Why you Must Not Marry Any Zimbabwe Woman Who is Older Than 25

I realized I could never devote myself, as a faithful husband, to a woman who wasted the prettiest years of her life before she met me.

If you meet your wife when she’s older than around 23 or 24:

You are eating someone else’s cold leftovers, then doing their dishes.

You are showing up to a party after everyone has left and cleaning up after them.

You are getting into a taxi and paying the fare of the person who got out before you.

You are taking the nearly expired milk to the grocery store counter and offering to pay double for it.

You are paying the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price  for a used car.

You are letting someone sext with your girl, then paying his phone bill for him.

Your friend has sex with a prostitute, then after he enjoys the fruits you pay the bill and get throw in jail for

You are part of a street fight where a guy gets a few good punches in, and the opponent punches YOU for retaliation, not him.

You are paying for someone’s credit card bill full of reckless spending and partying that you never got to enjoy.

You are outbidding everyone on an eBay product by thousands of dollars.

You are trying to unclog somebody else’s clogged toilet.

You are watching somebody shake a hornets nest, then getting stung as he runs away unscathed.

You see someone chug a beer, then drink the bitter teaspoon of ass beer at the bottom of the can.

You are letting someone eat all the creme filling from a box of Oreos, then pay full price for the bland chocolate wafers.

A girl who refuses to get married young is offering a raw deal. She is vastly overvaluing her product, and undervaluing your time and money.

Marriage only makes sense for a man when a girl’s prime years of beauty and fertility are upfront payment for a lifetime of loving masculine support. Men rationally know this.

Is it any wonder, then, that as females are delaying marriage longer, they are finding less willing men?
Youthful arrogance is the yellow brick road to spinsterhood.

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  1. This is an attention seeking author desperately seeking attention! Hameno akakuramba ari over 25 lolest Hilarious. The great news is no one will force you to marry who you don’t want to. If 25 is your cut off age good for you. You know what you want. I’ve been a brides maid about 3 times (Zimbo couples) and the brides ages ranged from 22 to 39 so that shows that Zimbabwean Mens preference is as diverse as the men themselves!

    • @Zva, thank u for labelling this monster appropriately. such a nerve. Quote me thus ” I WILL GET MARRIED WHEN I WANT…” No force, and the older, the better. and anyway,the available men beyond that are widowers and divorcees, so what is the fuss???????

  2. Utter rubbish. The ramblings of a fool. The divorce rate in Zimbabwe for people who married in their early 20s is shocking because the regret is so high. Many young couples realise in their thirties that they made a terrible mistake…. That they should have “gone around the world twice” so to speak before choosing a life long partner. And once the children come , unfortunately you can not swallow them back. They are there to stay. And as a woman, one is expected to stay at home while the block goes to “amainini” who is 21. So I say to all women out there, take your time, have a bucket list and go through it before you settle down to years of regret and men like this degenerate.

  3. This a is just so mean,

    • The problem with us Zimbabwean men we believe women are objects or accessories. Far from it. They are our equal humans. Why didn’t you measure men using the same scale? Please come to western world then you know how far you are lost. The only thing which makes you have all that stupid mind is household income. Here men and women have income. You leave her and she will have far better life that she had with you. Men without their women are so valueless kutoita sedzisisimo.
      My first experience with liberal girls was so mind opening. A group of friends went out and the next day one of the girls came to me boasting that ‘last night she slept with so and so, yeh! I got him, with all his big headed personality.’ I was so surprised to hear that from a girl. But after that I reflected on how men does the same and there is nothing wrong with it. I realised that the game has changed and from then I have been busy running away from being done by girls. kkkkk

      • paonei if only more men wud see things the way you do, th article above wud neve have been penned in th first place

  4. Johnso weku Mbare

    Very stupid article and a very weird way of thinking.From which planet is this zombie coming from ?

  5. it sounds mean, and expressed a bit arrogantly, but u cant deny the writer has a point, several good points actually. i agree with him that a woman who is past her prime has ‘mileage’ on her biological clock. she wasnt celibate either, so as a man, why do i have to be dick number 49 tasting your honeypot, after actually marrying you, when the other 48 got it for free? in this day of women empowerment and bla blah, women can keep telling themselves they want to do things and sleep around as a right before they marry, but as a man my reason for marrying is exactly the same with that of my grandfather a 100 years back. so why should i be cleaning at an afterparty i ddnt enjoy?
    obviously women get offended and old single women will complain the most here. but its true. what were u doing in ur prime? your season is over!

