Women engage Juntal in Red Lipstick Revolution

As soon as she entered her lounge upon arrival from the United Kingdom, businesswoman and pastor Abigail Magwenzi saw a man in a fur court singing and dancing to a rhumba song called (Wangu) Mutupo on her television screen which drew her attention.

Little did she know that it was the Chitungwiza Rhumba guru Farai Juntal Serima.
Okay, so forget about his brouhaha in recent times of his nicking the song off of an Ivorian fellow, apart from that the musical genius and interpolation is pure genius.

Well anyway, thinking out of the box on what they intended to do to drive women to turn their God given gifts into money-making sources, she then searched for him and they partnered in the making of the promotional song Mudzimai Shanda.
They did this by changing the lyrics from the song (Wangu) Mutupo.

The result was phenomenal;
An army of ambitious women whose intent is to penetrate the international market led by Abigail gathered together at the Kingdom Tower Hub in Harare for the Red Lipstick Revolution Mudzimai Shanda launch cocktail on May Day. The king of rhumba was the centre of attraction on the day, cutting the launch cake and doing a live performance for the auditorium full of women.

Before his appearance professional ladies from different industries took turns on the podium exchanging motivational wisdom on business and etiquette.

Abigail, who has already been embarking on business trips with groups of women, has a dream of turning Zimbabwean women into successful business women with a millionaire mind set.

For their Red Lipstick Stays On campaign they will be using the promotional song and video to send a message to sponsors and partners of their movement.

Responding to why she came up with the brand Red Lipstick Stays On she had this to say; “the Red Lipstick name encourages women to rise above the circumstances of life making choices every day to cry, clean up knowing your loss then go in front of a mirror and glam up rocking the red lipstick and go out there to conquer the challenge instead of going back to sleep.”

The Red Lipstick Revolution was founded on the 23 December 2017 when she launched her motivational book The Red Lipstick Stays On! For her the book was not enough to use as a steering wheel to drive women to greater heights so she then came up with a business hub.

The award winning pastor who fellowships at ZAOGA FIF church is a former University lecturer, former interior designer and television host with a passion of changing people from zero to hero. Her motto to women out there is remember the seven cardinal rules, wake up, clean up, dress up, make up, glam up, show up rocking the red lipstick.

Source :

The Herald

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