Why there will never be a war in Zimbabwe and How Opposition Leaders Make Money Out Of Zimbabwe Situation

Why there will never be a war in Zimbabwe and How Opposition Leaders Make Money Out Of Zimbabwe Situation

*Why there will never be a war in Zimbabwe . Game of traitors and tyrants*

What other people say about President Robert Mugabe.

I didn’t know that we (Zimbabweans) are so special like this!  Senior Political Science lecturer at University of Johannesburg Professor Chris Landsberg shocked thousands of Stellenbosch students yesterday when he made reference to how intelligent and educated Zimbabweans are. He was presenting a Public lecture on *The tragedy of the South African civil unrest and the future of Africa. He described Zimbabweans as “far Wise, learned and intelligent than the Americans”..This is what he has to say about us: “Look at them, Robert Mugabe gave them all the wisdom and education they thirstly wanted soon after 1980. Some people think there is Political opposition to Mugabe’s rule in Zimbabwe..Some of us even believe that Robert Mugabe is hated by his people..Only foolish people will believe this..The MDC party which is the biggest Opposition Party in Zimbabwe is not an opposition in essence, THOSE ARE JUST PEOPLE PRESIDENT MUGABE TAUGHT HOW TO ROB MONEY FROM ENGLAND AND AMERICA*.

America is busy dishing millions of dollars to many Zimbabweans today who masquerade around as proponents of Democracy. Do you know how much Tsvangirai and Biti get from America every month? He gets millions. Do you know how much Madhuku and other so called activists get from England? They get millions of USD.!! America think they are driving for democracy in Zimbabwe yet they are busy fattening some educated clever people who know that America is in need of regime change. So they run around, have some scars and go to America asking for money.. When they get to America they just say “We want mobilisation of funds, we are fighting for democracy in Zimbabwe, can you please help us”. America with its own foolishness will quickly draw millions and give these individuals.’ When they are in their houses they actually know that Robert Mugabe is a good leader because he taught them (MDC) how to rob those who think they are clever in this World (America and Britain).

When they are with their families they even pray for God to give Robert Mugabe many more years of great wisdom. This is why there wont be any civil unrest in Zimbabwe.This is why there wont be civil war in Zimbabwe because Zimbabweans were given the wisdom and knowledge to be good to each other whilst they go around amassing wealth from foolish people. Whenever you see a Zimbabwean here in SA , they tell you that Mugabe is very very bad so that you dont chase them away, but when they go back to Zimbabwe they start to praise their God -given President who gave them valid upper standard Education…Even Biti knows that had it not been of Mugabe’s Education and Governance, he wouldn’t be a SMART ROBBER. Most of them are earning more than what South Africans are earning. This is why President Mugabe will not be killed like what the Dictator Gaddafi was done because he has sustainably done wonders to his people!!!

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