    • Why do you sound so angry like the author. If you want a virgin, find one no one is stopping you. Why try to insult and berate women who are over 25? You are one man there are a million more where you came from who don’t think like you. I bake wedding cakes for a living and business is booming from clients of all ages.

      • angry??? really? keep baking them cakes, i hope u get invited to divorce courts too. over 35 yourself? i bet! and single, ooouch….

        • Don’t like to be called out for how you are coming across as? Asi ndatsika konzi? Your post sounds very bitter, reread it and it will become apparent even to you. About my age and marital status, keep betting all you want. I am under no obligation whatsoever to disclose that to you, in the same way that you are under no obligation whatsoever to marry a 25 and beyond. Find what works for you without trying insult other people because in the end posts like yours only show us more about you than the people you are trying to demean. It really is that simple!

          • you sound more bitter. batting for a losing team? we now know more about you and your marital status, thanx.

          • Reverse psychology won’t work this time. I can see right through your posts. You’ve been caught out for being bitter and now you want to pass your label on to someone else. Keep knowing about me and my status lol, whatever makes you feel better. Losing team? What are you talking about? Who died and made you the referee? Lol. That’s the core of your problem as I’ve said before focus on yourself and let go the need to control other people then you can be like the rest of us who don’t find the need to lash out at random people on public discussion pages.

          • for someone who bakes wedding cakes for a living you sound far too human. dont worry honey, even if only over 50s marry u will still be in business. bitter people…anyone can see who is more bitter here. but keep saying so, you may end up convincing yourself. shame!!

          • Did u marry a Virgin yourself iwe Pakunetsa? Or what was your dick# into her,or do u know at all? Sies,some men are just so shallow minded that l begin to wonder if u are real

          • Lieutenant Kadhafi

            I think ndiwe wevamwe vatir kutaura zvibhanz zvakadyiwa cream yese kkkkkkkkk unozodyeiwo ipapo hwahwa hwese hwamwiwa kwangosara masese

        • pandinetsa une shavi chete iwe

          • rekureva chokwadika? ehe.

          • Pandinetsa. You sound angry and very combative. The type of guy a lot of women regret ending up with. Your woman, if tou have one is probably really mousy and earns way less if nothing at all. I bet you wouldn’t know how to handle a different kind. A woman that earned more. And was more educated.

    • Chinonetsa ndechekuti varume vanofunga kuti havapfuure prime but zvakangofanana. Vanoto sleep around ndovarikutochata nemafuza akaita semi who get a kick from insulting women on social media. Hapana asingachembere and hapana asiri used goods. Get over your issues nevakadzi vamuinawo in your lives and musaratidze zvamuri by venting on social media, sies man.

    • Pandinetsa why is it okay for you boys to not be virgins and go sleeping around, by the time you’re all done with your sex marathons what makes you think there will be enough virgins left got all of you to marry. I am a happily married female and very glad I married at 28. My husband and I share mutual respect and I did not wait so I can screw hundreds of men, I simply wanted someone who loved me and I love them me back.

    • “what were u doing in ur prime?”

      Finding out what you actually want in life and trying things, so you don’t get married at 19 just to get divorced at 24? For example?

      Anyway, this whole thing would make some sense if there was some social guarantee of lifelong marriage (and respect, and fidelity, and so on), but it’s not there. So instead of risking to be spinsters, the women who marry very young risk being “single and seeking; divorced” (maybe with kids). Well, not really an improvement.

      Men who value youth so much are usually those who marry a 19 years old and divorce her ten years later to marry another 19 years old.

      “after actually marrying you, when the other 48 got it for free?”

      The most important thing is, that normal people don’t get married to “get” something (like sex or money) but because they love each other and want to share life. The award for getting married should be “sharing life with my beloved spouse, and having everything nicely official and organized and no bureocratic problem”, not “to get access to vagina”.
      If this is what you want, then I must warn you, marriage will generally cost you more money than simply going to brothels.

      • In the event of divorce, the man must pay out the ex wife in FULL. So if a msn is gonna marry, then why risk paying upto 50000US$ in divorce foe an old hen.

    • Lieutenant Kadhafi

      Thts the point most of our frieds here are missing. Sure yu cnt settle for munhu anzwa zvake nekukwadabvurwa. Yangu yeroora haibudi zvekumhanya lol. Kana pakapfuura nevanhu 50 vakasiya mileage yakuvhara ini hangu ndini ndingazodii.Cream yese inenge yadyiwa nemakoronyera then yu settle for chibhanzi chakacheneruka kunge mpimbira une mbare

    • Makapusa zvakafanana nedzubvrand rekwenyu. Can u tell me how many pots of honey u tasted before u settle for 21yr old? Panodokunetsa shuwa.


