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Wife Basher Clobbers in-Laws

A Chitungwiza man, who bashed his in-laws after they questioned him on why he was assaulting his wife, appeared in court on Wednesday facing three counts of physical abuse.

Adonis Mutsvedu (36), who resides in Zengeza 5, was convicted by Chitungwiza magistrate Mrs Blessing Murwisi for assaulting his father-in-law, brother-in law, as well as his wife.

He had pleaded not guilty to the charges.

For hitting his in-laws, Mutsvedu was slapped with a $100 fine, failure of which he will spend 30 days in jail.

For assaulting his wife, Christine Mutsvedu (28), he was fined $100 and two months in prison, which were wholly suspended on condition that he does not commit the same offence in the next five years.

“I treat bashing your brother-in-law and threatening to kill your father-in-law as one count and all the witnesses confirmed that you committed the offences despite you denying the charges,” said Mr Murwisi.

“Therefore, I warn you to desist from such practices and your moral blameworthy is very high.”

Prosecutor Mr Tendai Katonha proved to the court that on February 23, at around 8am, complainant Mr Ishmael Chiwaka (53), father-in-law to Mutsvedu, was called by his daughter and informed that he was assaulting her.

Mr Chiwaka rushed to his daughter’s house, but failed to locate Mutsvedu.

Mr Chiwaka then followed him to Zengeza 5 Corner Shops.

Mutsvedu produced a knife and threatened to stab Mr Chiwaka.

Later, Mutsvedu’s brother-in-law, Elvis Chiwaka, visited him to inquire why he assaulted his sister, but he became aggressive and assaulted him.

On the third count, the court heard that on February 23, Mutsvedu complained to his wife that she was stingy with food.

He teamed up with his brother and sister to assault his wife using fists and open hands all over her body.

She reported the matter to the police.

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The Herald

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