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Women’s exhibition comes to national gallery

Boniface Chimedza Arts Correspondent
The National Gallery of Zimbabwe will this August premiere its annual women’s exhibition, under the theme “The E-Quality of Women”, which will primarily focus on the qualitative contributions which women have made in history.

Poised as a platform for women’s artistic expression, the exhibition is laden with didactic elements that guide the audience through the multifaceted developments that women have contributed to society and the obstacles that they have overcome.

The range of the exhibition is highly inclusive of cultures and the audience will be offered an interlinear experience that traverses disciplines and professions in a descriptive vein.

The exhibition has obtained new artworks from the likes of Dorcas Marikasi, Fungai Masango-Willard and Patricia Broderick, among others. Through various media, the show features artworks that highlight the perceptions and actuality of the dichotomous parity, thereby subsequently exposing the disparity complex in gender relations.

As an act of solidarity with South Africa, who observe Women’s Month in August, utilising the late Winnie Madikizela Mandela as an afflatus; the curatorial team consisting of Doreen Sibanda and Valerie Sithole articulated the observance of Heroes Day in Zimbabwe with the latter to eulogize the actions of women as heroism. Thus, the exhibition sheds a positive light on women’s activities in many spheres by bestowing the creative force of artists to their most limitless degree.

The E-Quality of Women ultimately stands to practice parity; in its shadow the commonplace reference of “Women Artists” or “Female Artists” shall stand to be abandoned as the new dispensation of the day shall refer to artists as uniform practitioners of the creative field. While the E-Quality of Women exhibition will be displayed from the beginning of August, the show will officially be opening to the public on August 24.

Over the duration of the exhibition, the National Gallery will add a positive flair to the show by screening a series of films focused on the female experience.

Coupled to the said exhibition programme package, the National Gallery will also host an event entitled “Ladies that Lunch”, on August 31, which will bring together women from different disciplines and all walks of life to discuss pertinent matters in society.

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The Herald

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