter go look for
    my wife…before she goes and sleep with her employees for beer money
    for the weekend ….. but not untill I rob this old lady at the busstop
    to pay for my 6th generation coloured kids varsity fees and my flying
    lessons……. You’re so dumb lady!

  139. Women get your LIFE…look around you…there’s alot of people in interacial relationships and the product of that will be COLOURED KIDS..
    I hope your boy’s fall inlove with white women , your grandbabies will be Coloured 🙂

  140. Very Stereotypical – Hahahahah LOL. The writer must be a female writer – What do you mean by acceptable ( by who & who are they to set the standard for everyone) – Who told you even our Black Zimbabwean girl are still following, so called etiquette. Wake up things have changed and you cannot stop this change.

    What you call social acceptable behaviour, stems from culture. In simple terms Culture is a
    word for people’s ‘way of life’, meaning the way groups do things. There is no rigid, way of doing thing. People are now emancipated and they have freedom to chose what they want to follow.

    When it comes to Culture there is no LAW, which will enforce one to follow a certain way of life, (& it should not exist) Only norms can enforce or guide the etiquette, of a culture and remember it is obligatory to individual conscience & the desire to belong to a certain cluster.

    We are now living in a liberal world where a human being can now question anything, not
    more detection – no more ruling with iron fist thumb world have passed.

    I’m suggesting that you to go and read more new edition books, research articles on #Sociology or related subjects. Consider that before you writes anything in future.

    In conclusion let me ask you; who told your etiquette and behaviour you believe in should be or must be followed? ( remember there are no two individuals, no two of you will exist, hence it’s you your believes, norms, culture, etiquette not for everyone else even your offspring let them free and live their own life not your life; according to you.)

  141. You are an ill informed African women sitting somewhere in a bush in Zambia waiting for your husband to bring home a slave. You are totally confused and ignorant to say the least to write about a people you’ve never met.

    Black Daughter in law s are the most oppressed people I know and yes I can speak on this subject as I lived amongst the Xhosa s for 21 years as a colored pastor. We were not brought up to disrespect Elders. I am sure you have not met my wife who is the kindness colored human being on earth.

    Let me not say more and get personal as I can also say derogatory things about black women and black culture in general, but I will not stoop down to your level of ignorance. But lastly just what God are you praying to whiles telling Him how bad a certain race is? IT MUST BE AN AFRICAN GOD AND NOT THE GOD OF THE BIBLE.
    The God of the Bible says that thru Christ He has made all one. EFE 2v15-17

  142. veryproudlycolored

    I can gladly say keep your sons. I wouldn’t ever want my daughters of which I have two to land up with a mother in law like you. I have a son and two wonderful daughters. I am an educated colored woman who lives in Zimbabwe and let me tell you if you compare our well bred colored girls to all the Barbie doll black girls who will not date or marry a man who cant buy them nice expensive things. A colored woman will work hard to support her family and the father of her kids, yes while she maybe a secretary or make up counter girl as you so “eloquently put it” she is earning her own money and does not have to degrade herself in doing so. While black girls will only date men who can look after them financially or causally sleep around with the highest bidder. Also in the article it says 3rd and 4th generation colored people don’t know who their fathers are. I am a 4th maybe even a 5th generation colored woman I know who my father is and most colored people I know, know who their fathers are. In the instance where by a colored child does not know who their father is it is the black or white man running away from their duty as the father. So who is too blame? Have you grown up with colored people to claim to know so much about its people and their behavior? Lastly I would just like to add maybe you should read the H Metro to see how the young African women, your future daughter in laws behave? Do they have etiquette and socially acceptable behavior? If that what good behavior is I’m glad I have raised my daughters differently. What makes you think your sons deserve good well bred colored girls as their wives?!!!

  143. I wonder what type of colourds she surrounds herself with, she obviously has no idea what being colourd is about, yes our race is complex and we may be seen as a bastard breed of south africa but common, I met many ratchet white and black girls before, and her sons will defs come home with 1 firstly because a mixed breed is just much hotter than a basic ‘pure breed’ if thats what u consider yourself ans secondly since you praying about it, god will bless them with th most ratched cape colourd you could find, simply because you a bitch and he tends to hit you on your weakness to better you. I feel so sorry for your sons

  144. Fucking racist opinion. That is all. Your sons will marry whomever the fuck they want to.

  145. #onepissedoffcolouredguy

    Really all you are is a racist piece of crap how dare you slander the name of the coloured people like that, to make it even worse the coloured women, I am a coloured guy and i will tell you that your information is EXTREMELY INACCURATE, you and your sons better do us coloureds a favour and stay in Zimbabwe where you belong because of that comment if you do come into contact with one of us we will not hesitate to beat you up verbally first, then physically, and I will be first in line to kick both of your sons asses! So I suggest you better make a formal apology and get your information right and rewrite that article FAST!

  146. All I can say to this lady is God loves all his children… And God has the last say

  147. BlackGirlsCanGetItIfImInTheMoo

    All good… Black girls can get it but I prefer colored girls… From Australia bitches

  148. William Martin Fourie

    this is the most ignorant piece of ranting and rambling of a idiotically foolish woman well written but your so stupid you can see you have never spent time with colored people in your entire life time .You are such a goof lady I could easily say I wouldn’t have married a black woman because I don’t think a 3 day wedding makes sense or that seeing her sisters parade topless in loin cloths is socially acceptable or the idea of modern people still seeing a witch doctor for evil spirits is so taboo or really sending a black child to a white school is so forgetting their roots see it is easy to sound stupid I command you on the level you have reached

  149. Are you kidding me???? It just so happens that I am white & because of that I call me wife’s parents by the first names???? What planet did you grow up on? It’s got nothing to do with the colour of your skin! It’s how you are brought up! As for coloured people being confused. Some of my best friends are coloured, and they are not ticking time bombs. You are completely deluded, close minded, & quite honestly haven’t a clue what you talking about!! I can’t believe you were given the space to write this article.. WOW.. I think they sending another robot up to Mars soon, think you might want to jump on board!

  150. Very Stereotypical – Hahahahah LOL. The writer must be a female writer – What do you mean by acceptable ( by who & who are they to set the standard for everyone) – Who told you even our Black Zimbabwean girl are still following, so called etiquette. Wake up things have
    changed and you cannot stop this change.

    What you call social acceptable behaviour, stems from culture. In simple terms Culture is a
    word for people’s ‘way of life’, meaning the way groups do things. There is no rigid, way of doing thing. People are now emancipated and they have freedom to chose what they want to follow.

    When it comes to Culture there is no LAW, which will enforce one to follow a certain way of life, (& it should not exist) Only norms can enforce or guide the etiquette, of a culture and remember it is obligatory to individual conscience & the desire to belong to a certain cluster.

    We are now living in a liberal world where a human being can now question anything, not
    more detection – no more ruling with iron fist thumb world have passed.

    I’m suggesting that you to go and read more new edition books, research articles on #Sociology or related subjects. Consider that before you writes anything in future.

    In conclusion let me ask you; who told your etiquette and behaviour you believe in should be or must be followed? ( remember there are no two individuals, no two of you will exist, hence it’s you your believes, norms, culture, etiquette not for everyone else even your offspring let them free and live their own life not your life; according to you.)

  151. Thank heavens you keeping your stinking breath and bad genes out of other races
    stooped beeetch … Mugabe hore

    • no man!!!! serioisly

      Ok… hold up right there sir… no need for all that.. she stereotyped south african coloureds at no point did she mention she was from zim, and at no point did she mention our beloved president…

  152. I wouldn’t allow my daughter to marry her son. Chances are that he is just as air headed and racially minded as “Jane”. There is no place for people like you in society. From a thriving South African coloured.

  153. Im studying psychology, and majority psychs i have met are colored and white, this woman is either uneducated, ignorant, or both. Because come on, this is absoluteky ludacris

  154. This article is so sad and from a Christian point of view, people are people, black, white or asian Christ died for all.Why is there animosity among us, why hate another race that much without even having the slightest sense of conviction.I am a Ugandan, black man living in South africa and though where I come from and my colour are not the point, i want it to be clear that i have met honest loving and more human ‘coloureds’ than some Ugandans who i would call brothers. Madam, this is hate speech, come out of your racist shell and go out there and interact with people of a different race from who you are, ofcourse some will hurt you like some of your very own ‘black Zimbabweans’ and some you will find extremely loving. Yesterday i was robbed by a black Zimbabwean, but must I distrust and hate all Zimbabweans because of one in-disciplined Zimbabwean.Lets grow up.my fiancee is “colored’ and is so longing, honest and more understanding than my “ex Ugandan girlfriend” who happened to be my color.i am not using this platform to compare, i am just saying, don’t generalize people by one offense you suffered from a person of some ethnic group..
    Forgive and love some more. “colored’ are human and they know where they are from whether south African, Zimbabwean or whichever nation.My cousins are colored, Ugandan father and Russian mother and they and cool and with a great upbringing.Let your sons decide who they marry lest you become the pain in their marital lives, f you claim to love them.Do the right thing mum.

  155. SmartasscoulouredLady

    What a whole bunch of BS. I’m a coloured lady with a Masters of Science from a top UK university! My parents ensured that I know where I come from. So as for you..You just in a very dark dark place in your life to be writing utter CRAP like this! You got some serious ISSUES lady, check yourself, because your rachetness is coming out!

  156. Its a shame its not you getting married but your sons and hopefully you didnt pass on this ignorance to them . And if you have this many thingsto say about other races what do you think other races have to say about you.its mentalities like this that make racial discrimination a never ending cycle

  157. I hope that they do get married to coloured woman so that their wives can beat that shit mentality out of you daily. That is what is what you deserve for your stupidity

  158. And when we burn them in our country we the ones being racist racism never went away

  159. Wow! Never have I ever read a more naive piece of crap in my Life! I am PROUDLY colored and don’t tick any of the boxes mentioned in the article. So glad that my colored parents taught me to have an open mind unlike the narrow minded writer.

  160. Ja ne jealously makes you nasty we’ve got everything good upbringing, education, jobs, looks, hair, attitude and no labola. You pay labola today and tomorrow she left you for someone else.

  161. tommy van koller

    Well, all I have to say is that as a Coloured male married to a very naturally beautiful Coloured woman, I wouldn’t like any of my 3 sons to get married to a fake woman, with a fake accent, fake hair (weave), fake eye lashes, fake nails, contact lenses & fake whatever else body parts. Coloureds women are the most naturally beautiful & smartest women in Africa. As for your sons….pity they will never know what a naturally beautiful woman is. You were probably typing this article with your fake nails, scratching your weave every 2 minutes.

  162. WOW… I have not been this disgusted in a long time! Racist is actually an understatement. As a mother of 2 boys myself, all I wish for them is to be so deeply rooted in GOD that their choice in women will be nothing but GODLY.
    Instead of focusing on the type of women your sons will marry, you should focus on the type of men they will become. Unfortunately; judging by your article content, the women in their lives will be the ones with their hands FULL OF TROUBLE! That is, if your sons are even remotely like their mother.
    With any luck and God’s intervention (nothing is impossible with MY GOD) your sons will see you as an example of what NOT to do/say/believe and will seek the opposite of what you are…
    May God in his infinite love for humankind, grant you Mercy for your evil heart, May He remove that heart of stone and replace it with a heart of LOVE and lead into the path of righteousness.
    A successful, virtuous COLOURED woman

  163. Extremelyproudtobecoloured

    What a disgusting piece of shit u are! Pointless even arguing with this level of moron. I take easier in the knowledge that with the rate of interracial relationships on the rise, in about 100 years the whole world will be coloured. You can kiss my beautiful colored ass!

  164. Extremelyproudtobecoloured

    Meant to write, I take pleasure…

  165. WOW – I am a 4rd generation Educated Coloured Woman all I can hope for is that the universe teach you a lesson in humility. Interesting how you sound so much like those “ratchet coloured girls” you so despise.

  166. Starlyn Nelly Øld

    Ima 21 year old coloured girl, do t drink, dont smoke andim not a counter girl im a 4th year law student so you and your racist opinion can go to hell. We are the best race cause we have the best of both worlds. You black women want to bleach and become lighter like us and white women tan to have that golden glowing skin that we have so im sorry but you just sound jealous cause it looks to me that both black and white women are trying to be us

  167. I have no words, and that’s strange coming from a journalist. No wait, I have four: YOU.ARE.AN.IDIOT.

  168. Ok, jy moet leer om mooi te skryf. Waar het jy geleer? Op die straat? Ek gaan die een keer se, jou poes, jou vokken hoer van ‘n mens. Jy is niks, net ‘n teef met ‘n piel in jou gat. Jou seun sal nooit gelukkig wees nie, en dalk gaan hy ‘n man kry en hulle kan mekaar skommel. Ek is nie kwaad nie, ek wil net vir jou kak se. Lekker dag verder…kont.

  169. I just could not believe what I was reading. Your article is racist and xenophobic and should be condemned in the strongest possible terms. Are you that stupid that you had to go on this media platform and generalize by degrading coloured women. You are a disgrace to the human race. You seem to know all the bad things that they do, blatantly ignoring the animal instincts that you possess. A person of your mental capacity belongs in the DRC jungle among the gorilla’s. Coloured folk are the best in what they do, eg. Lewis Hamilton, Beyonce, Rihanna, Opera, Barack Obama, Lionel Richie, to name a few. We have conquered the world, you low-life. I hope that the wrath of God consumes you with brimstones and fire. Go to hell where you belong…

  170. Angry coloured women

    Have you watched Diary of a Mad Black Women, I am a coloured women and do not behave in the manner you so claim us to behave. I have 2 sons as well and they are free to bring what ever race that want to because they have been raised to respect all kind. Maybe if your grandparents where not so forward to seep with the help back then im sure us COLOURED would have not been made. I winder what is your opinion on the other races. People like you always end up with that very race you hate so much so be careful what you wish for because revenge is a dish best served cold.

  171. I’m so glad the writer of this article brought up this discussion and I support her 100%. If we don’t put a stop to all this nonsense, the evil influence of coloured and white women will spread to African women. And before you know it they’ll start getting educated, getting decent jobs, standing up for themselves, demanding child care from unfaithful husbands, call the police when they get beat up, start calling the random-giving-of-love ‘Rape’ and God knows what else…this we cannot have and I will not stand for it!

    • Totally Proud Coloured

      omw lady check you color and check the news whom are the people raping out there. surely you live in a world that dont fucken make sence to you. Who are guys dealing with drugs where does it mostly comes from. Wtf…… who are the people laying next to the border gun pointing people robbing them. how many of your own people laying in hospital with the virus. Go to the hospital and go check.

      • Chill out… I think you might have missed that it was meant sarcastic 😉

        I hate to explain a punchline but it was a stab at the casual acceptance of misogyny in Traditional African culture.

      • BTW I am a fairly typical and average white male who dates a coloured woman, and one of my best friends is a coloured woman as well. I love them deeply for their spirit, tenacity, intellect, creativity, positivity and inner beauty, and I thank God every day that I had the good fortune to meet them.

  172. The grammar within this article is atrocious to sat the least, an exclamation mark is not to be used for every sentence and a question mark used for rhetorical questions is used completely out of context. There are many different people from different races, how you perceive women from cultures other than yours is outdated and just biased. I won’t go as far as to say it’s racist but maybe illinformed, perhaps It’s a good thing that you won’t raise any women in this world because you’re quite vile.

  173. proudKULLIDmomma


    P.S check urself before you wreck urself

  174. Wow this lady sounds bitter…I’m speechless….

  175. #NoToStereotypes

    Firstly, grammar and spelling is important – this comes from a 3rd (maybe even 4th) coloured generation woman who is currently an analyst, completing her second degree and depends on no one but herself. Secondly, I honestly hope that your children are not brought up with so much hatred towards another race, especially in an era where we are trying to demolish these stereotypes. Thirdly, if a coloured woman wronged you, take it up with her and DO NOT bad mouth the entire race. Fourthly, I pray that your sons will not come home with white or coloured women, as having you as a mother-in-law would be tragic enough.

