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I Will Never Forget What a White Man Told Me in #Zimbabwe in 1980

I Will Never Forget What a White Man Told Me in #Zimbabwe in 1980
I have no idea whether the white man I am writing about is still alive or not. He gave me an understanding of what actually happened to us Africans, and how sinister it was, when we were colonized. His name was Ronald Stanley Peters, Homicide Chief, Matabeleland, in what was at the time Rhodesia. He was the man in charge of the case they had against us, murder. I was one of a group of ANC/ZAPU guerillas that had infiltrated into the Wankie Game Reserve in 1967, and had been in action against elements of the Rhodesian African rifles (RAR), and the Rhodesian Light Infantry (RLI). We were now in the custody of the British South Africa Police (BSAP), the Rhodesian Police. I was the last to be captured in the group that was going to appear at the Salisbury (Harare) High Court on a charge of murder, 4 counts.
‘I have completed my investigation of this case, Mr. Bopela, and I will be sending the case to the Attorney-General’s Office, Mr. Bosman, who will the take up the prosecution of your case on a date to be decided,’ Ron Peters told me. ‘I will hang all of you, but I must tell you that you are good fighters but you cannot win.’
‘Tell me, Inspector,’ I shot back, ‘are you not contradicting yourself when you say we are good fighters but will not win? Good fighters always win.’
‘Mr. Bopela, even the best fighters on the ground, cannot win if information is sent to their enemy by high-ranking officials of their organizations, even before the fighters begin their operations. Even though we had information that you were on your way, we were not prepared for the fight that you put up,’ the Englishman said quietly. ‘We give due where it is to be given after having met you in battle. That is why I am saying you are good fighters, but will not win.’
Thirteen years later, in 1980, I went to Police Headquarters in Harare and asked where I could find Detective-Inspector Ronald Stanley Peters, retired maybe. President Robert Mugabe had become Prime Minster and had released all of us….common criminal and freedom-fighter. I was told by the white officer behind the counter that Inspector Peters had retired and now lived in Bulawayo. I asked to speak to him on the telephone. The officer dialed his number and explained why he was calling. I was given the phone, and spoke to the Superintendent, the rank he had retired on. We agreed to meet in two days time at his house at Matshe-amhlophe, a very up-market suburb in Bulawayo. I travelled to Bulawayo by train, and took a taxi from town to his home.
I had last seen him at the Salisbury High Court after we had been sentenced to death by Justice L Lewis in 1967. His hair had greyed but he was still the tall policeman I had last seen in 1967. He smiled quietly at me and introduced me to his family, two grown up chaps and a daughter. Lastly came his wife, Doreen, a regal-looking Englishwoman. ‘He is one of the chaps I bagged during my time in the Service. We sent him to the gallows but he is back and wants to see me, Doreen.’ He smiled again and ushered me into his study.
He offered me a drink, a scotch whisky I had not asked for, but enjoyed very much I must say. We spent some time on the small talk about the weather and the current news.
‘So,’ Ron began, ‘they did not hang you are after all, old chap! Congratulations, and may you live many more!’ We toasted and I sat across him in a comfortable sofa. ‘A man does not die before his time, Ron’ I replied rather gloomily, ‘never mind the power the judge has or what the executioner intends to do to one.’
‘I am happy you got a reprieve Thula,’, Ron said, ‘but what was it based on? I am just curious about what might have prompted His Excellency Clifford Du Pont, to grant you a pardon. You were a bunch of unrepentant terrorists.’
‘I do not know Superintendent,’ I replied truthfully. ‘Like I have said, a man does not die before his time.’ He poured me another drink and I became less tense.
‘So, Mr. Bopela, what brings such a lucky fellow all the way from happy Harare to a dull place like our Bulawayo down here?’
‘Superintendent, you said to me after you had finished your investigations that you were going to hang all of us. You were wrong; we did not all hang. You said also that though we were good fighters we would not win. You were wrong again Superintendent; we have won! We are in power now. I told you that good fighters do win.’
The Superintendent put his drink on the side table and stood up. He walked slowly to the window that overlooked his well-manicured garden and stood there facing me.
‘So you think you have won Thula? What have you won, tell me. I need to know.’
‘We have won everything Superintendent, in case you have not noticed. Every thing! We will have a black president, prime minister, black cabinet, black members of Parliament, judges, Chiefs of Police and the Army. Every thing Superintendent. I came all the way to come and ask you to apologize to me for telling me that good fighters do not win. You were wrong Superintendent, were you not?’