  7. A factless and bitter author! Mxm. N facts at all. All experiences are unique too bad yours was fateful

  8. Dont be so bitter people, you ll expose yourself.
    1. Marriage is much more than just the few years of youthful vigour of early 20s. I doubt if the writer is married, if he is, he must be recently married.
    2. Most ladies want to get married young but guys just don’t propose. Just want bangs.
    3. To those guys & ladies that push career above everything else, then don’t sleep around. reserve your best for marriage.
    4. Guys too get wasted…getting married with pot bellies, late 30s ailments & too many memories of past sexpriences.
    5. Bottom line……..be fair to each other boys & girls. Don’t take advantage.

  9. i agree with the ladies here…this is a very stupid article
    if you are marrying a woman under 25…you are marrying a girl who doesnt know what she wants
    you are marrying a girl who has a 99% of cheating on you
    you are marrying a girl who will treat you like S**T
    i know a lot of couples who got married when the wife was too young…and believe me all those marriages are now on the rocks, with some already divorced.
    get your facts right
    age doesnt mean anything
    people have found love in their 40s…50s…60s…but the 30s are the best
    you talk about having someone’s vormit or left overs…well clearly you know nothing about WOMEN, LIFE and let me stress again WOMEN!!!!!!!

    • obviously neither do u. finding love isnt the debate here. its about cleaning after others. 25 is too young for marriage? but what – 40? what are u – a dinosaur? wish you the best when u marry the 50yr old woman…

      • so your point is that every woman above 25 is a whore? or has slept with so many people that they are used goods? maybe the ones you have met. because the ladies who run in my circle are not going around sleeping with every guy they meet. and by the way, i am not a dinasaur, am depending my older sisters who are not sleeping around, who are not used goods…who to me are waiting to meet the right guy. as for you…you probable had an experience with a woman who was off the street such that being with her was like doing it with a tin!

      • cleaning what ?? really

    • i just liked on the part u said ”age is nothing” you can have some1 who is over 25 and stil treats u like s**t so either u get married married in ur 20s or 40s hazvina basa izvo. chakakosha is to get married not by mistake but nekunzwakuda kuroora. musaroorane by chance or by accident.

    • I really don’t think the point is to insult those who are under 25 as well, otherwise you are acting like the author. People under 25 are not all immature, helpless people who do not know what they want. Women are women and no matter what their age, deserve to be treated well, not judged simply because of their age…

      • sorry if it sounded like i was insulting those under 25. my point really is that whether a woman is under 25 or above, its about the way they care for themselves. nowadays girls/women are sexually active at an early age…so if under or above 25…their age does not define the kind of women they are…that comes from taking care of oneself and loving yourself as a woman. women should not be judged by their age.

  10. Who ever wrote this article is ignorant. Women and men are now losing their virginity at younger ages than that. Times have moved on and so has society. There’s no such thing as left overs because the same principles also apply to men . Woman marrying a man whose had sex before are also marrying left overs! Who ever wrote this must be a son or daughter of a virgin and is probably married to a left over him or herself! His or her kids are probably left overs aswell! They also need to mature because even a 10 year old can come up with a better analysis than this. But then hatisi tese taigona muchikoro.

    • a man can sire kids at 80! a woman is lucky to be pregnant at 45. so yes a woman is under biological pressure to do certain things at a certain age. you are very ignorant iwewe wacho – u failed to understand the leftover concept.

      and who spoke about virginity? pataurwa zera. go back to school please.

      • You mention women’s pressure based on your own assumptions. Which woman in her right mind wants to be having children beyond 45? What youre failing to realise is that life is a very individual journey. Why is that difficult for you to grasp? Those who want kids at 20 go ahead and those who want to have kids later on, all the best. Perhaps what you need to worry about is your need to control women’s ‘biological needs to reproduce before 45’. Some people actually opt to just adopt and not worry about biological timelines, seeing that there are enough aids orphans in our country anyway. Focus on your own life and trying to find that ‘virgin’ you’re after and let women be!! Iwe chirikumbokunetsa chii?

        • women like u comfort themselves in textbook meanings of independence – that i dont want kids at 20, that i have career goals. blah blah. a woman finds true hapiness in raising a family coz that is her calling. anybody who pretends otherwise is trying to convince herself. and anyone else who thinks having a husband and bearing kids is ‘pressure’ is abnormal. that includes you. bviswai madhimoni ayo muite zvamakasikirwa naMwari. dont run away from yourselves…..