  176. EducatedColouredWoman

    Mama K you are uneducated. It is not your culture or your race that determines the kind of person you are or you IQ , and it is not your race that will determine your vocation. It is how you are raised. I was raised to RESPECT everyone. Of all races, cultures and religions. Perhaps you have encountered the nasty side of coloured and white women because of how you disrespect them. While we are respectful, we will not tolerate being disrespected as you have done in this article.

  177. Totally Proud Coloured

    Lady firstly im coloured proud to be one i am independent earning good money work hard and support my 2 boys. i am a manager of a wine estate. And i would like to tell you something. Some where in your life your kids father should have been cheating on you with a coloured woman. Clearly u Hate us. But what u never knew about us we are strong coloured woman that knows how to respect our mother-in laws. that will share about everything with them. I know my family History and so loving it cause i know exactly where i came from. I dont settle for less in life. As im thankful each day that God has given to us. Im health i dont smoke or drink. nor sleeping around. You need to get out of your house where u mite be renting and see the world out there. Switch your tv on and look at the news. Smell the shit that you have talked about. Cause if your son take a black woman how how long will she be stucked to your shit and dumb your son ass. Black woman dont even get married the Culter way these days. They are modern woman. We that are coloured also mention our mother in laws mom and respect them. I pray to God that he will give both your son Coloured Girls and you will be ashamed of the way they will look after you. I think that you live underground somewhere no one will find you. Cause damn the world are full of Beautiful colors. I think that if my mom should tell me not to take a black or Zimbabwean and tell me the reason not to like they bring drugs in our country or they smell bad. and they have a lot of germs i wonder how will your boys feel if they get rejected. Even worst from they own color of they skin.

    So woman if you are one or call yourself a Mother in coloured words to you from me.

    Tief skrik wakker dus n nuwe generation.

  178. You ignant fool

  179. #proudtobecoloured

    Wow…haven’t heard such rubbish in quite some time..I really hope you not a Christian cause there aint no heaven that’s going to have no coloured people.
    And for every one person in this world that thinks the way you do….or rather should I say doesn’t think at all…theres a million others who love and accept our race..
    So you and your very narrow minded self lady can let this hatred you have toward coloured people burn you slowly every single day…or you could marry your sons and never have to worry about what race they bring home..

  180. im a proud coloured woman. I need not discribe my lifestyle, nor my leve of education not even my backround and upbring to this ill informed woman, BUT JUST AND FYI I KNOW MY DADDY and all the great man before him, i not confused, YOU SURE ARE. Firstly is she speaking on behalf of all cause there are many we’s in her poorly written artical. clearly your hidden desire is to be apart of a great race, only an envious person like your sad self would try and discredit my people, thats what people do thats not happy with who they are. 2nd i know u will be delighted to have a coloured granbaby cause we just the most beautiful people, with our different shades of brown skin and beatiful soft, straight, curly or ethnic hair. you see deary the difference between you and us we actually very happy and proud of who and what we are, our diverse backrounds, our rich heritage, we embrace all of it. last but not least you only full of hate cause you have to admit it because of your ancestors that coloured are here and have such a wonderful rich heritage and it kills you cause ONS IS DAREM N MOOI VOLK.

  181. Wow clearly you have met the wrong Coloured women this says alot about the person you are , this is so racist and offensive !!!!!

  182. This is extremely racist and prejudice. This article should not at been published. It is hate speech. If you find one rotten egg in a tray do you assume they are all rotten and throw them away? I think not. As a women, I believe this article insults all women and should removed.

  183. What an idiot ! I feel sorry for your sons ! They’re being raised by a racist , ignorant fool. How dare you insult colored females like that ? I am a proud coloured female , your post is insulting and should be removed .

  184. Aneeqa Anna Garrod-Collins

    What the fudge….How can you stereotype all coloured women like that. There are black or african women who do exactly the same!

  185. 1stly Your mother is Confuse your stupid Cow!!!!
    She should have swallowed your fathers Sperm load rather than conceiving you, your dumb cunt!!!!

    I want know:-

    What the HELL do you know about being a Coloured women or being Whites women that gives you the right to play Judge?

    If it was not for the whites you dislike my dear. Hate them or Love them…. You would still live in The #Bush, #Hunting Rats and Living off Twigs and Berries and wearing animal skins you bitch! Were you learnt ENGLISH From huh? Is that you Mother tongue? How do you like my Opinion on how you Race became CIVIL? Is it insulting? I fucking Hope so!!!
    You feeling liberated because you can use a computer? does that make you intelligent?

    This is an attention seeking article that is full of racist remarks!!! Written with the intension to get attention. WELL NOW YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION………

    Nothing you mentioned has Solid Founded evidence! Sounds like you making a Generalized Statements and giving Racist & Ignorant Opinions About Whole #Races base on your interaction with them and what you see and read in the media….

    Bitch….. You can’t Judge a whole Race on a Few Peoples actions from that race!

    You obviously don’t know God or Do not believe in a Higher Power. Nor do you have respect for other ethnic groups because if you did, then you Would know not to throw stones when you live in a glass house… You going to get schooled today HOE…

    Let he who lives without SIN cast the 1st stone…. Ever heard that?

    You have a warped sense of self and clearly regard your ethic group the better one.
    In closing: You can HATE ALL you want…..
    This is #FACT

    We in 2015 now……
    Everyone is Fucking with Everyone…
    Whites, Blacks, Asians and so on….

    Here is some Mathematics for you:-
    1Black + 1 Indian = 1 Coloured
    1White + 1 Black = 1 Coloured
    1Asian + 1 Black = 1 Coloured
    Guess what is going to be the Dominant Race in the Future?
    Signed BEVIN GYS

  186. This is from the African satan beetch that Mandela warned us about
    at least keeps aids and syphillis where it belongs
    this is nothing but a plea for a savage fuuuck1

  187. I find this article beyond disgusting! I’m a white girl in love with a coloured man who is more of a gentleman than your sons will most likely ever be. To raise children in a racist environment and then brag about it and call it literature is an embarrassment to everything that this country has been through.

  188. im black but I love colored gals……………….i wish personality was seen by the texture of skin but if she met those with bad personality then shes like me who have dated over 10 black gals but no one was worthy to marry…Im 26 successful why cant i get a black gal to marry…I gave my life to Jesus…..this lady need Jesus too.

  189. Hayi shame sisi you are very narrow minded and acting like a little child who comes from a family or world that is closed off from the reality taking place in THIS world and THIS generation.

  190. Bevin Carl Gys • 2 minutes ago

    1stly Your mother is Confuse your stupid Cow!!!!
    She should have swallowed your fathers Sperm load rather than conceiving you, your dumb cunt!!!!

    I want know:-

    What the HELL do you know about being a Coloured women or being Whites women that gives you the right to play Judge?

    If it was not for the whites you dislike my dear. Hate them or Love them…. You would still live in The #Bush, #Hunting Rats and Living off Twigs and Berries and wearing animal skins you bitch! Were you learnt ENGLISH From huh? Is that you Mother tongue? How do you like my Opinion on how you Race became CIVIL? Is it insulting? I fucking Hope so!!!
    You feeling liberated because you can use a computer? does that make you intelligent?

    This is an attention seeking article that is full of racist remarks!!! Written with the intension to get attention. WELL NOW YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION………

    Nothing you mentioned has Solid Founded evidence! Sounds like you making a Generalized Statements and giving Racist & Ignorant Opinions About Whole #Races base on your interaction with them and what you see and read in the media….

    Bitch….. You can’t Judge a whole Race on a Few Peoples actions from that race!

    You obviously don’t know God or Do not believe in a Higher Power. Nor do you have respect for other ethnic groups because if you did, then you Would know not to throw stones when you live in a glass house… You going to get schooled today HOE…

    Let he who lives without SIN cast the 1st stone…. Ever heard that?

    You have a warped sense of self and clearly regard your ethic group the better one.
    In closing: You can HATE ALL you want…..
    This is #FACT

    We in 2015 now……
    Everyone is Fucking with Everyone…
    Whites, Blacks, Asians and so on….

    Here is some Mathematics for you:-
    1Black + 1 Indian = 1 Coloured
    1White + 1 Black = 1 Coloured
    1Asian + 1 Black = 1 Coloured
    Guess what is going to be the Dominant Race in the Future?
    Signed BEVIN GYS

  191. Firstly “Mama K” I am a 3rd generation coloured woman, and I am certainly proud of it! Yes my history runs deep with my great grand fathers being white men and either sides of my great grand mothers being mixed themselves. I feel insulted by your “views” as all coloured people I know are raised correctly with great manners, who remembers to say please, thank you, get up from their seats for an adult and addresses them as aunty and uncle if they are older than them, me myself call my mother inlaw “Mama”. I love the idea of mix race marriages and children as their history runs so deep and is quite rich and i dont care whether my daughter or son brings home a white, black, coloured or chinese girlfirend / boyfriend with the intention to marry them as long as they have respect for my family, our history and makes my son/daughter happy, respects them and me and my husband. You seem like a very uninformed confused whatever race you are person, and clearly you havent visited South Africa and all the cities to draw up your conclusions. Also more than 60% of the coloured people i know are thriving and doing so well for themselves coming from the “identity-less background” you claim we have had. And then you speak of coloured woman being drunk, causing fights – my word woman, where did you research these things, I do not drink, my mother does not drink, majority of my friends do not drink, half the coloured people i know do not drink and we HATE fighting. You should be ashamed of yourself for your thoughts, your attempt to write something decent (which was unsuccessful) and offending so many people whose taxes gives bail outs to your country and typically people like you – who then uses the internet which we helped you have access to.
    So please respect my race, i am a coloured South African woman and i am proud of it!

  192. You should be fired, you racist.

  193. this woman has some nerve,not all coloureds are the same,it is said that black woman have huge asses and believe me that is not true majority yes…First of all,every human being on this planet has a temper.Its just we react differently DUE to how we were raised,not all colourd families are broken,no family is perfect,secondly a woman that is able to sleep with her sister’s husband is a slut that has no morals whatsoever and any woman is capable of doing so,thirdly colourds are not dumb,anyone can choose to be whatever they really want to be in life,eveyone has a brain and can choose to further their knowledge by studying and determination or settle for an easy day to day job,that is a choice,/and lastly we marry well because we are the most loving,caring and intimate race that you will ever come across,a coloured woman knows how to respect her man,how to cook,clean and give a man very beautiful children

  194. This is poorly written and utter stereotypical trash. Her ignorance and hatred is embarrassing. The fact that she used the word “ratchet” I cannot take her seriously. I’m pretty sure she has an ex bf or ex husband that left her for a colored woman, she is just bitter and you can hear it in her tone. Pathetic lol.

    Nothing aggravates me more when people say coloreds have no identity and are lost… Seems like she is just envious. Colored women are the best and one day I will marry one 🙂

  195. Why are you removing my Posts?

  196. Yoll can publish this shit she says, but remove mine… WTF?

  197. I will Keep Posting every time you remove it…

  198. Who let this woman near a computer?!

  199. I guess you watched Trevor Noah to know that there is first, second or third generation

    I was raised by strong Coloured woman who has strong morals and values that emanate from a diverse South Africa. You go on a social platform and write a racially based article on “South African Coloured Woman” and you purposefully do not sign your name. This
    lets me know that you are weak and pitiful woman who could not stand up to
    strong Coloured woman so used a social platform to vent your misplaced anger.
    I hope you son’s don’t marry strong coloured women but instead they marry men!

  200. Bevin Carl Gys • 2 minutes ago

    1stly Your mother is
    Confuse your stupid Cow!!!!

    She should have swallowed your fathers Sperm load rather than conceiving you,
    your dumb cunt!!!!

    I want know:-

    What the HELL do you know
    about being a Coloured women or being Whites women that gives you the right to
    play Judge?

    If it was not for the
    whites you dislike my dear. Hate them or Love them…. You would still live in
    The #Bush, #Hunting Rats and Living off Twigs and Berries and wearing animal
    skins you bitch! Were you learnt ENGLISH From huh? Is that you Mother tongue?
    How do you like my Opinion on how you Race became CIVIL? Is it insulting? I
    fucking Hope so!!!

    You feeling liberated because you can use a computer? does that make you

    This is an attention
    seeking article that is full of racist remarks!!! Written with the intension to
    get attention. WELL NOW YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION………

    Nothing you mentioned has
    Solid Founded evidence! Sounds like you making a Generalized Statements and
    giving Racist & Ignorant Opinions About Whole #Races base on your
    interaction with them and what you see and read in the media….

    Bitch….. You can’t
    Judge a whole Race on a Few Peoples actions from that race!

    You obviously don’t know
    God or Do not believe in a Higher Power. Nor do you have respect for other
    ethnic groups because if you did, then you Would know not to throw stones when
    you live in a glass house… You going to get schooled today HOE…

    Let he who lives without
    SIN cast the 1st stone…. Ever heard that?

    You have a warped sense
    of self and clearly regard your ethic group the better one.

    In closing: You can HATE ALL you want…..

    This is #FACT

    We in 2015 now……

    Everyone is Fucking with Everyone…

    Whites, Blacks, Asians and so on….

    Here is some Mathematics for you:-

    1Black + 1 Indian = 1 Coloured

    1White + 1 Black = 1 Coloured

    1Asian + 1 Black = 1 Coloured

    Guess what is going to be the Dominant Race in the Future?

    Signed BEVIN GYS

  201. God will reward you for your selfish racist actions my dear.

    We are all precious in His eyes…whites, blacks, indians, orientals, and … yes, even coloureds. I am a coloured and we are the most respectful and loving of people I know.

    We grew up in a peaceful, happy environment all these years.

    Please be very careful about the heartless comments you are making …

    Your sins will find you out … our God doesn’t sleep.

  202. 1stly Your mother is
    Confuse your stupid Cow!!!!

    She should have swallowed your fathers Sperm load rather than conceiving you,
    your dumb cunt!!!!

    I want know:-

    What the HELL do you know
    about being a Coloured women or being Whites women that gives you the right to
    play Judge?

    If it was not for the
    whites you dislike my dear. Hate them or Love them…. You would still live in
    The #Bush, #Hunting Rats and Living off Twigs and Berries and wearing animal
    skins you bitch! Were you learnt ENGLISH From huh? Is that you Mother tongue?
    How do you like my Opinion on how you Race became CIVIL? Is it insulting? I
    fucking Hope so!!!

    You feeling liberated because you can use a computer? does that make you

    This is an attention
    seeking article that is full of racist remarks!!! Written with the intension to
    get attention. WELL NOW YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION………

    Nothing you mentioned has
    Solid Founded evidence! Sounds like you making a Generalized Statements and
    giving Racist & Ignorant Opinions About Whole #Races base on your
    interaction with them and what you see and read in the media….

    Bitch….. You can’t
    Judge a whole Race on a Few Peoples actions from that race!

    You obviously don’t know
    God or Do not believe in a Higher Power. Nor do you have respect for other
    ethnic groups because if you did, then you Would know not to throw stones when
    you live in a glass house… You going to get schooled today HOE…

    Let he who lives without
    SIN cast the 1st stone…. Ever heard that?

    You have a warped sense
    of self and clearly regard your ethic group the better one.

    In closing: You can HATE ALL you want…..

    This is #FACT

    We in 2015 now……

    Everyone is Fucking with Everyone…

    Whites, Blacks, Asians and so on….

    Here is some Mathematics for you:-

    1Black + 1 Indian = 1 Coloured

    1White + 1 Black = 1 Coloured

    1Asian + 1 Black = 1 Coloured

    Guess what is going to be the Dominant Race in the Future?

    Signed BEVIN GYS

  203. Probably the most stupid article I’ve read in ages…. idiot!

  204. Dumb. Just dumb. You know nothing of what coloured people are like, you are not coloured. From what I know there are just as many “ratchet” black, indian or white women out there, it has nothing to do with race. If a women was exposed to that kind of life then she will be a representation of that life, and that goes for people in general not coloured women. So please lady without any class or brains, your sons would be better with any women and I can imagine the pain they experience dealing with you for the rest of your life. Death upon you.

  205. So I’m guessing you Don’t like the response hey….


    Why don’t you let others Read it and make comments?