He went back to his seat and picked up his glass, and emptied it. He poured himself another shot and put it on the side table and was quiet for a while.
‘So, you think you have won everything Mr. Bopela, huh? I am sorry to spoil your happiness sir, but you have not won anything. You have political power, yes, but that is all. We control the economy of this country, on whose stability depends everybody’s livelihood, including the lives of those who boast that they have political power, you and your victorious friends. Maybe I should tell you something about us white people Mr. Bopela. I think you deserve it too, seeing how you kept this nonsense warm in your head for thirteen hard years in prison. ‘When I get out I am going to find Ron Peters and tell him to apologize for saying we wouldn’t win,’ you promised yourself. Now listen to me carefully my friend, I am going to help you understand us white people a bit better, and the kind of problem you and your friends have to deal with.’
‘When we planted our flag in the place where we built the city of Salisbury, in 1877, we planned for this time. We planned for the time when the African would rise up against us, and perhaps defeat us by sheer numbers and insurrection. When that time came, we decided, the African should not be in a position to rule his newly-found country without taking his cue from us. We should continue to rule, even after political power has been snatched from us, Mr. Bopela.’
‘How did you plan to do that my dear Superintendent,’ I mocked.
‘Very simple, Mr. Bopela, very simple,’ Peters told me.
‘We started by changing the country we took from you to a country that you will find, many centuries later, when you gain political power. It would be totally unlike the country your ancestors lived in; it would be a new country. Let us start with agriculture. We introduced methods of farming that were not known I Africa, where people dug a hole in the ground, covered it up with soil and went to sleep under a tree in the shade. We made agriculture a science. To farm our way, an African needed to understand soil types, the fertilizers that type of soil required, and which crops to plant on what type of soil. We kept this knowledge from the African, how to farm scientifically and on a scale big enough to contribute strongly to the national economy. We did this so that when the African demands and gets his land back, he should not be able to farm it like we do. He would then be obliged to beg us to teach him how. Is that not power, Mr. Bopela?’
‘We industrialized the country, factories, mines, together with agricultural output, became the mainstay of the new economy, but controlled and understood only by us. We kept the knowledge of all this from you people, the skills required to run such a country successfully. It is not because Africans are stupid because they do not know what to do with an industrialized country. We just excluded the African from this knowledge and kept him in the dark. This exercise can be compared to that of a man whose house was taken away from him by a stronger person. The stronger person would then change all the locks so that when the real owner returned, he would not know how to enter his own house.’
We then introduced a financial system – money (currency), banks, the stock market and linked it with other stock markets in the world. We are aware that your country may have valuable minerals, which you may be able to extract….but where would you sell them? We would push their value to next-to-nothing in our stock markets. You may have diamonds or oil in your country Mr. Bopela, but we are in possession of the formulas how they may be refined and made into a product ready for sale on the stock markets, which we control. You cannot eat diamonds and drink oil even if you have these valuable commodities. You have to bring them to our stock markets.’
‘We control technology and communications. You fellows cannot even fly an aeroplane, let alone make one. This is the knowledge we kept from you, deliberately. Now that you have won, as you claim Mr. Bopela, how do you plan to run all these things you were prevented from learning? You will be His Excellency this, and the Honorable this and wear gold chains on your necks as mayors, but you will have no power. Parliament after all is just a talking house; it does not run the economy; we do. We do not need to be in parliament to rule your Zimbabwe. We have the power of knowledge and vital skills, needed to run the economy and create jobs. Without us, your Zimbabwe will collapse. You see now what I mean when I say you have won nothing? I know what I am talking about. We could even sabotage your economy and you would not know what had happened.’
We were both silent for some time, I trying not to show how devastating this information was to me; Ron Peters maybe gloating. It was so true, yet so painful. In South Africa they had not only kept this information from us, they had also destroyed our education, so that when we won, we would still not have the skills we needed because we had been forbidden to become scientists and engineers. I did not feel any anger towards the man sitting opposite me, sipping a whisky. He was right.
