Women’s film festival beckons

Kundai Marunya Arts Correspondent
In a bid to give women a voice, young local entrepreneurs are harnessing both social and online media platforms to hold a talk show discussing women issues.

Titled “No Filter”, the show will officially launch at International Image Works Women’s Festival to be held at National Gallery later this month. The show’s producer Amanda Marufu said she was inspired by struggles faced while growing up.

“Growing up as a woman, I faced a lot of challenges that are solely based on my gender. I’ve been treated in a certain way because I am a woman. I’ve talked to a lot of girls and I noticed a lot of them are almost scared of ambition and wanting more for their lives because they feel like all they can look forward to is maybe finding a good man to marry them. I want this to show girls that there are career women out there who are succeeding in their own right and that it is possible to reach that same path if you work hard and believe in yourself,” she said.

Marufu said because of television and social media people no longer connect in incisive conversations.“And the second thing is we’ve grown up with the television and the internet being our go to for advice and we don’t really connect anymore because of it.

“I want us African girls to have our own platform to connect, to get advice, to grow, to be able to speak and be the women we are supposed to be,” she said.

“No Filter” director Carol Marufu said the show fills a void that women everywhere experience when they find themselves in need of advice or a non-judgmental ear. Talk shows are different, truly synthetic creations of television as a medium and have become increasingly important on television and their hosts have become increasingly influential. They speak to cultural ideas and ideals as forcefully as politicians or educators,” she said.

Topics on “No Filter” will include issues to with lobola negotiations, dating advice, independent women, to mention a few. This is our opportunity to finally control the conversation in a fun and educational way,” said Carol Marufu. A pilot for the show will broadcast via Facebook Live to later be availed on the show’s YouTube channel. “No Filter” is in negotiations with a local television station for broadcasting rights.

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