    You keep deleting……. I keep Posting!!!!!!

    • You’ve got her right in the corner Bevin…

      She is a complete fool … I just dread if she should be found out and somebody on this forum gets hold of her for the heartless nonsense she has written.

      We cannot allow this type of thing to have its way, we are a loving and respectful people and we deserve to be respected.

      I stand up with you against this rot!

      God bless.

  206. 1stly Your mother is
    Confuse your stupid Cow!!!!

    She should have swallowed your fathers Sperm load rather than conceiving you,
    your dumb cunt!!!!

    I want know:-

    What the HELL do you know
    about being a Coloured women or being Whites women that gives you the right to
    play Judge?

    If it was not for the
    whites you dislike my dear. Hate them or Love them…. You would still live in
    The #Bush, #Hunting Rats and Living off Twigs and Berries and wearing animal
    skins you bitch! Were you learnt ENGLISH From huh? Is that you Mother tongue?
    How do you like my Opinion on how you Race became CIVIL? Is it insulting? I
    fucking Hope so!!!

    You feeling liberated because you can use a computer? does that make you

    This is an attention
    seeking article that is full of racist remarks!!! Written with the intension to
    get attention. WELL NOW YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION………

    Nothing you mentioned has
    Solid Founded evidence! Sounds like you making a Generalized Statements and
    giving Racist & Ignorant Opinions About Whole #Races base on your
    interaction with them and what you see and read in the media….

    Bitch….. You can’t
    Judge a whole Race on a Few Peoples actions from that race!

    You obviously don’t know
    God or Do not believe in a Higher Power. Nor do you have respect for other
    ethnic groups because if you did, then you Would know not to throw stones when
    you live in a glass house… You going to get schooled today HOE…

    Let he who lives without
    SIN cast the 1st stone…. Ever heard that?

    You have a warped sense
    of self and clearly regard your ethic group the better one.

    In closing: You can HATE ALL you want…..

    This is #FACT

    We in 2015 now……

    Everyone is Fucking with Everyone…

    Whites, Blacks, Asians and so on….

    Here is some Mathematics for you:-

    1Black + 1 Indian = 1 Coloured

    1White + 1 Black = 1 Coloured

    1Asian + 1 Black = 1 Coloured

    Guess what is going to be the Dominant Race in the Future?

    Signed BEVIN GYS

  207. wow woman, you talk about coloured women having issues but clearly YOU have issues. You article is riddled with shallow minded generalizations and to be quite frank I feel sorry for your sons……..

  208. EEeeeerrrmmm Jane – learn to spell check before publishing such a bold and inaccurate article!!! #mamajanethedumbass

  209. This women can not even spell coloured…. she clearly knows absolutely nothing about coloureds….. and believe me women I wouldnt want my son to marry lazy Zimbabweians either so there!!

  210. What is your gripe with coloured woman in general? rather come out and say you are a racist and not rationalize it with some lame excuses that aren’t even true. The age old debate Nature versus Nurture. A lot of behavious/idiosyncrasies have a lot more to do with upbringing rather than the colour of your skin. Any person with 2 brain cells put together to make the realization that you have to get to know a person first before you judge them. In any case live your shallow life the way you choose, don’t let anybody stop you from being a racist which in case you haven’t noticed you clearly are.

  211. I am quite confused by the level of racism in this article.this woman who had embraces her culture, yes wonderful, but she forgets the history. We have had to fight so hard for seeing black and white as seperate.thays fine if you want to talk about staying in your own culture because of customs but to run down other races with a stereotypical view and clearly uneducated view is sensless. This woman is a shame.she as a woman should love her sons enough to accept their decisions and as a woman she should know what it feels like to be truly loved by a man regardless of his race.

  212. Terrible writing, terrible article and terrible person….

  213. Oh why would you start something like this? Any woman would be insulted by your article. You are getting all the responses you deserve. Shame on you!
    You don’t see other races picking on your race. You have targeted coloured women and no matter how ladylike, educated or well mannered we are, you better know that we will not stand for this!
    Stay hidden under your rock and in ignorance.

  214. Stupid, Narrow Minded Lady or whatever. I hope your sons are proud of You Mama Koekie.


  216. You are outdated and not worthy of my opinion….

  217. As one of those ‘1st generation coloreds’ you mention, I’d like to say a hearty ‘Screw You’.

    Have a lovely bigoted day now! 🙂

  218. So just to be clear, you’d be fine with your sons marrying a rowdy, crass, uncouth, drunk woman who fights a lot as long as she is black? LOL

    • No, no, no – also because she calls her ‘mama’! Lets make sure we keep our focus on the important things here!

  219. Now I believe that I am correct in saying some(again SOME) black south Africans are just as racist as the white oppressors during apartheid. I am coloured and I I pray and hope that her sons meet gorgeous women that challenge her and her closed mind, regardless of what race they are. And I pray that I never meet this woman in the street. Infact I pray that she doesn’t meet up with any white or coloured people. This is so offensive, now question? Would the paper printed this if it was a white or coloured woman saying she didn’t want her white sons to marry black women. This is really sad

    • “Would the paper printed this if it was a white or coloured woman saying she didn’t want her white sons to marry black women.”

      – Not a chance 🙂

    • Firstly other races wouldn’t waste time on such an idiotic topic. I think the publishers are just as racist as she is. So to answer your question, No it would not be printed because it would be labeled as a racist… Funny how that works.

  220. Deidré De Lange

    Seriously, I am a young proud 5th generation coloured woman who has finished university. And know who my father is. And that’s not a secretary or a make-up counter girl. Its beccause of people like her that the world can’t move forward. This labeling and stereotyping people is really becoming old now. I could say so many things that can discredit a “black woman”, but I wont stoop so low. Because a womans race or the colour of her skin does not define her.
    I hope her sons meet a beautiful coloured girl and will fall deeply inlove and have many babies just to prove her wrong. And I hope that when they are adults, learn that all woman are beautiful and that the colour of your skin does not matter anymore and ignorance is a really ugly flaw that can prevent you from being the happiest person ever with someone that you really love.

  221. Racism in it’s purest form, I really hope your boys have a better role model than you to look up to or else you are just perpetuating the racism in our country… I know you have a lot of hate in your heart for anyone who is not black but please don’t let your hate hinder your sons from meeting beautiful people of all colours. I hope your kids grow to know better and hopefully one day prove you wrong, their happiness is all that should matter, not your idea of happiness.

  222. 1stly Your mother is Confuse your stupid Cow!!!!…
    She should have swallowed your fathers Sperm load rather than conceiving you, your dumb cunt!!!!

    I want know:-
    What the HELL do you know about being a Coloured women or being Whites women that gives you the right to play Judge?

    If it was not for the whites you dislike my dear. Hate them or Love them…. You would still live in The ‪#‎Bush‬, ‪#‎Hunting‬ Rats and Living off Twigs and Berries and wearing animal skins you bitch! Were you learnt ENGLISH From huh? Is that you Mother tongue? How do you like my Opinion on how you Race became CIVIL? Is it insulting? I fucking Hope so!!!

    You feeling liberated because you can use a computer? does that make you intelligent?
    This is an attention seeking article that is full of racist remarks!!! Written with the intension to get attention. WELL NOW YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION………
    Nothing you mentioned has Solid Founded evidence! Sounds like you making a Generalized Statements and giving Racist & Ignorant Opinions About Whole ‪#‎Races‬ base on your interaction with them and what you see and read in the media….

    Bitch….. You can’t Judge a whole Race on a Few Peoples actions from that race!

    You obviously don’t know God or Do not believe in a Higher Power. Nor do you have respect for other ethnic groups because if you did, then you Would know not to throw stones when you live in a glass house… You going to get schooled today HOE…

    Let he who lives without SIN cast the 1st stone…. Ever heard that?

    You have a warped sense of self and clearly regard your ethic group the better one.
    In closing: You can HATE ALL you want…..

    This is ‪#‎FACT‬
    We in 2015 now……
    Everyone is Fucking with Everyone…
    Whites, Blacks, Asians and so on….
    Here is some Mathematics for you:-
    1Black + 1 Indian = 1 Coloured
    1White + 1 Black = 1 Coloured
    1Asian + 1 Black = 1 Coloured
    Guess what is going to be the Dominant Race in the Future?
    Signed BEVIN GYS

    • Spicing up the racism debate with good old sexism. Sigh, you’re not helping our case bro…

  223. even thou its ur own opinion, no one has the right to judge Gods creation..its not about race and skin colour, every1 mis behaves and has diff upbringings so don’t act like ur children are perfect angels or atleast when they infront of you…make sure ur hands are clean before you pass judgement on others…jus saying thou#

  224. You Keep Removing……
    I will Keep Posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  225. How am I suppose to agree with this writer whilst staring at a pic of a beautiful coloured woman next to it?… sorry guys, you lost my vote before I even started reading 😉

    I suppose it was a good editorial decision not to include a photo of the writer, it might’ve awkwardly revealed that the writer’s ugliness does not just lie on the inside…

  226. i do prat to God above that at least one of your sons marry a Coloured.That us so darn racist! !!

  227. 1stly Your mother is
    Confuse your stupid *****!!!!

    She should have swallowed your fathers load rather than conceiving you, your
    dumb *****!!!!

    I want know:-

    What the HELL do you know
    about being a Coloured women or being Whites women that gives you the right to
    play Judge?

    If it was not for the
    whites you dislike my dear. Hate them or Love them…. You would still live in
    the #Bush, #Hunting Rats and Living off Twigs and Berries and wearing animal
    skins you bitch! Were you learnt ENGLISH From huh? Is that you Mother tongue?
    How do you like my Opinion on how you Race became CIVIL? Is it insulting? I Hope

    You feeling liberated because you can use a computer?

    Does that make you

    This is an attention
    seeking article that is full of racist remarks!!! Written with the intension to
    get attention. WELL NOW YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION………

    Nothing you mentioned has
    Solid Founded evidence! Sounds like you making a Generalized Statements and
    giving Racist & Ignorant Opinions About Whole #Races base on your
    interaction with them and what you see and read in the media….

    You can’t Judge a whole
    Race on a Few Peoples actions from that race!

    You obviously don’t know
    God or Do not believe in a Higher Power. Nor do you have respect for other
    ethnic groups because if you did, then you would know not to throw stones when
    you live in a glass house…

    You going to get schooled

    Let he who lives without
    SIN cast the 1st stone…. Ever heard that?

    You have a warped sense
    of self and clearly regard your ethic group the better one.

    In closing: You can HATE ALL you want…..

    This is #FACT

    We in 2015 now……

    Everyone is having sex with Everyone…

    Whites, Blacks, Asians and so on….

    Here is some Mathematics for you:-

    1Black + 1 Indian = 1 Coloured

    1White + 1 Black = 1 Coloured

    1Asian + 1 Black = 1 Coloured

    Guess what is going to be the Dominant Race in the Future?

    Signed BEVIN GYS

  228. There is No reason for you to Remove this Post….

    I removed the swearing….

    Why don’t you want people to read what im posting?

    • Bevin, your posts are ALL here my friend!

      We can see it and we AGREE with you!

      This woman is sick and just so is this publication for putting it out there…

  229. I feel sorry for you.

    Why even mention white, Chinese etc. when this article is clearly a cleverly disguised tirade against some Coloured woman (one person) who took your job or better yet – your man.

    You are as ignorant about Coloured culture as Coloureds are about the differences between Xhosa, Zulu and Sotho. Most Coloured girls call their mother-in-law “Mummy”.. MOTHER. Calling elders by their first name is prefominantly a White thing.

    And entertaining the thought that your sons would even be remotely attracted to loudmouth drunks speaks volumes about the mindset you plan on inculcating in them and where that will lead them to go searching for wives.

    Most of all. You are obtuse.

  230. just being bold too

    Hi. I am a proud young Namibian colored, where we’re known as basters. I can tell you all about my family tree dating back to the 1800’s. I ,as well as a lot of baster over here, have achieved great success in educationally, corporately, agriculturally, you can name it all. I have such great respect for my elders, whether or not they are my race. I have learnt to speak with grace and dignity and stand up for what is wrong. I see no difference with regard to skin color. I see many defects in many people, and I would warn my children against such too. You ,my dear, think the problem lies within the race. A black woman may be raised in a way that they have absolutely no respect for herself or others. I am so sorry for the specific colored women who have wronged you or those near you. We have values and pride too, just like any other RACE. We are not ALL what you described. Let me bet you a million dollars your’e assumptions are false. I feel no desire for my future babies to marry one of your sons because I don’t wish them an ignorant mother-in -law like you. Thank you.

  231. proudly kullid AUNTY JOU POES MXM

  232. I can’t fathom the stereotypical views this person has. All these issues that she raised, are issues you can find with any living human-being, no matter the race. It makes me so angry to think that people with a mind set such as this still exists in the diverse world we have today. I have yet to meet anyone who calls their in-laws on their name. White and coloured people alike, as far as I know, call their in-laws ‘mom’ and ‘dad’. My parents sure do, and so does my brother and his wife, as so does my whole family. This are very ill conceived views on a specific race, and I don’t know where this person got their supposed facts?????? Open your eyes to the world around you Mrs. Nameless (Funny how you are “bold” enough to write this article, but not include your name). The world doesn’t need people like you, and I’m glad you’re not planning on having any more spawn who you can force your views upon, and pollute the world even further.

  233. Nicole Stoltenkamp

    You’re a journalist? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is really poorly written and you, darling, are empty-headed. Firstly, you introduce the term coloured in quotation marks, do you do that because you mean it ironically, or is it because you’re about to make the term pejorative? The term originated as a racist construct, maybe your quotation marks signal its ideological nature. I feel that your stance belongs in a bygone era. I am a coloured woman living in post-apartheid South Africa and I take issue with your racism. I, like many of my coloured female friends, am educated, cultured and respectful, much like these “normal” black or white women that you compare us to. You say you’re praying for your sons to stay away from “ratchet coloured girls”, what you should be praying for is deliverance. There is a fine line between opinion or an opinion piece and blatant racist or discriminatory positions and thinking. You should be fired.

  234. Nicole Stoltenkamp

    You’re a journalist? I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is really poorly written and you, darling, are empty-headed. Firstly, you introduce the term coloured in quotation marks, do you do that because you mean it ironically, or is it because you’re about to make the term pejorative? The term originated as a racist construct, maybe your quotation marks signal its ideological nature. I feel that your stance belongs in a bygone era. I am a coloured woman living in post-apartheid South Africa and I take issue with your racism. I, like many of my coloured female friends, am educated, cultured and respectful, much like these “normal” black or white women that you compare us to. You say you’re praying for your sons to stay away from “ratchet coloured girls”, what you should be praying for is deliverance. There is a fine line between opinion or an opinion piece and blatant racist or discriminatory positions and thinking. You should be fired.

  235. There were 2 main reasons why you don’t want your sons to marry a coloured woman, and frankly both is crap and retarded reasons to say the least. I can’t believe someone even gave permission to upload this article for all to read, that person is just as dumb as the writer. Wow, some just blow my mind!!

  236. May I just add my “50c” … I am a 25 year old “married” South African coloured “woman”. I am well educated, well bred and very much independent and successful. I have the utmost respect for my family in law and I don’t have a “ratched” background or family for that matter. I have values, virtues and great ambitions and I am striving for even more success within my career. My “white” husband respects me and my life choices and even more so supports me with my ambitions and challenges me to reach even higher. I currently reside in Europe, still working very hard and being INDEPENDENT. It’s exactly these kinds of mindsets of people like this woman that South Africa and and it’s humane hospitality, respect and education is down to its last straw! I feel sorry for you because you are DEFINITELY not worthy of being a mother and raising children if it is with that kind of mindset. I really feel sorry for you.