‘Even the Africans who had the skills we tried to prevent you from having would be too few to have an impact on our plan. The few who would perhaps have acquired the vital skills would earn very high salaries, and become a black elite grouping, a class apart from fellow suffering Africans,’ Ron Peters persisted. ‘If you understand this Thula, you will probably succeed in making your fellow blacks understand the difference between ‘being in office’ and ‘being in power’. Your leaders will be in office, but not in power. This means that your parliamentary majority will not enable you to run the country….without us, that is.’
I asked Ron to call a taxi for me; I needed to leave. The taxi arrived, not quickly enough for me, who was aching to depart with my sorrow. Ron then delivered the coup de grace:
‘What we are waiting to watch happening, after your attainment of political power, is to see you fighting over it. Africans fight over power, which is why you have seen so many coups d’etat and civil wars in post-independent Africa. We whites consolidate power, which means we share it, to stay strong. We may have different political ideologies and parties, but we do not kill each other over political differences, not since Hitler was defeated in 1945. Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe will not stay friends for long. In your free South Africa, you will do the same. There will be so many African political parties opposing the ANC, parties that are too afraid to come into existence during apartheid, that we whites will not need to join in the fray. Inside whichever ruling party will come power, be it ZANU or the ANC, there will be power struggles even inside the parties themselves. You see Mr. Bopela, after the struggle against the white man, a new struggle will arise among yourselves, the struggle for power. Those who hold power in Africa come within grabbing distance of wealth. That is what the new struggle will be about….the struggle for power. Go well Mr. Bopela; I trust our meeting was a fruitful one, as they say in politics.’
I shook hands with the Superintendent and boarded my taxi. I spent that night in Bulawayo at the YMCA, 9th Avenue. I slept deeply; I was mentally exhausted and spiritually devastated. I only had one consolation, a hope, however remote. I hoped that when the ANC came into power in South Africa, we would not do the things Ron Peters had said we would do. We would learn from the experiences of other African countries, maybe Ghana and Nigeria, and avoid coups d’etat and civil wars.
In 2007 at Polokwane, we had full-blown power struggle between those who supported Thabo Mbeki and Zuma’s supporters. Mbeki lost the fight and his admirers broke away to form Cope. The politics of individuals had started in the ANC. The ANC will be going to Maungaung in December to choose new leaders. Again, it is not about which government policy will be best for South Africa; foreign policy, economic, educational, or social policy. It is about Jacob Zuma, Kgalema Motlhante; it is about Fikile Mbalula or Gwede Mantashe. Secret meetings are reported to be happening, to plot the downfall of this politician and the rise of the other one.
Why is it not about which leaders will best implement the Freedom Charter, the pivotal document? Is the contest over who will implement the Charter better? If it was about that, the struggle then would be over who can sort out the poverty, landlessness, unemployment, crime and education for the impoverished black masses. How then do we choose who the best leader would be if we do not even know who will implement which policies, and which policies are better than others? We go to Mangaung to wage a power struggle, period. President Zuma himself has admitted that ‘in the broad church the ANC is,’ there are those who now seek only power, wealth and success as individuals, not the nation. In Zimbabwe the fight between President Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai has paralysed the country. The people of Zimbabwe, a highly-educated nation, are starving and work as garden and kitchen help in South Africa.
What the white man told me in Bulawayo in 1980 is happening right in front of my eyes. We have political power and are fighting over it, instead of consolidating it. We have an economy that is owned and controlled by them, and we are fighting over the crumbs falling from the white man’s ‘dining table’. The power struggle that raged among ANC leaders in the Western Cape cost the ANC that province, and the opposition is winning other municipalities where the ANC is squabbling instead of delivering. Is it too much to understand that the more we fight among ourselves the weaker we become, and the stronger the opposition becomes?
Thula Bopela writes in his personal capacity, and the story he has told is true; he experienced alone and thus is ultimately responsible for the ideas in the article.