          • Your narcistic attitude is disturbing. You can make a sweeping statement about ‘all women’. It’s because of people with your mentality that our country is in the state it is. You simply cannot comprehend that not every one does not perceive things the way you do. Its beyond your comprehension that we all did not grow up in your household and share your values. Time to grow up and worry about your own life because you only frustrate yourself believing that you have the authority to dictate to every woman what our life’s purpose is, because bottom line is you don’t.

          • and what is your purpose, pray tell? promiscuity?? dont answer!!

          • Pamwe ndikataura nerurimi rwaamai unganzwisise. Hazvineyi newe zvandinoita. Iwe wona nezwe mafambiro ehupenyu hwako chete. Ndatenda.

          • u are one sick bastard…feel sorry for the unfortunate woman married to u…your way of thinking is so primitive, u dont know what marriage is all about. u only think its sex and having children…nxaaaa

  11. Only a stupid uneducated fool can come up with this nonsense. Are you not someone’s left over too? Men put such pressure on women to marry young and then they cheat on them. Remember the so called small houses.

  12. The writer is very sick,maybe a woman dumped him and the hatred came into him

    • I think the writer has never actually met a woman, Probably he is nearly 50, impotent and wants to blame women for his short comings 😛

  13. Ignorant prick!!!

  14. Maybe we really need to abolish lobola. The practice leads to these misconceptions!!

  15. I find it interestingly offensive that stupid people like this guy want to sleep around for years with the very same under 25s they will later despise yet when they now want to settle down they want a virgin! Please! Shut up and take a sit!!!

  16. i am disgusted by this man, obviously a man, begotten by a woman who does not respect women. if i choose to remain single, then that’s my business. why r your feathers ruffled? And in any case people have a myriad of reasons why they didn’t get married “BEFORE 25”. I am thirty one, single, loving it and am getting married and giving my man the best years of my life, big up to all the ladies who waited for their prince charming and didn’t let people talking make them rush into early marriages..

    • @nomathamsaqua hauchatororwe iwewe.

      • Not all Zimbabweans were raised with the belief that kurorwa is the “be it all and end all”. I believe in a good quality of life. Kurorwa doesn’t neccesarily guarantee anything. Vanhu vanochata everyday and equally vanhu vanorambana everyday. You’ve got to maximise your life in every way possible and know that the one person responsible for your happiness in this life is you! Everything else is additive. A beautiful house, career, husband and children (children: whether your own or adopted) are the cherry on top, but your happiness begins with you! Bottom line is be happy with whatever you have, its enough for you. Life is not a dress rehearsal.

        • Thanks a lot Zva, read all this and thought wow my dad doesn’t want anyone getting married before 30 he will tell your husband wanna be to go hang!

  17. I can’t believe I just read this article..

  18. Idiot author..

  19. Quite extreme buh in there lies a lot of truth! You found the key my friend. The Bible even says marry your daughters young, so l think you have a valid point though its quite scorching to ignorant men and women who live in the twilight of vain imagination.

  20. This is rubbish and sexism why would you even publish this kind toxic thoughts and poison people. Nxa, Why are you so possessive and think man own girls…we need to deal with this mentality. The person who wrote this is a monster and must be hold accountable and dealt with for such dire and sexist ideas

  21. Ndangoti Tiwonesane

    chimwe chokwadi hachidi munhu uine zvikwereti kana uri kumwedzi. its too hot to handle. unongoona nemacomments kuti uyu she is 40 and single, uyu muface akaroora madam wane 35. uyu she is 30 and still searching…. hasha dzacho dzinongooneka dzega. muface haana kuti regai kuroora munhu ari over 25, hanzi chete unenge uru kusakurwa zvakadyarwa kare. sexist? maybe. arrogant – obvious. true – OBVIOUS!! akamboona a 26 yr old virgin ndiani – saka obvious zve wasvika paprty yapera kare. it doesnt mean you wont enjoy the leftovers, but they are still leftovers. people, get over it, its an uncomfortable truth chete!!!

  22. whatever the topic is, it sure isn’t LOVE

  23. The issue here is not more so abht women but men coz men are the ones who marry and pay lobola. The writer is simply saying why pay for a party u were never allowed to attend or a half baked bread. It wld only be fair if women were the ones paying lobola then u wld understand the demands they wld make before they pay lobola for a Iman. Just imagine how they go through the motion of buying even vegetables, they want them so fresh and hard.