  237. Lol! Is this satire? Has to be. Can’t be serious.

  238. She looks coloured may she is scared of her past…. but to write something so degrading to some people is despicable…. she doesn’t have the right to say such things even if something in her past has mad her bitter she cannot paint all whites coloureds and Indians with the same brush… now let me stop right here before I let my fingers do the walking…. I feel sorry for her…. shame!!!!!! (like all blacks say when something happens…)

  239. She looks coloured maybe she is and scared of her past…. but to write something so degrading, to some people is despicable…. she doesn’t have the right to say such things even if something in her past has made her bitter she cannot paint all whites coloureds and Indians with the same brush… now let me stop right here before I let my fingers do the walking…. I feel sorry for her…. shame!!!!!! (like all blacks say when something happens…)

  240. Ridiculous. Andikwazi ukubala izinto ezingalunganga kule nto oyibalileyo. Sies. Ndingumlungu kodwa ndisazi iindlela zamaXhosa. Kutheni urhabaxa kangaka?

  241. She looks coloured maybe she is and scared of her past…. but to write something so degrading, to some people is despicable…. she doesn’t have the right to say such things even if something in her past has made her bitter she cannot paint all whites coloureds and Indians with the same brush… now let me stop right here before I let my fingers do the walking…. I feel sorry for her…. shame….

  242. Gal take a luk in the mirror and come back to kiss my colored ass. Colored gals rRock… N ppls shudnt be judged by their race. By the look of things I’m sure bothur sons will love n marry a colored gal..

  243. This is just racist!!! I feel sorry for this aunty….seriously uneducated opinion@!!

  244. The most stupid article i have ever read….Please someone fire this person. First, she wouldn’t wish her sons to marry either white or colored women then she will tolerate a first generation colored. Well, seems she is the confused one cause well…pointless, i am feeling just as confused as she is.

  245. Reading this drivel I cannot help but feel sorry for this person as she is a product of 1950’s type isolation (physically, but more importantly, culturally too) which afflicts so many Zimbabweans. As a nation they have become so cut off from the world that they have forgotten what it means to be a part of it and make their observations based upon extremely narrow viewpoints, often not from personal direct experience or any truly intimate understanding of diversity. Having been subjected to years of government controlled propaganda and fear mongering coupled with little true exposure, opinions are poorly formed and are reflections of a people who are told much, but know little. The saddest part of all is that they are unable to recognize this in themselves and therefore we cannot expect much more than this. So often, brainwashed, ignorant Zimbabweans engage on the global stage with ill-conceived notions about the world all the while believing that they are enlightened and possess understanding of what they are speaking about.

    Such utterances are generally viewed as narrow-minded, largely unfounded and at best in poor taste and at worst racist and inflammatory when coming from a truly global citizen. When coming from a source such as this though, they are best viewed as if made by a naive child who is yet to learn about the world in all it’s diverse glory. I realise that this is a gross generalization and that there are many well-heeled Zimbabweans with a great appreciation of global diversity and recognise that Zimbabwe is not the centre of it all, but they are the fortunate ones who can free themselves from the shackles of cultural isolation and who have the will to do so.

  246. Firstly, you talk and say that “colored” girls often don’t thrive Academically, when the correct spelling of the word is “coloured”- check yourself before you check others. I am coloured girl and I am in the advanced academic class in my grade at my school.
    Next, you say that coloured girls have not been raised correctly, when clearly you weren’t either because you are making such stereotypical, unfair judgement towards a group people who you think are a certain way.
    Also, how would you like it if a coloured woman started writing these kinds of things about a black woman. It probably be considered racist, so how is what you wrote any different.
    If you have ever been around a coloured person, you would know that everything you are saying I is untrue because the vast majority of the coloured population DOES NOT ACT LIKE THE WAY YOU DESCRIBE
    Lastly, people like you are the reason karma exists, so I truly hope that both your son’s bring home a respectable young coloured woman just to spite you

    Yours Sincerely,
    An intelligent, respectful, civilised and well mannered young coloured girl

  247. Clinton I totally agree with you. Aunty Jane, please know that I am coloured, my mother, wife, sisters, aunties and cousins are coloured. I have only known them to be civil, descent and fantastic females.Lets just say ,they carry themselves well in society. You are confusing upbringing with race. Just by the way, I have three ‘coloured’ boys and I would have no issues with which race they marry into. It’s their choice! And just by the way, a respecting coloured women refers to their mother in law as Ma or Aunty.

  248. Jou ma se ………..

  249. She is right in many ways but her generalizing is serious but yes i know there’s coloreds like that but it depends where they are from because from what i noticed the coloreds from the black Ghettos were cool they were just black same as Coloreds from Suburbs they were black too, but i remember the bullying and hatred that i got from those from Sunningdale, Acadia or the sarahs nightclub 1995 i was 15 and i went there with a friend from a colored background, these colored guys surrounded me and one of them punched me so much i dropped the speakers in the club, i had a lucky escape they got kicked out the club and waited outside and one of them kicked me in the head i ran for my life and got saved by a minibus driver, these dudes were ages 18 and upwards, then i think of the two brothers that used to bully me from school, he would say ” you are a fucking muboi a kaffir you are not a nigga” he would say “have you seen will smiths hair its like ours” he would say african americans are colored. I have not forgiven those two dudes they are in south Africa and i’m now grown up, i will see them this year. On the other hand i had nice colored friends from school or the neighborhood these were cool. I here Acadia and all the colored ghetto spots are still a problem for blacks to go to, we have learnt things in the diaspora and these clowns need fixing up time is ticking. I have a half brother and sister whose mum is colored so i understand its some not all. i can usually tell the wrong ones with how they speak, a lot of them on Zvirikufaya na keda page on fb. Keda Power makes me think wtf do u mean Keda Power, Black power unites so what is keda power?

  250. Oh well, each to his own. Your son will probably bring home a black lady, who unbeknownst to anyone would have been licked by the vanilla brush somewhere in her ancestry and you will have gorgeous light eyed, light skinned grand babies… and you know what, you will love them dearly, because that is just how it is.

    Be blessed, God will show you the right way.

  251. I won’t even bother to voice my opinion on such blatantly racist rantings by a woman who clearly hasn’t any idea of what she is writing about. Jane, your ignorance shows. I hope you can’t poison your sons to think like you do.

  252. well “MAMA” i have to say when you wrote this “artical” you really didnt know anything about SA KULLIDS, hope you were educated, even if it was just a few fact about coloured woman and coloured people in general, we are well educated, we not confused we know where we come from, we know who our daddies are and we stand together as a people, unlike you maggots with your “cultural”, “Traditional” or “tribal” whatever it is these days infighting.

  253. I don’t understand why people always justify their biased and ill informed reasonings as opinions. Opinions that are clearly terrible. Opinions require a basis of justifiable reference and information. Just because it’s your opinion doesn’t justify you having it.
    No one had any right to pass judgement on a person exclusively based on the color of their skin. It’s a color, not a reflection of who they are, what they do and their heart.
    There are other criteria that should be more important to a mother then the color of the skin that their child loves. Now kindly revise your very messed up “opinions”

  254. Ai perfect Mama, please note it’s “greEt” not greAt” … that must be the secretary in me noticing that spelling mistake, seeing that’s what Coloured women do. Maybe its a Freudian slip of your opinion of your superiority. Lol, what racist superficial garbage!!

  255. A wise man once said: “The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid ones are full of self-confidence”- Charles Bukowski.

  256. Who else is glad this author is not
    having more children?

  257. proudly south african coloured

    I’m a coloured South African coloured n I’m 4th generation… I matriculated with very good marks n I’m currently finishing my degree… I never ever got into a fight in my life… majority of the woman in my family finished school n have their own careers so what’s ratchet about us….certain people who stereotype just need help because u know Wat all the things u described does not come with race but with the person u are. Yes I have seen coloured girls do Wat u described but I’ve seen white, black n Indian girls do it too… so this is really pure racism against coloureds… its more like a coloured woman did something really bad to u so u just decided to lash at the coloured race as a whole that’s just pure bulls hit. .. so please get this straight not all coloured woman are ratchet but people like u brings that out of them… be lucky nobody knows who u are n that u in another country coz believe me u would have gotten a serious coloured ass whiping

    • waaaaaahahahahahaha!

      Now there you go!

      I was thinking the same thing…this ‘so called’ Zim woman had better hide very well…I feel sorry for her if our beautiful ladies should get hold of her.

      Thank you for making me laugh.

  258. Wow! First of all we do not say “Hey Jane” to our senior women. Every coloured girl I know has always addressed their senior woman with “Hello aunty”. Second of all, I am more aware of black girls who have a culture of stealing their way in the beds of rich men than coloured girls. And how stereotypical of you to ASSUME we are all linked to gangster-ism and alcohol. I and many of my coloured associates have never been linked to gangster-ism or know people who are in gangs. And we are drunkards???? Is it not the black communities that are thriving with brothels????…… If you want a stereotype, here is one – black culture seem to think that the land owes them something and they are born with an air of entitlement thinking the rest of society are obligated to their needs and progress and therefore they do not have work hard at anything. Yes, that would be wrong of me to stereotype like that wouldn’t it???????????

  259. Firstly its sad that she has to think about all the reasons why her sons should not marry a Coloured,Indian,White or Chinese woman,she probably has no job or is just bored,cause all that worrying and thinking is another full time job.Damn.I certainly would not put my brain through all that drama.Secondly,i feel sad for her sons,thirdly she needs a man in her life if she does not one already,my heart goes out to him.SAD.Fourthly,we live in a democratic country woman,so where the hell do u come from,how dare you degrade us “coloured” woman,clearly you are a “mixed breed”………or something of the sort or you would not be talking so much off B.S.This is a new world we are living in madam,oops sorry should i call you MAMA.lol.This is not the FLINSTONE DAYS.Come out of your time “bubble” and embrace the fact that we are no longer judged by our colour or race group.You need to take a look at yourself and ask:W.W.J.D?, cause you certainly need JESUS.NB:I will be praying for your deliverance during this time of LENT.A PROUD SOUTH AFRICAN COLOURED WOMAN WHO LOVES ALL!

  260. to all my beautiful coloured woman, from a coloured guy, please dont go near this kak family , we have always excelled in whatever we do and then we are classed a black cause we did good, jou kinders sal n bushy vrou lus maar hulle sal nooit eene trou en by the way “jou moer wuh, bleŕry tarty vlakhaas” from my uneducated coloured tongue…voetsek!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Proud Coloured Man

      Is Dit! lol

      I think I realize why she is so pissed of at coloured and why she say coloured women are rude. It’s because she will not dare to approach a coloured woman and say half the sh*t she says on here.

      Sy sal in haar moer in gemaak word… Ja nee, ‘they walk amongst us’ lol!

  261. all i can say is SHAME. mxxxxxxm! i am a PROUD black woman of the so called “coloured” tribe. my ethnicity, might be mixed but i am NOT confused. i know my roots and i know who i am.

    you are entitled to your opinion. but dont make the mistake of combing an entire group of people under the same comb.

    RACHET, comes in ALL shapes, COLOURS and forms!!

    remember that.

  262. Coloured Woman With Curves

    Let me just start off by saying, you crazy bitch. Firstly, as a coloured woman, with coloured children, I want to say this to you: HOW DARE YOU EVEN BROADCAST something like this, you hore. Did my sister, my mum or I take your husband from you ,your son or your father to? Its only a woman that has been scorned by a coloured woman who could say such shallow bullshit about coloured woman. Or could it be that I got your dream job, or I was promoted before you or maybe I am living in your dream home with your husband too. Maybe you are just hating on us coloured woman cause we come in all different shapes and sizes. if your son wants a small or a medium, or a large girl too, with curves in all the right places, with straight or curly hair, he knows he can always get a coloured girl because not only are we beautiful, but talented too, not only have we got the looks, we’ve got the brains too. We are educated and street smart, maybe you should come to S.A. so we can show you what coloured girls do. We multi-task, we are mothers, we are teachers, we are professors, we are CEO’s, we are strong independent woman, but come and fuck with us we can show how ghetto we are too. PEACE you racist PIG, I hope your husband puts dick in your bum tonight! If you want to contact me please do so on: 0741984 hohohoho!
    Just before I go: Do you sit on the right hand side of Mugabe?

  263. everyone is is entitled to their opinion right?well this is mine …….you have given us reasons to the bad side of the colored community which yes i can agree some of those things do tend to happen,but now that your 5 or so reasons have been published, id like to ask you in return say a colored person or a white person had to write such an article on the down falls of the black community and the reasons they wouldn’t want their children being involved in relationships with black people, don’t you think it would cause racial attacks between us(Zimbabweans) as a country not just you the topic?, i myself could give endless reasons why i wouldn’t want my kids to marry or date a black person but why would i do that why would i stoop so low to your level,, the ground, to smell the shit you talking,honestly if i were you id apologize for misjudging the colored community and think first of the end result your article could cause…..for the record i am a born Zimbabwean colored and proud to be..and i go by the name keda and that’s how i like it….

  264. VeryAnnoyedColoured

    You my lady are a blithering idiot. Yes that’s right, go let your children marry Mugabe idiots like yourself and let them live with the poverty stricken Hitler conditioning that you are used to. Our women are not good enough yet you flock to MY country filled with MY coloured heritage. Go suck on a donkey dong you racist ignorant cow.

  265. I hope and pray that your sons actually end up with south african coloured woman!! Its people like you that make life so difficult.. How are u expecting things to change, if you as a journalist, is not using your voice to envoke change…

  266. This is very sad that someone actually believes that. We are all human regardless of our race and therefore in every community there are people (that the writer described) that behaves that way. We should all pity this woman rather than feel angry toward her because like many have commented, someone must of deeply hurt her. For her son’s sake and their peace of mind, I hope that if they are not men that can stand up to her, they do not fall in love with a coloured woman. They would be fighting for their woman for the rest of their lives. Or if she truly is a mother who loves her sons, she will be able to have a change of heart when and if that time comes

  267. Dear Zimbabwe Today. I see that your writer perfectly described a Black Zimbabwean woman (like fake doctor Grace, etc.) above and she erroneously spelled it as “Colored”. She is correct that there are “Coloureds” in South Africa.

  268. My Children are a mixture of European, Black African, Arab with just a hint of Native American, they have to visit 3 continents and 6 countries to visit just their first cousins… they are genuinely colour blind and refer to their Aunties and Uncles by the name and handle each person is most comfortable with….they enjoy the best of all cultures and adapt and fit in wherever they are… this is what humans do naturally when bigotry and racism is not being forced upon us… the correspondent narrow world view is likely to make life less colourful and enjoyable

  269. Oh_So_Colored&Loving_It!

    The fact that it (because I cant even consider it to be a person) can write such crap without being bold to put it’s name to it only confirms that this is an act of a coward. Did you ask yourself if a ‘ Coloured’ lady would want you, an illiterate & racist thing for a mother in law?

  270. Your title is raising eyebrows not for the obvious reason but more because it’s just another attention seeking way to get people to like and share your story for whatever reason. Click bait is starting to get annoying, I didn’t even bother to read your story because your title suggests you just want to entice someone to read your otherwise bland story.

  271. Ignorance doth make idiots of ourselves. I dont have a problem with any opinion voiced. Its everyone’s right. When you generalize like this idiot did (without real insight and research), its a reflection of how poorly they’ve evolved and should therefore be read for the only REAL purpose it provides: ” A laugh a minute”.So..I read it with curiosity but dusting off and moving on..to significant, newsworthy,informative perspectives.

  272. as a white woman, give me one good reason why I would want to marry the son of a narrow minded, bigotted idiot???

  273. I don’t why the people commenting are getting so mad and giving reasoned responses. This isn’t a reasonable article, in fact I feel quite certain that it’s actually just a really bad joke but if you are liberal with your sense of your humour, you can really have a laugh as I did. It could have been funnier though, just saying. A young man will marry who he pleases, he doesn’t NEED to do what his mother wants.

    Since everyone is qualifying their comments by stating their race and sex, allow me to declare that I am a young black African male.

  274. Whoever wrote this has less then a grain of rice for a brain! Go to hell you know nothing about us! So don’t comment on us or white, Chinese, Indian! Comment on your own kind !

  275. Very ignorant. Very untrue.
    ‘mama’, this Was a very entertaining article. Even when I realised that you were being serious. I wouldnt want someone like yourself to be anyone’s mother in law. You seem bitter, scary and controlling.