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Thula Bopela

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  • DTM

    Between yesterday and today I penned an article on wrong government expectations and that was even before I read this. It’s so profound to then see this article and find the coherence.

    People seem to have developed wrong expectations of the government. The government cannot create wealth for the citizens. The government creates a conducive environment and manages shared infrastructure for common good. The economy cannot revolve around the shared infrastructure. Wealth must be created by the citizens. The government cannot attract investors for us. Investors must be invited by citizens. Government can only have fruitful relations with other governments, and are largely on a cooperation level. I have seen all governments having very little emphasis on foreign investment impetus because that is not their primary mandate. On the other hand, private institutions and individuals all over the world are always looking for fertile ground to invest in and secure higher and more long term returns. These are the people we must attract if we want our economies to grow. And we attract them through our citizens. Our citizens must have a lot of good things to say about our lands and the positive investment opportunities that our lands present in order to attract or convince anyone foreign to come with their hard earned money to invest. Sadly, we seldom speak good about our lands, and every opportunity we get to talk about our countries, we are lamenting about bad governance, poor infrastructure, poor service delivery and thereby deterring any potential investor from feeling good about investing in our countries. America on the other hand fills the world with good and positive publicity about the American environment and how it is a favourable destination for people wanting to start a new and progressive life or those wanting to invest. As a result, they are awash with foreign investment. Their citizens drive their economies:- people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Mark Zuckerberg, Ralph Lauren, the Walton family, etc not the government own billions and employ millions. I think it’s sad to find the president as the richest man in an African country because he shouldn’t be. He already has a 247 job and how can he be wealthier than us? In a big way it means we are moving too slowly as citizens and not coming up with anything good. Thumbs up to citizens like Elon Musk and Patrice Motsepe who will not allow the president, a man who works in government 247 to have more money than them. I’m not defending governments but I think they have a lesser role to play in our economic development than we are expecting them to play and as a result we are not moving forward. We must play bigger and more proactive roles as citizens and challenge the world. Maybe our governments must focus more on setting this agenda and educating their citizens to know this. Our governments have few resources because we have fewer output. We are angry with them for mismanaging the few resources they have but our solutions is not in our governments managing their few resources better but in our citizens taking a more serious and active role in economic development and contribution. I think western countries seem to understand this truth and can even fuel anger against our governments, overemphasising political malpractice and it’s significance so as to distract our citizens from becoming organised, productive and challenging their countries to become more favourable life and investment destinations.

    • MHBSL

      All the wealthy people you named are house hold names. They’re not foreign investors of the states that they initiated their entrepreneurship from. And most of them came from wealth, and had calculated educational backgrounds at the same time. Thus, it is safe to say that their glory stems from structures that were already in placed and were used as their impetus. Furthermore, the above mentioned are not made up circumstances. We lack solid foundations that are highly dependent on government’s implementations. The citizens can project positive imagery of their respective nations for promotional reasons all they want, but if the reality on ground is unsustainable, then the reality remains. Investors are not going to waste resources and their wealth knowingly.

  • Kufamazuva

    why didn’t he ask who was betraying them and almost got his head chopped off

    • str8arrow

      kkkkkk…at first i thought that was where the story was going to lead but alas…all the same the moral of the story does make for some introspection as individuals and as a people of our different countries

      • Mbuya_vaHector

        Cowards. Obviously Mugabe! But he can’t say that!

    • Ndoli Sabi

      he was not going to tell him, he would be wasting his time to ask

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  • str8arrow

    Only in Africa, the enemy within…though this article is Bhopela’s recount of events of 36 years ago, there is a prophetic ring in his article. It came to pass and we are seeing it all over our beloved continent. In our beloved motherland of dzimbadzemabwe and our adopted temporary homes in the southern african region….our quest for freedom driven by what in retrospect were some flawed ideals leading us to wander like nomadic peoples in search of means to survive, how free are we really. Interesting read.

    • TheOneWhoKnocks

      Very interesting.

  • John Hersey

    The power is not within African countries, it comes from outside. From the colonizing powers. UK, France, Germany, USA, Russia, China, etc.
    It starts with the central banks, the world bank, the IMF, and then descends into the control of technology and intellectual property.
    Any time some country tries to break ranks with the banking control, like Syria did, and particularly if it has some great strategic value, it first suffers economic sanctions, then they will assassinate or replace the leader and install puppets, or finally they will invade and overthrow the country.

    • yowe

      Excellent post

      • EGD

        Totally agree

    • Thabiso

      Very honest feedback. Really appreciate your honest observation of the facts… One day we will prosper and all barriers will be destroyed and we will leave happily.

      • John Hersey

        Unfortunately not if we don’t know what “we” want, and demand it. If you waiting for someone else to “provide a Utopian state”, it’s never going to happen.
        Here’s what you need to know …
        No person can survive on this planet without access to Land (incl. natural resources).
        Current political/economic systems are based on a feudal monopoly of Land ownership by a few (1%), and the enslavement of the 99% as slave labour or unemployed aliens.
        If you want a system where everyone can create their own economic wealth, and potentially prosper, we need to all agree and change to a system where we share Land and natural resources equally.
        This doesn’t mean we all have to own a physical piece of land, it simply means we need to have an economic share in it, like someone who owns shares in a public company and gets paid a dividend if the company makes profits.