  24. Women: What should every man know about women?

    Unlike in the world of TV and Movies, you aren’t owed a woman simply for being the hero of your own story. Women aren’t prizes for success, or even prizes for participation. They are actually conscious beings with thoughts, emotions, opinions, ideas, and lots of other things besides the parts that fit in lingerie. Recognizing this is the first step toward having a mature adult relationship with a woman.

  25. I have always been upset on other groups and pages when they say you can see the comments from third world countries, well I see one post from third world or can I say under world mindset medieval man who used to see woman as objects for sex. Its all about respect and not marrying for sex or because everyone else is getting married. No one is an expert when it comes to love and marriage each one is their own and let one be their own and no one knows it all. The author even writes like an amateur he needs to study more its almost like rondedzero yatainyora kumagrade 7 ikokoko iwo maform 7 attention seeker or just a sadist. Less willing men huh!!!? really there is nothing like less willing men they are just baby freaks or commitment freaks. Getting married and 19 or can I say kutizira at 19, three kids and 25 and divorced, pro creation for poverty, Instead of writing fun stuff disrespecting woman why don’t you write about how can everyone access condoms and practice safe sex to avoid diseases and child mortality rate which is so high in Africa instead of trying to teach woman to be married at certain ages?? ?? She is 25 and still single who are yo to judge her? what have you done with your life and what have you offered yourself to the world. Do you know what she has been through? Do you know what happened in her life? Some thing just show the way you grew up and the way you were raised.

    • You are very right. Don’t let yourself get upset over other people’s personal problems. In the same way only someone who is disgruntled with their own life and position will ever say ‘you can see comments coming from the third world’ or you can see comments coming from the single ladies or the black people in this forum. Why should someone try to make you feel bad for things about you that they look down upon, but you yourself have no issues with?

      I happen to know that I have a better standard of living in the 3rd world, where I am than many people in the developed world (thats i have visited extensively), so for me this is working very well. Those who try to put you down have their own insecurity issues, cos if they didn’t they wouldn’t be trying to put you down in the first place.

      Look at the psychology behind the behaviour.

  26. I love this author, he is a good writer, i mean just look at the comments!!! The main purpose of doing an article is to get people”s attention on your subject, i just don”t know how realistic he is but some of you have been fooled…..

  27. Pathetic!

  28. Mxm,pass the freaking popcorn…bitter brother who finds solace in dissing open minded sisters….But who cares….duh(rolling my eyes)

  29. What a load of crock. I hope the author spends his days alone and unloved

  30. Thats the problem of writing staff after being cheated by a gitlfriend one probably snatched from a friend…..

  31. That is a silly; shallow-minded; chauvinistic and insulting stereotypical article from a person so bent on displaying the depth of their ignorance and nonsensical perception. Very narcissistic personality; a sure show of mental infringement at its best is what this article shows. The man who speaks should prove he is not used merchandise himself! And what wonders can he flaunt in any household let alone bedroom. I am peeved!!

  32. This is definitely written by a superficial man. All I got to say to this idiotic imp is get your facts straight, marriage is for life and should not be rushed because of age, but wait for the right person who will love you unconditionally. Things have changed, this is not the ice age, younger girls are not necessarily more innocent than the older women. I’d rather be alone than a lifetime of unhappiness, uncertainty and abuse.

  33. 100% correct.

  34. SekaQinisela wase Nkayi

    That is his opinoin so stop attacking him he is right in his own opinion , egwaziweyo izwakala ngokubongolela

    • Some1 said people are losing virginity at a young age – true, the the is marry at young age chete because even girls who are decent if they get to 28 and above mushini unenge wafamba because they meet loads of guys on the way same is true about guys. So by marrying young both sexes means u have been exposed to fewer guys or girls which might help in the relationship. I think the article yanyora zvisirizvo but it had some points

  35. He has some very valid points though….

  36. Betty Mafemera

    This is insane!!!!!??? most men at 25 would have been with so many women. Ladies are actually getting second hand men…who have indulged with so many partners, maybe more than the women at 25 have. Society should change their views kujaidza varume ikoko. Women please open your eyes…if a woman is required to be a virgin why should it not matter for a men to be a virgin as well. This is really disturbing. If it is not that important that a men has been with many women before marriage, why should it matter for women. I hope that science will one day have a way for men to prove their virginity. I think men take advantage of the fact that there is no sign really to show whether one has been with a woman. Stop trying to seem like men are the saints here.

  37. While u are being jokingly correct,my question though is why did u chose to say Zimbabwean women?? Does this only happen in Zimbabwe? Or maybe u have Zimbophobia syndrome?

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