  276. Proudly coloured AFRICAN

    Sounds like you the one with daddy issues, and us coloured girls are too good to marry into your family. You are the reason why the world will stay as racist as it is. Sounds like a good coloured man broke your disgusting black heart. You reap what you sow.

  277. It hardly matters what you like. Race as a concept is created and maintained by geographical isolation and that is now a thing of the past. There may be some teething problems, but basically race, in the biological sense is on its way out. You may want whatever you like for your children, but you will find that love chooses whoever it likes and there is little that you can do about it.

  278. Dear Mama K or the author of this article. First of all no coloured woman in her right mind would ever want to marry your son or have a mother in law like you. Secondly we are born beautiful no need to use expensive products or fake hair to make us look good. Thirdly no need to worry about your sons ever coming home with a coloured woman as coloured woman have taste and are not desperate. So keep your racist opinion to yourself you desperate fool.

  279. This looks like something hitler would write.

  280. So sorry for you.i believe you had encountered all the Coloureds in the whole world to make such ajudgement. I am a Coloured and cannot remember meeting you.However I hope your universe to whom you pray will help you in deprriving your sons to marry women who will love them no matter what race.

  281. Wow, i am truly taken aback by this article since everything that she mentions about a coloured woman is contrary to who I am, contrary to how I have been raised.
    I am a 3rd generation coloured female, with a masters degree in law, currently working towards becoming an admitted attorney. I earn my own money (never depended on a man for any of my financial needs), pay all of my own bills and I am engaged to amazing Zimbabwean man.
    He has been raised by a single mom (Zimbabwean) in Harare, who without a doubt is an amazing woman who raised him right. But at the same time I think that my parents who are educated and who raised children who all excelled at University and are doing well in their careers with the same good values, morals and principles.
    I have had 1 boyfriend before my fiance and I am 30 years of age, with no Daddy issues or any children running around.
    So when looking at the above, it is quite evident how you view us coloured people are very stereotypical since it is quite clear that I know where I come from, where I belong and that is from a loving coloured home; and a loving Black Zimbabwean home. Because this is how his family have accepted me as part of their family.

  282. Zim did not acknowledge coloureds up to 2009. It is infortunate that we share the earth with idiots. Once your dead what is colour. I SIMPLY CANNOT STAND AN IDIOT


  283. Aaw hunny I suppose your marginalized upbringing should be to blame because I’m thinking you cannot possibly be this stupid. All black moms? Wow, you mean to tell me “you” are all this caged in “your” thinking. You will die a poor old stupid black women. Hahahahhaah

  284. So ignorant…. Especially to say that Coloured people don’t know where they belong… They have a very rich culture…. as for Coloured people to not know their fathers… this is a problem across all races….. Who is this person who writes such ignorant nonsense?! Your poor sons have no chance with a controlling, ethnocentric, and racist mother like you… Such a shame! Perhaps you need to meet some more white and coloured people before you make such inaccurate statements!

  285. I am beyond angry and offended! Can I report this and lay a charge against this lady and the publisher with some type of human rights organization?

    • Proud Coloured Man

      I would not report anyone at this point. The world needs to see what people really think about us as she stated, many others feel the same looool.

      If anything, we should post it on all the social media, she must feel disgusted after all these comments!

  286. This woman is totatally crazy its time you get a life woman. Coloreds are not bad people our women are the most beautiful in S.A so i wouldnt be surprised if you become the lucky inlaw to a couloured woman and another thing you will be forced to not only like it but also accept your sons future wives as colored woman#MerfiesLaw

  287. First of all, lady, i am what you refere to as colored, though i see myself as African, and is not even third or fourth generation as my great great grandpa was also colored and so were their wifes. I cannot deny that somewhere there were black as well as white blood in the mix and being proud of it? Dont know and dont care, but what i do care about is you calling my mom, wife, sisters and my daughters a bunch of drunks with no respect. Let me tell you, i am 52 years old, married with 2 daughters of which the elderst is Dr. Andrea Jacobs, a dentist, and in my life never tasted or try 1 beer or any alcohol, the same can said about my mom, wife and daughters as well as my 4 sisters. In as much you try to convince yourself about everything said, why do your model on the photo false hair on her head, maybe trying to be like a white lady? I mean its un African to have straight hair? As for allowing any daughter of mine to marry a son of yours? Must be a sick joke, with a mom like you,how big a d@ck will the son be?

  288. To the person who wrote this article, I am very worried about you. It’s not healthy to harbour such hate for ANYONE. I am guessing that you have been through some things, that have made you bitter, and the devil is using that to keep you filled with his garbage. You will never be happy with hate in your heart, you will never be free. And this hate will spill over into everything in your life, as I am sure, if you reflect, you will agree with me, that it has already done so. You probably have cut ties with many friends or family members in your life (and they are black), you probably have enemies who know you by face and name…….because of all the bitterness you have in your heart, all the bitterness that comes out. God loves you, just as he loves us, coloureds, just as he loves every single human being he created. Seek him, ask him to come into your heart, to help you to see people as he sees people, with love. You may find, that your best friend would end up being a coloured person! And your best friend is NOT someone who encourages you to be hateful, or feeds your bitterness, because they know where it’s taking you, to hell. I have friends of all races, black, white, coloured, indian, and they are all amazing people, I never see colour when I look at them, I see family. I implore you to read back your article, and where you have said the word ‘coloured’, replace it with ‘black’, and see how you feel, because somewhere out there is someone who thinks horrible things about black people, and spreads their hate as you have done….and you ARE JUST LIKE THEM. Please, pray, go to church, read the bible, feed yourself with love…….before it is too late for you.

  289. I hope her son is gay

  290. Zim woman keeps uterus in bucket (See related post)…. Enough said

  291. Shame. This lady has issues.

  292. To the author, I pray for you. You were probably hurt when your husband/partner left you for that beautiful South African cloloured lady. Jamie Foxx referred to them as “an entire nation of Halle Berry’s”. So focus on what you have now, which is two beautiful little souls. Make sure you raise strong, confident men who believe in one God. Through him & only him, will they find the right partner for them & not you. The characters you describe in you little essay is relevant to all racial groups in the world, not just coloureds. If this was truly meant as an article, you should research the subject matter a little more

  293. A so-called “journalist” who can’t spell properly. Blatant racist trash talk . Do some research like any good journalist should. And by the
    way, journalism should be from an objective point of view, not just spewing stereotypes you’ve based upon a small number of people. No-one cares what you think if that’s how your mind works. I pity your narrow-mindedness.

  294. I was looking for a really compelling reason but i did not find one… if anything now i know not to come to this website again. #wtf

  295. Hahahahahahah funniest thing I’ve read in ages aside from JZ. Firstly a black woman calling a coloured woman crass and unruly with a loss of identity and background looooool….what about all the blacks trying to be white with their need for long hairs and straight hair and blonde hair…..Most rediculous article ever……hahahaha I could not even read anymore. Because yes blacks are so polite and friendly and such lovely people who have manners. I mean FML this shows just how stupid she is. She needs a slap I think. Hahahahahaha anyway good laugh!

  296. Ichoosetobehappy

    Shame your mother didn’t choose to not add to the population before having you!I prefer Caucasian actually if you want to be politicly correct!I’m very proud of my whole multicultural family,but then again I want raise to be a bigot or racist!

  297. Proud Coloured Man

    “Mama”, accept what’s in front of your eyes, cause the brown will stick around for centuries to come!

    You clearly haven’t been as far as your 100miles from your home, cause dam* woman, you have been missing out on what has been going on in the world. There are more and more interracial relationships now than ever and this is growing more and more. When a baby is conceived, guess who’s joining the family… Lil’ mini me – Coloured. Though South Africa has the highest “Coloured” race, if you go to the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, etc. etc. etc. You will find us – beautiful coloured (mixed race) people, guess I have to say thanks to you and your ancestors… so thank you 😉

    As a Coloured man, I have been through a lot in live, but never judged anyone based on their skin colour or religious believes, in fact I learned from it!

    I’m originally from Newclare/Westbury or better known as “Die Kaas”. I went to Westbury Senior Secondary School. I did not have the privilege to attend Uni or college but woman, today I’m competing with people who has degrees, MBA’s and what have you!

    I earn a six figure salary, are married to a beautiful independent Coloured woman (who has a degree ‘by the way’) and a beautiful, bright daughter who is in school newspapers in the ‘UK’ almost every month, mmm and to think she is only 5 years old, imagine what she will do when she reach your age!

    My point… I did not get to where I am by judging other or allowing people to pity me. I got to where I am because of my Family (parents, brother, cousins, friends, enemies), daai “Aunty” en “Uncle” om die draai! Even when you go to stores in South Africa, which people of race will give you a good/happy customer service experience…? Who in the world still calls a strange “Uncle”, “Aunty”, Mums, Oom, Tannie, Toppie, Tyma, etc… let me help you, Coloured? Tell me again about respect and manners.

    Most importantly I got to where I am because of people like you pushing men and women like me down, despite race. All the negative steam you breath upon us, will only make us stronger and If I was your son, I will go out and date women of all races, especially Coloured.

    In my days I have dated many women (including different races) and I can tell you one thing, a coloured woman will stick with you through the most difficult times, but that is just from my experience and what I’ve seen amongst friends.

    When I see articles or comments like this, I just remind myself of one thing… “A King builds his empire with the stones being thrown at him”

    Thanks for reminding me to never let my guard down and compete with people like you.

    PS: I had to share my 50 cents, I can’t allow my daughter to grow up in a society with people like this!

    Voorspoed jou ‘rot’.

  298. Dear Jane,

    To save you from cringing and further embarrassment on the day your sons arrive on your doorstep, hand-in-hand with coloured women, allow me to give you some evidence.
    This is not evidence I heard about, its what I as a coloured, growing up in a coloured community have experienced and witnessed.
    I don’t need any race to define where I belong, I know I belong. Want to know why? Because of the values my coloured parents instilled in me from a young age. I know many coloured women who don’t want to belong, we don’t need to belong reason being we aren’t lonely and we are satisfied with ourselves.
    I suspect that you are lying when you say you came to terms with the fact that you wouldn’t bear any daughters. Why else would you want to be called Mama by someone else’s daughter? I have one mother, nobody else deserves that title, not even my mother-in-law. She will be called aunty Jane and that is how I was was brought up to show respect to the elderly.
    I know who my father is, most of my coloured friends, family and neighbours know who their fathers are. None of us grew up without our fathers. My father is a role model to me. My parents often tell me stories of their childhood. I don’t know much of my grandparents because they passed away when I was young. The little that I remember about them was reignited by my parents. Not knowing my grandparents and their history definitely didn’t make me a spoilt Barbie, it made me appreciate my parents while I still can. It also created in me a fondness for the elderly.
    My parents are coloured, so are my grandparents and their parents. Does that make me less of a coloured? Am I now a diluted coloured because there is no trace of white or black in previous generations? Of course not! In fact it makes me pure coloured, purer than a “first generation coloured”. You won’t understand why it makes me purer but that’s okay, your senile thinking won’t allow you to.
    As a coloured WOMAN, I have never been involved in a fight, I’m not rowdy and I definitely do not need a man as a bank account. My ‘diluted’ coloured mother showed me, not taught me, showed me what it is to be a woman. She is a strong woman, she believes in herself, she loves, she’s kind, her walk attracts respect, she doesn’t judge, she is supportive and she works hard. She is a woman, a coloured woman mind you. Your generalised assumptions that I am rowdy, a drunk and crass would be an insult to my mother.
    Let me tell you about the jobs my coloured people have. My sister is a lawyer, I have cousins who travel regularly for business as business analysts and marketing directors. My friends are journalists, financial advisors and engineers. Don’t underestimate a coloured woman. Please let me stop your thought right in its tracks, none of them slept their way up. Coloureds know the value of hard work.
    Aunty Jane (if don’t mind), it seems as if you are afraid of losing your precious sons to another woman. You can’t stand that another woman will be the reason for their happiness. When you receive a phone call from them, you’re probably hoping it’s that dreaded “druken” phone call so that you can snatch him back into your racist arms.
    If there is any prayer that you should be doing, it’s for yourself and your racist, judgemental, generalised, sterotypical thoughts.
    I’d love to see the look on your face when you open the door to your son and his coloured love.
    See you soon 😉

  299. I don’t normally read articles that delve into blatant racism as I see them to be the work of ill-informed writers looking to score conversation pieces. But as a son of a “confused, uncouth, crass drunk” colored woman, I feel it would be an insult to my mother to not defend her and all other “colored ” women.

    The writer of this article is not only racist and ill-informed, but also just plain rude. I bet if the glove was on the other hand she would have been the first to comment. You may have set out to discredit every colored woman but all you have done is highlight how they are not what you have described. Your ignorance on what they are supposed to be in society is astonishing. I particularly love how you so expertly state that a 3rd or 4th generation colored woman would not know her family history…ummm…my dear do you know yours? Because while my mother was 5th generation, she knew her family history back to the early 19th century.
    And with regards to your comment on how they become make up counter girls and secretaries, while not entirely true, those who are there, are working and providing for their families rather than sitting at home and leeching.
    I would love to come face to face with your sons and tell them how fortunate they would be to become involved with a girl whose culture and history is as colorful as that of a colored girl. They would benefit from the wealth of knowledge she has from her education provided for her by her so called absent father and the life experience gained from growing up with her uncouth crass drunk mother. I would also love to tell them that while the rest of the world is fighting so hard for equality between male and female, their mother is so hell-bent on discrediting a certain race that she is actually dragging the world a step back in its efforts by throwing fellow women to the mud.

    The day your sons bring home their partners, I pray you will be able to see that regardless of race, a woman is what she is made of, not where she comes from or what past she has. And as a woman I think you should be more interested in making sure your sons treat the women the end up with, with dignity and respect, rather than pray they aren’t colored.

    But just for the fun of it, I do wish that your sons both bring home colored MEN…because as a gay colored man I would love to show you the “colored bitch” attitude you so rightly deserve!!!

  300. Ignorant vacuous low-life of a woman! I wouldnt want you for a mother!!! Buy urself sum class coz judging ur article & what u said about coloureds, looks liks u were descibing urself since u know all about the general persona of all coloured woman! Somebody shoot this retard!

  301. Im a Black guy and stayed with coloured people for a very long time and am sure I know them better than who ever wrote this article all I can say lady you have issues go see a therapist

  302. This one’s for you mum! #proudofmycoloredmother RG

  303. My wife is black, my mother-in-law is black, and i’m white as a can of milk. Nevertheless my mother-in-law IS like a mom for me and i love her like my very own mom… So what…?

  304. Bigotry..such shallow thinking begets hatred and perpetuates stereotypes. Your “facts” as stated are grossly incorrect. Who permitted such mumbo-jumbo be sent to e-press anyway. Silence you Bigot!

  305. laughing@absurdity

    She needn’t worry, no one will go near her sons once they meet her. Lol.

  306. Wow the racism here is at a Hitler level. Next she will suggest ethic cleansing. In fact I feel sorry for her being so hateful and a heart so black with evil. Only the devil can be in that heart. I hope they can save her from her neo Nazi ways.

  307. News for you sister, you don’t look black, you look coloured. By the tones of your skin one can see clearly there had been another colour involved. But i really hope that should my white daughter meet your so-called black son, that your black son would have more integrity than his so called black mama.

  308. I am a 21 year old coloured woman who grew up in a coloured area for the first few years of my life. My parents, who are both 4th generation coloured, grew up with not much and with no fathers because both died of illness at a young age. They worked as hard as they could and now have businesses today and are extremely successful. They told me I had and decision to make. I could either be like the minority and let every opportunity pass me by or I could step onto the platform they built for me and leap from there. Every single person has and a decision to make: either work hard and achieve more or be like the minority and have that negative stigma that comes with being a certain race.
    Having a father present in your life does not determine your class or lack of it, your determination or lack of it. I see it in my own family who is filled of educators, businessmen, lawyers, engineers etc. And besides, how can this writer belittle people who are secretaries, makeup girls etc. Many can be the best makeup and artist or the best secretaries as long as they are passionate about what they do.
    This “writer” is so blinded with bitterness that she feels the need to write nonsense like this. Generalising an entire group of people when the behaviour she describes exists in every single race group. All this writer is passionate about is hate speech.