        Such a system is called Georgism, based on the economic Philosophies of an America, Henry George, who wrote the book, “Progress and poverty” in 1879 describing his solution. This book is free as an audio book from Librivox.org
        People who follow this idea, discuss it as Georgism, Land Value Tax (LVT), Geoism, Earth Sharing, etc.

        • Vee dbx diesel

          One thing i can promise africans is, the African solution(s) that will be good only to africans will never be from a non-african.

          Asian solutions are designed to serve the Asians, Caucasian and Arab solutions do the same, anyone who benefit from their solutions are people who surport it and no one else.

          You have to be extra retarded to take advice from the person who stands to loose when you actually succeed……..

    • Baba Adini

      Africa is thirteen century Europe. Power intrigue in Africa may be compared to Shakespeare Julius Caesar, but the reason Africa can’t develop is because it has incompetent leaders who lack critical thinking and can’t ask the question “why”. The why of anything is the beginning of wisdom.

      • John Hersey

        I don’t think this is unique to Africa. All countries have political and power intrigues. African leaders are extremely smart and competent in the context of their local struggles for power and riches. Wisdom is not a factor in these struggles; Ego is the driving force. If wisdom were applicable, they’d be ascetic monks meditating on rocks in the Himalayas.

        • Baba Adini

          You’re right, even criminals and terrorists are extremely smart and competent too in their own way for riches and extermination of those that don’t look like them or practice their religion. Wisdom is all about meditation in Himalayas mountains and not doing the right thing. The writer was only playing the blame game for what happened over 50 years ago. How long will Africans blame Europe for their pain and suffering, when the actual culprit is their incompetent leaders. May be the Chinese are using the same blame game against the Japanese that colonized them.

    • Philip Bracq


  • Mikel Watts

    You see the people who hold the power made you think Ian Smith was the enemy, when in fact he was their enemy, you fell for their ruse, they were way ahead on all fronts, the Rhodesians both black and white were sacrificed because they were bold enough to divorce from these powers knowing that they would destroy their hard won existence given half a chance. This is why we say Ian Smith was Africas greatest Revolutionary and Mugabe was a mere puppet. MW

  • Brett Nortje

    Probably Peters is an artistic device, a straw man.

    If he is not, this line about ‘keeping Africans in the dark’ ‘keeping him from learning’ is sheer BS. Anyone can read a book.

    Nice myth, this one about Verwoerd and Bantu Education – which absolves anyone who came after from any responsibility or agency in their own demise.

    Bantu Education was the product of a yearlong Commission of Inquiry that drew in many experts in education (but not the boycotting marxists which is why they keep regurgitating untruths. They are not very forgiving of success that delegitimizes their weltanschauung).

    Verwoerd built 10 000 classrooms a year and provided education where before there were a handful of mission and private schools for the elite. In 10 years he put half-a-million black children in school.

    • Paul Jay

      Yes I loved the article until it came to the part where he said whites didn’t want to teach blacks the ropes. What a lie.
      It has always been our sincerest desire to educate them.
      But let me not waste my precious time here. If a man tells ONE lie I dont trust him in anything anymore.
      Africa’s problem is the dishonesty – the greed and lust for power and wealth.
      A real human being is made up of good morals.
      Without sound morals ….. in the end …… comes self destruct.

      • Paul Jay

        Let me add briefly – we are all victims of the Zionist Jew Elite Globalists and they bribe and buy anyone they want to.
        Whites in Africa own nothing. We also work like dogs and slaves while the Elite Jews own the world.
        And they are so powerful NOTHING we do now can change that. May Jesus come soon!!!!

        • DelusionalNeanderthal

          And always blaming it on the ‘jew’…the fake jew is nothing but another neanderthal european. You are just like his faithful frankenstein creation. You are his puppet. But his WILLING puppet. You are no victim, only a dumb accomplice. Just as guilty, a junior partner but a partner nonetheless. No sympathy from me. You will hang just like he will when your karma catches up to you.

        • AlmostaCowboy

          Jesus is a Jew.
          I hope you don’t die too quickly from the poison you spew.

        • Vee dbx diesel

          Sounds like you diverting the attention so you can come across as not being part of the team that pillaged and plundered native lands, introduced some of the most dangerous chemicals into our food and environment causing all the problems that this world is facing today, the state of the globe, this earth can be attributed to the one race that claims for have pioneered its progress and the expense of the planet itself, its crazy to use the logic (mind) that was used when we got into this sh*t to begin with…..