  309. OMW talk about a narrow minded outlook on life. I actually feel sorry for her.

  310. WHAT! I don’t mind people voicing their opinions we all entitled to them but really? What women has this mother met? How racist. The entire second last paragraph is really offensive. I am coloured and know many coloured women and neither myself nor them have ever displayed such behavior. I either hope both your sons marry a coloured woman and prove you SO wrong or that they marry the ‘race’ you desire and that those women display these traits you mentioned and then we deserve an apology please. This behavior is not limited to race, you are ignorant. If fact give me your sons numbers please, my dear future mother in law 🙂

  311. I think she’s hit the nail on the head, you don’t have to have been wronged by a coloured person to know how they behave, just sit back and watch them and you will soon learn how everything in this article actually rings true.

  312. Sweeeet like choclit

    come on Mama…..!! just because your skin is black don’t make you “Black” …..get facts no gobble di goock !!

  313. Jou ma se poes…go back to your perfect Zimbabwe

  314. Our world suffers from racist,previously oppressed,to angry to open up their eyes type of people.This is why africa cannot move forward.We have to much to deal with in this world than who our kids choose to love. Im colored, i have an identity but il leave it their. DONT WORRY. Il pray that one day you will see and try to fix the real worries of this world,rather than try to control part of your sons life. Racist kills. #coloredwithidentity

  315. This woman is a sick racist I feel sorry for her boys right now but karma she is a b*tch. Also Mommy they gonna marry who they want in the end so you may just end up with a coloured grand child guess what you will love them anyways either that or you truly are a racist heartless wench

  316. I am so sick and tired how our very own Sisters in Africa stereotype’ coloured woman’. When Khanyi Mbau ridiculed coloured women, I was shocked and ANGRY….This poorly written article does not warrant a full length response, but I would love to edit and return it to the writer. . Alas….I don’t have to answer in full – the thinking of this person is sadly limited and reflect a deeply fearful and insecure woman – but I would be courteous and answer ONLY, If you have your own hair, nails, eye lashes and do not try to bleach your skin. I may just take the challenge and defend or discuss this. But for now……I end the message with I AM NOT COLOURED, I am an African….I was forced into ‘colouredness’ by the Apartheid Regime and the broken society that emerged from this strict classification of people. Maybe if you look within your own family tree, you may just find traces of ‘coloured’…..and then you can THANK YOUR ancestors for the little pizzas you possess.

  317. Hahhaha so African Americans and other black people shipped all over the world that today may still not know their heritage are also “pathetic”.

    No hunny, you are the pathetic one. The previously marginalized and bullied will always attempt to make marginalise and bully other.

    Sad excuse for an Aftican

  318. Just look at the second last paragraph where she speaks about excelling in academics. So you make grammar mistakes in an article…truly shows you’ve excelled in academics.

  319. It is saddening that supposed older and assumed wiser people and parents!! hold such limiting views. Love transcends much deeper than color or background. You do not choose your husband or wife based on the color of their skin. If that person is your soulmate you’ll be together regardless of what your parents think. If you marry into the family of your husband’s and there are traditions and practices to be upheld, your daughter in law if she has any respect would uphold them, such as calling you Ma instead of your first name. I wish blessings on you and your sons and their future partners regardless of the color of their skin.

  320. Let me as a proud, educated and well brought up coloured woman set you straight “Mrs I know all there is about coloured women”. Firstly not all of us are as you put it drunk, crass and confused about our heritage! I am well aware of where I come from and what has lead to me being coloured. I am educated and know the value of money. I work for my own and everything that I want in this life. Not all of us are hunting for a man with money. These days women in general earn more than men… so let us all hope your sons grow up to be millionaires and own their own fortune 500 companies. I don’t even want to speak about you saying we don’t know how to speak to our elders! I know that if I ever get married my mother in-law will be my second mother and that I have to address her accordingly. I have many 3rd and 4th generation coloured (as you call us) friends who are married and call their in-laws mom and dad. You are ignorant and simply just writing the first thing that jumps to mind about experiences you might have had with one or even maybe three instances like the once you describe and now you feel you can pass judgement. Take a long walk in a coloured girls’ shoes before you judge again. Maybe then you can EDUCATE yourself about the world around you and not just pass judgement about what you experience in your “bubble of a world”! GET OUT and live a little. FYI I am a teacher with a Honours degree in school psychology and doing an Honours in Learner Support. So I guess I would still not pass your criteria for the perfect wife for your sons since I am just a teacher… And remember, please do remember that our God is fair and sometimes He brings us to things that we don’t want or wouldn’t normally wish for just to show us that we are capable of doing the things we begged Him not to give to us… and be very careful of what you wish and pray for because you might just get the opposite…in your case a drunk, crass, daddy issues, African Barbie, who just wants to shop and tan all day who’s hobby will be to spend your son’s money…

  321. Well !!! , if I had a son or sons, I would not want them either to get involved with your black woman and their irregular body shapes, protruding backward, forward and sideways, mouth lips of note, with teeth to bite dead an ox. Everything of them is excessively big. Is it an over eaten glut or is it the normal body structure. It is one in every thousand that you find a streamlined black woman as they are now starting to streamline themselves into Westernisation. Your comment sucks. Tell your uncle Bob to fetch his Zimbabwean sons from our country so that our men whose employment they are occupying and has paid taxes to running of this country can again be employed .You are issued with fuel and electricity from this country while we have to struggle to enjoy these privilages you enjoying at a low rate, if not free. Hope you come to South Africa for medical treatment , which so many of you Zimbabweans do and a coloured woman must be your nurse or doctor.

  322. in Afrikaans I would refer to them as “verilles”. Ons moes dink vir hulle, ons moes werk vir hulle, ons moes bydra vir hulle, ons moes buig vir hulle, ons moes f………n alles doen “vir hulle” (verilles)

  323. You must have been born on a highway because that’s where most accidents happen.

  324. f*ck this piece of sh*t!

  325. What a load of hogwash. I cannot believe that a person will be so ignorant. I’m from South Africa and what makes Africa a unique continent is that we have a variety of cultures and ethic groups and you can’t stereotype a race. People in all cultures have good and bad about them. Not all coloreds are violent and alcoholics. That is a stereotype its like me saying all black people steal that’s not true so this journalist should really re-think about her thoughts. The last I checked Zimbabwe had major issues with poverty and government so please do some meaningful work with your time instead of writing silly reports. I am colored and i have a sister, aunts, and friends who are colored and are all well established individuals today so please don’t pick on race because of what you believe get your facts straight and check yourself cause the same sons you wanna protect will find colored girls and love them and you will be called Jane>>>

  326. I must say this is just plain STUPID….. Ja not all coloreds are the same but god damn some of us actually work our asses off to achieve perfect goals with respect and discipline earned from our families. I’m a hell of a colored event planner that earned my way through working hard to get where I am. This mother can really just get off her high horse about others race.

  327. This is a terrible, stereotypical and very racist article. And this is all i can say on this.

  328. Successful Kullid

    This one had me lmao. I’m a proud coloured man and coloured women are awesome, wondeful people with unwavering faith. Not to mention their intelligence and grace. This rag should be called Zimbabwe-yesterday. Madam the truth is really that your boys wont ever get a coloured woman because been raised by you, they couldn’t really deserve one. Staying with with fact that “real men” are raised in the arms of “real women”. About the confusion, you have probably confused your boys to a point that they will bring home boys but not to worry, they will still call you mama because it’s your culture. When I read abit more I noticed that Mugabe’s son only dates white women so maybe wait awhile and then you could get those 1st generation coloureds. Thanks for the post, your stupid ignorance was amusing at best.

  329. Its such a shame that for everything we have worked for, in becoming a united nation, can be belittled in such a way. I am disappointed more than anything else, that a woman, who is a mother, can be so hateful to other woman. The truth is that there are woman like this across all races, however it does not give anyone the right to judge nor condemn the next. There are also, across all races woman with dignity and intelligence, far beyond the article writer. I feel sorry for you Jane and I hope God forgives your hatred. I am a proudly South African coloured woman, mother, sister, aunt….and I am proud of my many different heritages and definitely do not have a identity crisis, I know who my daddy is and my mama raised me right!
    “Judge not lest thee be judged”
    Proud of the people who are willing to stand up and call a spade a spade.

  330. yourignoranceisoffensive

    ‘Black or African women’ whether you are pink,blue, green, black or white – if you were born and raised on the African continent you are African. You really should not impose your moronic ideals down to your kids.

  331. Clearly this woman was dropped on her head as a child or maybe SHE didnt know HER daddy…. This is the type of Hate speech that ignites hate amongsts us all. Nelson Mandela would be turning in his grave this is disgusting beahviour it so sad that her hate will filter down to her sons

  332. Jean-Pierre Baronet Fernandes

    Your such a troll!!! Can barely stick to your own topic and lastly that just goes to how racist you are!! Times have change I think you need to keep your narrow minded opinions to yourself or rather gather a group of people who have the same kind of shallow mind like yours and become trolls elsewhere where no one really cares of how shallow you can be

  333. WOWWWWWW ignorance @ it its best………… Well FYI “Little Miss Perfect” my prayer is taht GOD blessed both your sons what BEAUTIFUL , EDUCATED , 4th GENERATION COLORED GIRLS………… AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  334. For starters, we the Coloured folk of the world are not as narrow minded as you supposed thoroughbred and ignorant “people”. What is even more disturbing than this article is the fact that you are of such poor education and able to voice your opinion on an open and public platform. I pity your sons for they have to grow up and become men raised by a wretched and bitter woman. They are to go out into the world with the poison you are feeding them. Shame on you for stirring racial unrest.

  335. Excuse me “Mama K”, if you were not such a bitter, twisted, biased, uneducated old hag, you might have noticed another article headline on this page (conveniently placed right underneath your “article”) which states that “Robert Mugabe’s Son ONLY dates WHITE women!” Your own President’s son prefers a white woman over your “pure” Zimbabwean “race” my dear. Lest you forget we are all “made in the reflection of God” and as we all SHOULD know, God don’t make no junk! Clearly you are too obtuse to realize that rubbish that you’ve spewed from your facial orifice and non-existent brain is a load of drivel. I hope that your son’s do indeed think for themselves instead of trying to please you, their RACIST “mother”, and Lord have mercy as I would give my left arm to see the look on your face if they do bring home that very same “confused” COLOURED or even a White woman that you’re slamming here. The picture used on your article looks distinctly like a COLOURED woman! But what would I know, what with me being a “CONFUSED, GOLD DIGGING, CRASS, UNCOUTH” coloured woman.

  336. she does have a point in that many black mothers actually think like here. yes it is stereotypical but who isn’t at least she is honest about it

  337. I can’t believe this was published.

  338. Beautiful coloured woman

    This woman has been scorned by a beautiful coloured woman. Perhaps her husband had an affair and that is why this pointless article was written. Believe me coloured so are the main reason why this nation is so beautiful. Why do we have the Barack Obama and the Mariah Carey and the Halle Berrys in this life. Being a highly educated coloured woman I would suggest that by your intelligence of writing such illogical non sensical article , your IQ is below average . So your gene pool will carry through to your sons as well. Guess I will pray that they don’t multiply with any coloured woman,, because the world can do without more idiotic people like yourself.

    As you described in typical coloured style , I will slap you but I don’t want to get slut on my hand.

  339. Whilst i respect the authors opinion im disgusted by her article.

  340. LOLLLL, This article made me laugh so hard I nearly cried…
    Ignorance is bliss… LOL

  341. Wow. Let me just say I am a 3rd generation coloured woman, I have my own house, my own car and my own money (not my parents money, my own). I know who I am and I know who my father is. I am well grounded and I expect respect from my mother in law just as she expects respect from me.

    You taught your sons how to behave just as all parents teach their kids. If your sons wife is meant to be the daughter you never had why wouldn’t you feel joy at teaching her about your culture? If your son was worth the effort then learning to be part for your family would not be difficult for his coloured wife!

    You don’t know who you are because you are filled with hate for people that you actually know nothing about. You say things like this to influence the way people think but you have obviously not thought about the damage you are causing to all those coloured women who have worked for everything and been successful despite people like you?

    I feel so sorry for you. You have this coloured woman’s pitty.

  342. Wow! What an ignorant, racist, moron!! The only people benefiting from not being able to marry her black sons are our coloured ladies… shoo, close call 😉

  343. Mixed Race Goddess

    I am a successful South African Colored woman with a degree and a fabulous job making a good living. I do not drink or smoke, I have two beautiful children and I have been married for 6 years and before that I was with the same man together for 11 years (and yes he is the biological father of both of my kids and they were both born in wedlock!). Usually people like this get what they fear the most! I hope her sons both fall deeply in love and marry coloured girls, because believe it or not the whole damn world is already coloured dominated, there are no more “pure blood” cultures in the world anyway! LOL At least finally this “mother” is honest in admitting black people is racist too!!!! Now I wonder what her response would be if I wrote an article of how I pray my daughter dont marry a black man or my son dont marry a black woman using stereotypical reasons to argue my case…surely I would certainly be called a racist! and you call yourself a mother…sies!

  344. Ashamed by this article

    You have embarrassed my country by writing this. Please go back to school for a better education and maybe even try visiting other countries . It might help you understand how much of a closed minded, ignorant and small person you are. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  345. ProudToBeColoured

    The only two things your ‘Boldness’ should have allowed to be forthcoming with are: 1. To admit your arrogance 2. To acknowledge your very narrow-mindedness; otherwise sit down and be quiet ‘Mama’.

  346. Tell me Jane is it your pic? Dose your Mother in law approve of your pic?

  347. All I have to say is, who to you pray to? A God who says love thy neighbour? Which God do you pray to that recognises colour or race as a definition of the right person?

  348. Why am I reading shite from a Zimbabwean attention seeker?

  349. coming from a country run by a racist lunatic, is it really surprising that it breeds racist lunatics?

  350. miss bitter should do a spell check before she rants about on the internet

  351. You have crossed the line. There is no justification or excuses for your shortsightedness and deliberate actions. Your intention is to provoke a nation against you and create an atmosphere of racial division last seen in the colonial era. This type of thing can lead to fundamentalism and attacks similar to the recent incident at Charlie Hebdo’s in Paris. If you want to enjoy ‘freedom of speech’ with no limits, expect others to exercise ‘freedom of action’ for your blatant xenophobic post. Freedom of expression does not extend to insulting other races in the manner in which you have done. Judging by the reaction from my fellow Coloured folk, your stupidity should be a moral lesson to never cross this racial line again. The least that you can do is to make an immediate apology without reservation…

  352. Interesting article. Well its just the authors opinion and really not a fact. I was not suprised to note that the origin is from a neighbouring country that is infamous for there out dated and archaic policies. While the rest of the world moves. moves in a certain direction, Zimbabwe with its President and some like minded people, as the author seem to move in the opposite direction. The views that she holds may have come to her by some stark revelation and generalisation of white and coloured women or by means some osmotic means it crept into the single brain cell she has/had. Calling her a racist is mild. She is simply full of hate. Bullsh#t is rather sedated, more like an entire sewage plant that exploded.. But that’s my opinion hey

  353. Shame, which coloured girl , gorgeous, no doubt i would imagine, stole yo man??? Clearly these are words of a scorned-by-a-coloured Black Woman. I feel nothing but pity for people like you!

  354. I am a coloured and a secretary too, and I am proud of it! 🙂 But my main message to this lady that wrote this article is: as you go on to your knees; before you pray for your sons please pray for yourself, ask for forgiveness, then ask God to open your eyes, because in the new age we are only one race, and that is the human race. I am highly upset that this article was even published! I am not going to call you names or judge you but there is one thing I would like for you to realise today, we will always be around you will always see us, just like we all see different races every single day, so just accept it! Diversity is what makes this country and this world such a beautiful place. And another thing, you can’t control a human beings heart, emotions or feelings, so if it happens that one of your sons fall in-love with a different race, there is nothing you can do………I am sure that you have been in-love before. I will leave you with this verse: 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

    8 Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

  355. colored with her own hair

    I sincerely hope that the hole in the fence that Yur prior generations crawled thru is still there so u can crawl back into Zim & while u r at it leave our coloured hair behind. Yur black daughters in law can braid Yur nappy head u ignorant bitch. Yur sons will most likely b gay & bring him a transvestite from manenberg who will know how to beat some sense I to Yur empty shell of a head.

  356. Narrow minded bitch who has hatred towards all coloured woman. You have insulted my GRANDMOTHERS, MOTHER, AUNTIES, SISTERS AND NIECES. I find this article extremely offensive. We deserve and APOLOGY and you should re-write this article again!!!!! #colouredgirlsrock

  357. How dare you insult all coloured woman. My GRANDMOTHER, MOTHER, SISTERS, NIECES. Re-write article AND VERY FAST!!!

  358. I find your article very offensive. I am a 4-6th generation coloured woman. It was not my choice to be born in a mix race but I don’t feel that it has hindered me in any way apart from where I was discriminated against due to my colour…like now. Please try not to judge someone based on race….like a racist

  359. Ignorance is bliss … this is when you try to form an opinion without having any facts … its like saying all Colombians are drug lords , or all Muslims are terrorists … do some research , speak to people who know , before you decide to write such an opinionated , stereotypical article ….or perhaps it was written as a publicity stunt … to try and get people to ‘know your name ‘ ? i feel sorry for this poor lady because it seems that all she is interested in is her own culture … this article is a racist jab at coloured girls , simply because they are an unknown quantity to the author …

  360. Her love left her for a mixed race woman clearly she’s the confused one with issues

  361. Biased opinion by a very I’ll informed person, karma might sort her out lol

  362. It is just so sad that there are mothers out there who bring up their sons like this??? What happened to getting to know the person for the person they are and not for where they come from and the colour of their skin??? Just make one note, just this one simple note and I assure it it will make you realize what you are not only doing to your son but showing the world what kinda person you are ” we are all human before anything els”. That’s just it…. no other law or rule do we need to apply to us being humane towards each other, I’m a proud colored lady who has rissen above all negatively racist like you have shoved in my way, I pwill pray for you I will pray that you broaden your mindset to the love we can have for each other instead of the hatred you have in your heart for people you don’t even know.

  363. Sometimes you just got to laugh peoples stupidity off

  364. @”mama k” I tried desperately to read your vitriol without any dramatic emotion and as a mom of a beloved son to be objective. Much as I tried…me a 4th generation coloured married for 27 wonderful years to an Indian husband, having two beautiful well adjusted respectful children and both my husband and I being the product of a household of two loving parents…I just could not hide my total disgust in your degenerative verbal diarrhoea!!!

    You are totally delusional and know absolutely nothing about any race let alone Coloureds, Indians or Whites and I sure as heck know you dont speak for any of them or for many of my Black counterparts! You are an uninformed, twisted and biggoted savage…because your base view does not qualify you as being part of the human race!

    You have chosen to use the innocence of your sons for 15 minutes of ‘fame’, you’ve got it, now take your gross ignorance and crawl back under the rock you crawled out of, cos this ‘Coloured’ girl might just live up to your stereotype and give you the kick up the arse you deserve! Your sons daddy is probably “Bob” because your brain sounds like its addled with Sypholus too!

  365. Hmmm.. only time will tell what destiny the Allmighty, ONE and ONLY Creator of ALL of mankind has in store for your sons.. only He knows best. I pray He opens your heart and mind so that you may regret and rue this very article you wrote today. We as mothers should rather concentrate on raising well balanced, respectful, non-racist future generations, instead of spewing such nonsensical garbage on social media. You have a pen in your hand (writer ?), you have the power to do good to all mankind, not stir racial hatred. And also educate yourself on how to become a beloved future mother-in-law, treat others how you would like yourself or your sons to be treated. 🙂 and get to know people, you might be pleasantly surprised to realise that all of mankind is the same, irrespective of color, race, religion, country.. etc. Diversity is the spice of life.. absolutely beautiful and Godly.. 🙂

  366. I am a Colored from Southern Africa, and I totally disagree with what this woman has to say about women of my ethnic group. This woman has clearly either never socialised with colored people or has socialised with the wrong group of people. It is obvious that this woman is being ignorant and is judging a book by its cover and I’m sure she’s not the only one. Reading this article triggered many emotions in me and among those were hurt and anger, as she is generalising and stereotyping, I for one am a well mannered, decent, educated Colored Female! I know many Coloreds who do extremely well in school and MANY Coloreds are successful in today’s life.. another thing that this woman misjudged Colored women on is the fact that we would call you by your name?! Well we’re raised to address ANY adult as aunty or uncle … we even go so far as to say “My Aunty/ Uncle”. Also another thing, not all of us are always involved in fist fights and are always drunk seriously there’s more to life than just fights and indulging in alcohol. And Coloreds do honestly not go through some sort of identity crisis, we absolutely love our culture and identity and our way of doing things. I could say awful things but I would then stoop down to your level of ignorance. You have got the attention of MANY Coloreds and you have angered them deeply. If this article is or was your way of seeking attention, you have done it. Well done. PS , I hope and pray your son’s do not fall in love with Colored women because they’d have a Monster-in-law. I am really sick and tired of hearing and reading and people telling me about how rough Coloreds are, how much we drink etc.. you then do not keep the right company.

  367. Damn… :/ you clearly got issues! And I think your sons need some colour in their life to lead them on the right path… because with your kind of mentality raising them, they aint gone get far in life :/

  368. What ?? ?? Do you even know who we are? You know nothing about us coloreds, you only trying to take something from the sky and say nothing. Sorry…You have lost me the first few words. Steve Biko wrote ” I write what I like” – At least he knew what he was writing about. Your writing, on the other hand……………………………Just filling precious electronic and virtual space.

  369. TheAngelAbandoned .

    Learn to to spell and use proper punctuation before writing such a bold article.

  370. you bloody racists. i hate your stupid page and your all stereotypical racists.

  371. Well you sound like a fun time waiting to happen. Thinking can be hard, but you gotta try. #moralsupport

  372. Im a colored mother of 3kids, 2 girls and 1 boy, i pray my girls never get to meet you or your sons, u dnt make sense. I wouldnt want my strong girls to be around confused ratched people as urselve. Gudluck with ur future colored daughter-inlaws, ur sons will search for them to prove u wrong.


  374. What a load of bull I don’t think any self respecting colored girl would want to marry your son’s any way. If the coloreds are so bad why are the Zimbabweans flocking to South Africa and especially the Western Cape, where the population is predominantly colored. My domestic as well as my gardener are Zimbabwean and they will be outraged by your stereotypical comments.

  375. Those who are born in Africa are Africans!!!

    I am a proud coloured female and I do not behave in that manner and from my experience when we get married we call our mother-in-law MOMMY/MAMA.

  376. Clearly she has no idea about the culture us as a coloured race have. She wrote this article merely to destroy a colourful people! Yeah we do have those drunken ones,secretaries and even those who marry well but we also have very educated people. It saddens me that people like her call herself educated because an educated person would not write such tasteless articles. Educated people would rather aim to uplift people or to even try to bridge the gap between the different races. Articles like this tend to suck us into a hole where we compare races but we should not allow ourselves to do that. I will pray for you dear writer. God has given you the ability to reach many but you wasted your talents trying to destroy people. Yes i am coloured but i embrace different races. Many of your fellow zimbabwean brothers and sisters i arrest on a daily basis for theft and other serious crimes and they are so entitled yet they contribute nothing to our country. I do not judge them but i pray for them.

  377. This sounds more like a personal vendetta than giving real objective
    reasons,she’s got a problem with all the women of other races but only
    talked at length abt coloured women..its definitely personal!!

  378. Nirvana Hollstein

    This woman says her rant is against so coloured and white women but it seems more thag she has an inferiority complex towards lighter skin women, I find this pathetic.

    So called coloured people share the same traits as their black brothers and sisters when it comes to the value of Ubuntu.We would be smacked into the ground if we called an older person Jane and not Aunty Jane.

    This writer is a charlatan and clearly doesn’t know what the hell she is talking about.

  379. Lmfaooo look at the pot calling the kettle black. I am not coloured though might i add but u clearly have your panties tied in a knot woman!!!!! U ate not even worth a justification or debate….you an ur sons ate ckearly better off in some bush where u rightfully belong…. did your husband or one of ur babe daddys find sum brown sugar for himself an now its causing u sleepless nights lol STFU LADY U clearly have no idea wwtf u on abt u got hit by the stupid stick and whilst u be praying for ur sons not to cum home with anything other than black or african….the rest of us will b praying that ur worst nightmare prevails peace out hater

  380. Fuck this racist FOOL. I am coloured and can recall my family line. Nb…Black is not always black!

  381. Coloured is the new cool. It’s amazing that opinions like this still exist.

  382. That is the most close-minded, racist and xenophobic article I have ever read, written with primary school grammar. Coloureds have thrived, despite “having no identity” and “having no manners” and have always had a vibrant community and joie de vivre. Crime isn’t exclusive to coloureds! Maybe if the author pulled her head out of her backside she’d realise we’re now in the 21st century. It would be good if her kids don’t marry at all. That would terminate her genes, and God knows the world doesn’t need any close-minded xenophobes these days.
    For the record, I’m not coloured and I will marry a coloured person. My kids will be coloured, loved and have more manners than the author’s generations combined!

  383. Its so terrible that people in our society are still racist, especially after 20 years of democracy. Lady don’t judge all coloured women because let me tell you something in case you didn’t know this. Some White, black and Indian women are exactly the same. I’m not saying “crass” or “ratchet” no. I’m saying loud and yes getting jobs as “SECRETARIES” or “MAKE-UP GIRLS”. Its all about being a LADY and how a lady chooses to behave. I’ve seen some coloured women behave better than white women. Sweetie Pie I am the product of a beautiful, strong, independent COLOURED WOMAN and an Indian father and am extremely successful at what I do. People like you irritate me going around saying such vile things. It just shows how narrow minded you are. How can this country possibly move forward if we have people like you in it. I actually feel sorry for you because one day you might just lose two of the most important things in your life because of that narrow little mind of yours. Be careful

  384. Sit down and shut up! You know nothing of coloured women! I am coloured woman and the mother of a coloured woman and your article clearly shows you do not know us. So shut up and focus on raising your sons to be men of integrity, non-judgemental human beings (unlike their twisted mother).

  385. I am sure Hitler would love you!

  386. Bonkers.

  387. Judging by the first grade literary mistakes this bitch makes, I give this article no merit. Hope to God your sons don’t bring home a future son in law before you worry about the ethnic make up of the person he loves.

  388. This is just rude, uncouth, uneducated, insensitive, ignorant, malicious and all other words I cannot think of just yet. I take it with a smile though because I know what people mean to me and what others’ content and my own content is. And this is fallace!
    Tjup and thank you 🙂 you are Loved hurt beloved

  389. This is just bizarre and ignorant!

  390. great should be greet, learn to spell.

  391. racist bigot!

  392. What an ignorant, racist, stereotypical, disgraceful article: but then again, look at where the writer has been raised, and look at who governs her country–Robert Mugabe, the most selfish psychotic suppose to be President, She should be ashamed and angry at her president for the abuse that he is putting his own “black” women through. Use your writing ability for the em-betterment of our already messed up world. As a mother, be careful that your sons’ don’t choose their wives and take a hike to live in another country where you will never see them or your grandchildren ever. Chances are, they will be women of another race.

  393. And why does your name not appear you racist idiot!

  394. Kenpachi The Third

    I feel like you a complete idiot and your sons are not worthy of a good wife (be it whatever race). Well quite frankly, my opinion to your stupidity, is if this is your way of thinking, (painting each human being of the same race/ethnicity with the same paint brush) then you are way too narrow minded. Friendly advice, stay in your own world, no one cares about your opinion and I’m assuming, because you wrote an internet article on your feelings and thoughts, that you lacking attention. Work on yourself darling, you’ll never last in the real world.

  395. Racist much

  396. But wait!!!

    There’s more!!!

    She speaks ENGLISH!!!

    Oh my…the Language of the White Woman :O

    How hypocritical of her…to use the language and technology of the White Woman but to enforce racism upon her children…

  397. She wants to talk about colored women who don’t know themselves but does she recognize herself because she is wearing white /colored hair.. Why desire to look like them and wear their clothes type instead of your traditional outfits and your own crusty/ kroes hair.. Maybe you should just be yourself and stop trying to hide behind the white/colored/Indian hair than her sons won’t have to find women who has hair like the mothers fake hair.

  398. As a 21 year old, COLOURED FEMALE, I must say that I was absolutely dumbfounded by this woman’s futile attempts to justify her obvious racism. As a psychology student (at one of South Africa’s prominent universities) I see this woman as one who is trying to protect her children- but from what exactly? Personal experiences shape our perception of the world and in child-rearing parents are often likely to pass their fears onto their children, ensuring that they do not meet the same fate. I can only imagine the gut-wrenching and immense fear that this woman feels at the mere thought of being called “Jane” instead of “Mama”. The fear must have been so great that she was prompted to vilify an entire population, 8.9% to be exact (statistics pertain to South Africa only).

    On a serious note though, the author states that we coloured people are “confused” , “do not know where they come from” and are “ticking-time bombs”. I am African. This very Continent is my birthplace, and I belong the same human race (homo sapiens) that black Zimbabweans do. I understand, fully well, where I come from and who I am, without having to trace my geneaology. As a human being I was taught to respect other human beings (clearly a foreign concept to the author).

    Perhaps the author should abscond from her writing career and immerse herself in Anthropological studies (the study of human life and culture in varying environments) which would be highly beneficial in terms of enriching ones quality of life, especially if one is a cyber-bully.

    Her evidence is unsubstantiated and her argument is fallacious. I do hope that the author has an opportunity to read my comment so that my advice is not for naught. SAY NO TO IGNORANCE!! 🙂

  399. Im not demeaning your opinion dear author but lets go back to kindergarten for just a second. White is a color, black is a color, red is a color, yellow is a color. So be clear and honest what colors do you think are unsuitable for your sons? You do realize you sound very much like a Separatist, in this case a Black Separatist. I dont care how you color coat it your opinion is just as racist as the KKK. Hosever I dk support your right to your opinion, even if it is narrow-minded at best. I pray and hope your boys marry whoever they want , despite color, and you get a bunch of healthy and happy mixed race babies. I understand you are only 25, but come back to us in 25 yrs, when youve grown up a bit more , and let us know if you still feel the same way. Personally im proud of my mutt babies who have white, black and red in them. Kinda hard to be racist when you have mixed colors in yoir lineage, not impossible, but less common.

  400. This comes from a woman who don’t know that the plural form of daughter-in-law and she has the audacity to spew such filth. I am proudly coloured and wish you could experience the authenticity and richness of the coloured culture. We are a race that have so much love and laughter that is an innate part of us. Yes, we have our bad apples like every other race, but to make blanket statements like this shows ignorance and prejudice. May God bless you.

  401. I thought the article was her sons not marying WHITE or COLOURED. The fact that the rest of it is about coloured womens shows that this woman had a not so pleasant encounter with a coloured woman, perhaps something to do with boyfriend issues.

  402. You should learn how to spell properly before you start writing garbage. At least I will know that I must GREET my mother-in-law instead of GREAT her … can’t even read the rest of your puke.

  403. This is a blatant racist article that has been posted and forwarded all over Africa if not the world. This vagina is clearly gonna teach her boys to be racists…. OH good that’s all we need is more racist’s…. Lady people like you should not reproduce at all, let alone have an opinion on a public forum. Do yourself a favour go back to Zim, and ask Mugabe for a racist hand. You reaping the benefits of MY COUNTRY where coloured, black , white , indian and many more have carved MY COUNTRY with blood, sweat and tears. …. P.S Go fuck yourself. With love from little old COLOURED me.