      • DelusionalNeanderthal

        The temerity and psychosis of the sociopathic white male who has wrought more genocide and mayhem on the planet than ANY other group, to mention morals or wanting to ‘teach’ black people anything but asocial and aberrant behavior. You wanted to teach us to serve you and your interests. That is all. And ironically, everything YOU have–your wealth, your illusory power–all come from stolen black bodies, lives and labor, ie, the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, colonialism & imperialism. You are a parasite and we are your perennial host. If there were no black people on this planet, do you think YOU would be working in the hot sun that you are allergic to, extracting resources from Mother Earth? You also have the lowest birth rates on the planet, negative zero where ever you exist..apparently all that supposed brilliance hasn’t helped you with that, has it? Maybe if you would stop having sex with animals (animal brothels) and children (we all know you have a penchant for pederasty going back to greco-roman times), your relatives (incest, another penchant) and even necrophilia–all of these perversions are from the sick, depraved mind of the neanderthal white–maybe you wouldn’t have birth rates in the toilet.

        • AlmostaCowboy


      • MHBSL

        You mean like how Gaddafi was an old greedy and dishonest bastard that he was, or all the other African leaders that were put out their demise for simply wanting a better life for the continent? Is that what you mean? Oh, here is another one, a current one, as in Syrians want to control their own destiny and not wanting any part of your servitude”multipolar economy”? Is that it? You man eaters can’t have that can you? You are right, you shouldn’t waste your time. Move along.

      • Lido Pellencin

        At last, a sincere comment. But this is maybe what he experienced. A fairy tale at most.

      • Vee dbx diesel

        Thats rich coming from a Caucasian, LOL!!! you are BS for real hey u even believe you own BS, Morals? Mmmmmmmmh

      • Persish

        Absolutely true. Well said. It’s a complete and utter nonsense that Africans were prevented from learning how to run the economy or engage in activities that would result in prosperity. Zuma and Co plus all the other “leaders” of ANC and Zanu are too busy robbing the very people they are supposed to represent. A true African way, all through the continent. And they get elected and re elected again. What crap that after nearly quarter of the century, you have the audacity to still blame other races for your incompetent leaders!

    • Social Gadfly

      why is it bs sorry? He has accounted for the black elite? There wasn’t enough good education for blacks to make a difference anyhows and that’s just by “white standards” so the country fell to pieces which is true? Ultimately Ian Smith was right you won’t win? You have the country but not the power like Rhodesia had to make it a success? We talking people who had vested interests (black) at the time who would see how Mugabe manipulated the situation to ensure a stable income but not fight the status quo and win that is if for example America had to swing too far against business the billionaires would eat that politician alive? That is true power, not so?

  • GrimKay

    The point about the white man not being willing to share the necessary knowledge and skills is an absolute lie. We have tried over and over again for hundreds of years. Our reward for bending over backwards to breaking point is a silent yet full scale genocide of our people. Failure to thrive can be found in one place and one pace alone – inside yourselves. That being said…

    Some of our people here in SA have begun to realize why we went from being the head to being the tail (you “wining”). The number of people waking up to the truth is growing each and every day. Nothing can change that anymore as this is not in human hands. Some of us have been preparing for what is coming for years. We know of the fight coming our way. We also know that before that day comes, you will rip into each other. It is the African way after all.

    Unfortunately for you “Mr” Bopela, I have some more rather distasteful (for you) news.

    There is going to come a time, when you least expect it, when the white man is going to get “gatvol”. It will not be pretty for either side. But in the end SA’s borders will reach all the way to the equator. Not only will we be the head again but the “tail” will no longer have a presence in SA. This too, has no way of being prevented anymore as this is also not in our hands but in the hands of the One who will be fighting the battle for us.

    You may think I am hallucinating. You might even laugh at me. That is okay. I don’t expect you to believe me. I know you will not understand even if I try to explain. But… One day, if we live to see the day, remember…

    You see, the battle we are experiencing currently goes so much deeper than the eye meets. It goes back so much further than our history books tell us. The outcome was decided back before you or I were even born…

  • G Kruger

    The letter below appears in the Natal Mercury of 12 March 1981 and later in the SOUTH AFRICAN MONITOR of the same year. The purpose was to warn the white man of South Africa. But up to today, they didn’t listen!