  404. The font is offensive!

  405. I agree with some of the points being analysed, it’s pertinent and has its foundations in historical cultural development. Like whites think they’re better than blacks (colourds, Indians, Africans and Chinese) colourds were privileged over Africans as a strategy to divide and rule (the peaceful, non-rebellious colourds) contributed very little, if any, to the struggle – a handful of colourds are politically containerised, the rest keep the Western Cape a white colony since Van Riebeeck landed here, nothing has changed, whites own 90% of the land and businesses in the Western cape. I can not really tolerate colourds, more so female ones. They are basically dances, derived from coons. These coloured females with tinted western coloured hair (a copy of a white ghost) deprived of sunlight and blood, choose to emulate their white slave masters. When you visit them for a drink, they clear the floor for a dance, you have to dance to prove yourself a genuine coloured. Although the lower classes are crude and crass, slurring drunks, the middle class colourds represent the hindrance to the struggle, the are too safe and secured by the system and refuse to sacrifice their middle class comforts and honour their white bosses wishes. In any event, we need to acknowledge the inadequacies and dysfunction of the coloured people, they are very much mentally enslaved and the disgust of the world, giving power to the minority white

  406. first of all you are welcome to have your opinions but I think you rather keep them to yourself. The people in South Africa meaning all our past ancestors from all different races did not fight in the struggle for you to criticise and hate on other races. It’s really disgusting how you think. Racist people need to change their thinking because in heaven there are many and all different races.I know people of all different races who behave in the manner you are describing so it’s wrong to stereotype. My family is a real rainbow south African mix with all races and we all love each other. Love for your children should be unconditional and not based on what you want them to do. You will only push them away if you do that.

  407. substitute ‘white’ for black and see how racist this rubbish is! “bold enough to write about it” but not bold enough to put your name on it!

  408. This lady clearly doesnt know any coloured people

  409. This is the biggest load of garbage I’ve ever read in my life. Mxm.

  410. Sorry for my language but her mother’s p@#s, and she can ask a coloured woman what does that mean….

  411. Why would you post an article like this? Have you learnt nothing from Nelson Mandela? I pray and hope God opens your heart. Somebody who has the privilege of speaking to many people on such a platform should try and help others, not put them down.

  412. LOLs this person uses “her opinion” to denigrate coloured people. Her inanae rant starts about white and coloured women, then just becomes about coloureds. All races in RSA have rowdy elements, not just one particular race.

  413. LMAO!!!! This is hillarious! Not only am I third or fourth generation coloured, I am also highly educated. I also do not match any of the other generalisations, and no I am actually not the exception. It is sad that South Africans still subscribe to such generalisations. Wow! Anyways, may God hear your prayers.
    P.S. Thank you for the really good laugh.

  414. This is the most pathetic article I have ever read! Very ignorant and racist. I just couldn’t read all of it. Yes, you have your own prejudiced opinions, but it doesn’t make such opinions right. Why was this article posted in the first place??

  415. This ladies opinion as she calls it is disgusting. Who gives her the right to judge us as colored women. I may be a mixed breed but I have morals and a sense of respect that she will never have. My mother raised me to respect people older than me so I will always respect them. She taught me to love my neighbour just as much as I love myself no matter their gender or race. I will never speak down at the next person or even be little them. We learned our lessons the hard way in life and I am grateful for that. I am a hard working mother who a part from falling pregnant in college(colored style according to this writers standards) managed to get my diploma in journalism that year. I worked my butt off to get to top management in my company and I am now also studying for my degree part time. I am just an example of many of the colored hard working women out there. Whether they work in a factory or as CEO of a company we earn a honest living. I will not insult her culture as my mother raised me well. I will not disrespect her by telling her exactly what I think of her because my colored mother will be disgusted in me. I do however feel deeply sorry for her poor sons as their cultured grandmother clearly failed at her job to have raised a self centred person such as their mother. I am a proud colored woman you refuse to feel offended by this woman. I have a heritage and I have a culture according to our standards not yours. We are colored and we are blessed beyond measure. You are sad “aunty whoever” We will pray for you that’s how our colored mother and grans raised us seeing that you feel the father’s of coloureds are all AWOL.

  416. Hahaha she is so ignorant and close minded… poor poor woman, I pray for your sons dear… that THEY may find peace knowing that their mother is such a shame to humanity, you do not deserve to have become a mother and you are a terrible role model.

  417. I can’t fathom how discriminating and stereotypical a person can be. Obviously, you aren’t very educated and tremendously naive. This is exactly what is wrong with humans.

  418. This article is stupid. Educated, classy women come in all shapes, sizes and colours. My father always wanted me to marry a coloured man and STAY AWAY from white or black men. Over time he accepted my white husband for who he is…for his character and the way he treats me. Yes there will always be cultural differences to overcome in interracial marriage but to generalise just shows great ignorance.

  419. if you want to be called “MAMA” by your grandchildren – then you should act like the “black person” you are, like your mother and grandmother = stop pretending to be who you are not = one that is born in the kraal should stay in the kraal .

  420. And Miss South Africa is a Coloured…Mama K eat your heart out

  421. The problem is that all the old people that were living in the dark era are still here. They need to go and leave the younger people alone. Black, white, orange, tall, short, slim, heavy – doesn’t matter. We get along fine, but when older people force their views and opinions that are outdated on the rest of us – then you get what you see now. Stop changing the children to hate each other, by default children play with everyone. After a few years listening to the parents “wisdom”, well then things aren’t so simple anymore, are they?

  422. Miss South Africa. Beautifull coloured girl from Eldorado Park. Need I say more??

  423. LOL. I don’t think Coloured females will be pulling out their natural hair just because of
    your rejection of them.
    On the topic, there are some people out there who disparage Mixed race people but the truth is that generally Black Africans and White Europeans expose their un-humaneness and ungodliness by mating lustfully then neglecting their responsibility. White men coerced or manipulate Black women to open their legs then after copulating ran off with their tale between their legs. What kind of MAN does that?

    So the shame of your actions, both Black And White RESTS SQUARELY ON YOU, YOUR RACE AND YOUR ANCESTORS.

    Lastly it’s obvious that the Writer is angry because in her experience generally Coloureds
    seem drawn more to their Whiteness rather than their Blackness. My experience has shown that its actually Black folk and less White who are race conscious and more likely to judge so called Coloureds.

  424. Question LOL are Blacks free in South Africa?

    Thats the joke of the world. Black people were GIVEN this country back after the Invader raped it and left its pantry empty, AFTER PRESSURE FROM OUTSIDE OF SA.

    I hear daily of Black Folk going on like they are the only ones who contributed to so called liberation and they use this as an excuse to grab everything and even use their influence to disparage Coloured Folk. NOT COOL OR MATURE FOR ANY RACE.


    If you have a problem with Coloured look at one of the most popular of them all, Nelson Mandela….

  425. LOL what is the REAL ISSUE HERE. I recall once how a Zimbabwean Lady tried to kiss me (long story) and how Disgusting the experience was. I brushed her off of course…

  426. I’m glad she is not my mother. US Zimbabweans are so full of ourselves sometimes, we like to think that we are clever and intelligent but looking at the state of our country, I do not see any intelligence or cleverness. I really hate this about my people. so full of goat shit, NHOKO! If you are so clever fix your damn country so that your children do not get born under a paper bag full to the brim with human excrement.

  427. well if we are time bombs it might be that people like you would set it off.
    yes you’re opinion matters but only to you. People like you cause separation in a Nation better yet a world. where every person see another as a human being and not separated from there culture.

  428. It is what it is.

    Stop trying to control your son’s lives and just be a good mum,many people are raised different and some may not have fathers but some times it’s better of that way makes them stronger in life and that means their mum is a strong lady, not every one is lots to the world and in a fad place. The world is mixed and beautiful already love who you love and be happy.not every one is ratchet or a drunk and as a mixed second generation South African I disapprove what your saying as a mother.

  429. It is what it is...!!!

    Stop trying to control other peoples lives let your son’s love who they want black ,white mixed who cares as long as their happy keep this up and your only push them away, the world has changed as a 3rd generation mixed South African raised with out a father only made me into a stronger women thanks to my mother, I’m not ratchet or a drunk. So stop putting labels on things that your not happy with in life. The world is mixed with all kinds of people not one race.fix up missy

  430. Lutho Mandela-Hopa

    This lady is making so many dumb generalisations and using stereotypes through out this whole reflection piece/article of hers. I like what one of the ladies said earlier that she hopes for her sake they bring home coloured boys…(LOL)!

  431. Geez… What have mixed race people ever done to you? People aren’t they way they are because of tone of their skin. That is shaped by their experiences and circumstances in life. You can not just write off an entire people just on a few encounters you might have came across. If it were me, I’d rather assess the character of the individual in question.

    What if one or even both of your boys are gay?

  432. This lady is stupid childish racist and as all the things people shouldnt have to live in a world of freedom and equality. why would you people allow her to post this? I would slap u senseless for what you said , im not even going to say anything further because clearly you not a educated person if you saying things like this……..

  433. First of all, you spelled wouldn’t wrong.

    Secondly, I am a proudly South African coloured woman. I am a journalist, not a secretary. I have a Degree, a car that I pay for and I pay my own rent. I am also dating a black man.

    There are thousands of stories such as mine throughout the country. Don’t make ignorant statements when you obviously don’t know a thing about my culture.

  434. First of all, you spelled wouldn’t wrong.

    Secondly,I am a proudly South African coloured woman. I am a journalist, not a secretary. I have a Degree, a car that I pay for and I pay own rent. I am also dating a black man.

    There are thousands of stories like mine throughout the country. Do not make ignorant statements when you obviously know nothing about my culture.

    Thank you and please don’t delete it this time 🙂

  435. Well done for having the courage of your convictions. You voice what many of us in the southern hemisphere observe to be true. Many of the responses below adhere entirely to the characteristics you draw. I, for one, am in agreement with you.

  436. Bongile Magalela

    well am sure not every coloured girl out there is like what you described out there the whole race can not be that bad that can never happen. Secondly there are black ratchets girls out there so instead of trying to glorify the black race or white race about morals and up bringing just generalize and not mention any race because you sound RACIST

  437. I like this, freedom of expression, no harm meant just her opinion, i respect it although its a bitter pill to swallow. well laid out. No need to vent against her, coz someone from a different race, color or ethnicity will flip the coin against not wanting son or daughterr to marry black, caucasian, white etecera.

  438. This is a heated debate hey. You guys are diverting the issue and throwing in silly racial political remarks. The article is passing a general remark about colored people. In my opinion, there are colored people who are like that as mentioned, but there are also worse black people who behave as if they were born in the western worlds and manners don’t even exist in their behavioral vocabulary. If you look at it from another angle a colored mother would also pray for her daughter not marry other black dudes who commit robberies and so forth. So i think every race has its own defaults.

  439. Lago Xsanga choose your words carefully when speaking about God! You are stating some facts, some opinions, some hatred comments and disgust against coloured people but at the end of the day you are just a really angry and bitter soul inside which probably imploded due to rejection form either coloured or white woman or possibly the world rejected you. Every race has had struggles of their own in some sort of way. Not all battles are won with the sword or fists. You dont have to be barbaric or animal like to be a overcomer. Studies has proven that certain hatred towards others reflects upon the hatred you have towards urself. Maybe its not the coloureds or the whites you hate so disgustingly but yourself? Take a minute to think about that. Then take another few hours to realize what a idiot you are. True whites do own most businesses and land. Before whites came all you knew how to build was straw or bamboo houses. Are you currently living in a straw or bamboo house, or are living in a house the white man designed and built to shelter you? Dnt even get me started on Mugabe? His a cartoon character in a cheap suit playing hitler. Zuma corrupted our country and our land. Because of his actions and lack there of the world laughs at us with disgust. Townships still experience poverty and starvation due to failure of the government who are lining there pockets and their families pockets while they are still in power. The current governement leaders are the ones raping the country and the land and the people of growth and prosperity. Grow up take a moment to seek some freakn inner councilling.

  440. the minute we separate the human race into sub-groups and attempt to paint all members of one group with the same brush we become the reason why there are so many problems in world. If you are not too careful you may end up raising young Black Hitlers. After reading that article, few women – black, white, colored or otherwise – will have any desire to marry your sons! So don’t worry, JANE your sons will not be marrying colored women, or any women for that matter! As a Black African woman, I plan to marry a man who was raised to value ALL human life, regardless of racial or cultural differences.

  441. Then why do black men have the highest incidences of sex crimes against
    women?In fact,Nyanga,a black township is the murder capital of SA and
    the rape capital of the Western Cape.The most recent serial rapist and
    killer from the Western Cape. was a black security guard from
    Gugulethu.Also,check the list of the 11 deadliest serial killers and rapists in South Africa,all black except one.

  442. ‘The lady doeth protest too much me thinks’. Author the volume and tenor of response clearly indicates that you have hit a nerve. In my opinion this is because what you say is largely true. I repeat largely, as opposed to wholly. Again I applaud you for having the courage of your convictions. And frankly what you say obtains to many other communities that have arisen as a result of the conquest, exploitation, division and inequality that have unfortunately been and remain the characteristic of white interaction with much of the rest of the world. Black Americans, Black South Africans, Native Americans, Black British, Aborigines, Inuits, I could go on…. All share certain characteristics as a result either of being a by-product or a target of successful white domination, subjection, exploitation and focused self-alienation campaigns. These characteristics include comparatively poor educational and professional attainment, comparatively high levels of substance abuse and addiction, comparatively high levels of family breakdown with attendant domestic violence and abuse, poor self esteem and associated violent interactions within their own groups and against others . Africans and Asians in a broader sense will not be far behind in falling into these characteristics too if we continue to give in wholesale to western cultural norms that promote individual aggrandisement and uncontrolled consumption, at the cost of the collective good and community focused enrichment. It is understandable that as a mother the author wishes her children to spare themselves from cleaving to such complicated and tragic histories.

  443. Xsanga, you need to repent. God forgive your convictions that make you what you are. Its because of people like you that make the world an unsafe haven for all.

  444. Don’t worry I don’t think any coloured women would want to marry your son anyway we don’t have such low standards

  445. I would say Ignorant but STUPID is more fun, I would say Racist but naah STUPID will suffice yet again. its a damn shame you had to use a picture a beautiful coloured girl as a poster for your narcissistic article. Hopefully your picture will one day be used when highlighting the definition of STUPID!

  446. I’m would pray that no woman black, white or coloured would be so cursed as to have a mother-in-law as ignorant as you…

  447. Dearest, you got it all wrong whatever you have experienced in your life with coloured women is not of any ones problem but our own. You need to take a look at yourself because all those traits you are painting coloured women to be is just a reflection of who you really are deep inside. You are bitter with yourself and therefor bitter with everyone that is not of your race and we call that racism. In every race there are people of your caliber and it is sad. I pray that God will not make your sons stubborn and bring you the women you don’t want in your life, if anything God will give them what they need and not what they want or what you want. It is obvious you are not a God fearing women, and i hope your in-laws love you for who you really are. lose your pride, let your son love who they want them because not all african women have respect like you want them, take yourself for example. Im a God fearing, respectable coloured women who values people and know where the line is drawn when it comes to people and their feelings, my inlaws are not coloured they are black and i love them very much and they love me. So sorry girls because you are going to get exactly what you don’t want, life goes that way. Proudly Coloured…

  448. Ridiculous and frankly fucking racist

  449. Your son’s will defiantly miss out a lot !!! You on the other side ,you need Jesus in your life. you say you pray, but you are so bitter, I am a PROUD south African Colored . May God have mercy on your soul.
    Gaan laat lees jou kop!!!

  450. I lived in South Africa for a year and became a bit of an expert on girls. There are some crazy coloureds in the likes of Eldorado Park. One turned up for a date really drunk but said she would make it up to me by having a threesome with her friend which I duly accepted. But I dated some really nice ones too. But some black (and white) girls fitted the writers description too!! So you cant stereotype just on race.

  451. When I worked in South Africa I found coloured girls were more passionate and made more noise during sex than black girls and were generally better in that department 🙂

  452. This is just a bullsh*t article. Kune vazukuru, at least munoziva kuti dzimwe hama dzenyu dzine low self esteem, varegerereiwo.

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