    “We of the South Africa Frist Campaign urge others not to be fooled by Zimbabwe’s seeming anti-marxist turn (Mercury, February 26). The democratic policy guidelines are nothing more than window-dressing to attract foreign trade and investment to strengthen the Zimbabwean economy so that Mugabe’s nefarious scheme to destroy South Africa can be accomplished.

    We should not underestimate Mugabe. In him we have a marxist who is one level in thinking above other communist stooges: Nkomo, Nujoma, Kaunda, Machel, Nyerere and Santos. Comrade Bob is one of the few black marxists who understands marxist dialectics and the art of gradualism towards socialism.

    In the words or Mr Brendan Willmer, South Africa First Campaign president, Mugabe is one of the few really intilligent, far-seeing accomplices of Soviet expansionism that the Kremlin has ever had in Africa. The purpose of this letter, however, is not to compliment Mugabe on his intellect, but to explain why he is doing what he is.

    Mugabe knows that by introducing extreme socialist policies – as was done in Mozambique and Angola straight after “liberation” (sic), with disastrous effects – he is going to wreck the Zimbabwean economy overnight. He understands that only with a sound economy and infra-structure will he be able to give muscle and support to the terrorists who intend to turn South Africa into the marxian unitary state of Azania.

    Mugabe therefore has to masquerade as a pragmatist. He has to allay the fears of foreign governments so as to be able to attract the foreign trade and investment without which his plot would fail. He has to put expediency before ideology because he knows that a socialist economy is not viable.

    His policy statements do not fulful the requirements of a social democratic state because he has the interests of the people at heart or because he wants the whites to stay, but because he knows that if the state of the Zimbabwean economy sank to the level of the marxist states that flank Zimbabwe, his ‘Zimbabwe a front-line state against South Africa’-dream would vaporise.

    There is much evidence to show that Mugabe has no intention of keeping the Zimbabwean constitution on the lines of a social democratic state. Already it has come to be known that two years of Land Service – a Soviet invention – will be compulsory for all school-leavers.

    Already a state youth organisation called the Young Pioneers has been formed. Members will be obligitory for all youths as from next year – irrespective of race. Not only is the organisation’s name identical to that of its counterpart in the USSR, but even the uniforms are going to be modelled on those of the Young Pioneers of Soviet Russia – including red neckerchiefs! Already it has been decreed that land will be nationalised.

    These are moves towards communism – not the preservation of social democracy.

    It therefore should be plain that the Zimbabwean economic guidelines are but to a transitional plan – the gradual steering of Zimbabwe towards absolute socialism. We can, without any doubt, expect more radical changes very soon.

    It is sad that many South African politicians and businessmen have been bamboozled by Mugabe and are leaning over backwards to maintain trade links with Zimbabwe even though Mugabe was quick to sever diplomatic and sporting ties with South Africa.

    The most lamentable case is that the eminent Dr Mike Hough, too, has fallen into the trap. These expedient gentlemen should realise that by continuing to trade with Zimbabwe they are conveniently aiding the marxist strategy.

    We of the South Africa First Campaign urge these contrivers to stop being so willing and co-oprative with those who are plotting our downfall. We should do everything to expose the inadequacy and ineptitude of the socialist economy. We should have no business dealings with the new Zimbabwe Soviet Republic. We should hearken and abide by the words of General Douglas A. MacArthur: ‘There can be no compromise with atheistic communism. No half way in the preservation of freedom and religion. It must all of nothing.’

    South Africans, we must stop apologising for our existence. And above all, we must stop giving it away.

    Natal Mercury 12 March 1981 JURAJ KRAJCI”

  • Marzouq Majeed

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  • YapiYapo

    The sad thing is Africans have forgotten they used to rule Europe for 700 years. Greek mythology is Egyptian mythology just copied. Oxford and Cambridge would not be the universities they are today without the North Africans. There is a reason why images of catholic priest praying to the black Madonna and black Jesus exist. Most Africans don’t even know, Africans discovered America 5,000 years, before Europeans. There’s a reason why 50,000 pound African statues exist in Mexico. Europeans have been whitewashing African history for a long time. And Africans are too busy fighting with themselves rather than working together to realize what’s happening and they’re potential. Keep playing with their rules and the house will almost win everytime.

    • Silver King

      You do realise Europeans as humans evolved in Africa?