Work George Soros to death

Obi Egbuna Jnr Simunye
Back in October of 2018, when US Federal Agents discovered an explosive at the personal residence of white ruling class philanthropist George Soros, it was immediately detonated in the woods by a well-trained bomb squad.

Once the US-EU Imperialist media apparatus broke the story, its first phase of damage control was to paint the picture that Mr Soros was the target of right wingers angered by the organised formations, who are at best moderate, but often pretend to be on the left that depend on his purse strings to function.

Based on this slant and narrative, it is safe to say each and every one of Mr Soros’ benefactors were extremely jubilant that he was not home at the time, and were in the mind frame of children on their birthdays or commercial holidays like Christmas.

What those familiar to the work of Mr Soros and the Open Society Foundation, saw was a dress rehearsal of how US-EU Imperialist media apparatus, would approach describing him when in the words of Christians he is called home to meet his maker.

Since those who write about both politics and history, clearly understand that just like in the field of art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and unfortunately for Mr Soros all attempts to portray him as a tireless crusader for truth and humanity will not and must not go unchallenged.

Because Mr Soros and the Open Society Foundation are on US-EU Imperialism’s regime change bandwagon, aimed at overthrowing both President Mnangagwa in Zimbabwe and President Maduro in Venezuela, it must be known they are playing with fire much more explosive than the device found at his (Soros) home last October.

The explosion we speak of will not only blow the lid off the facade and masquerade that portrays Mr Soros as a champion of the oppressed, but will make it virtually impossible for his children to continue the business of imperialist philanthropy after his departure.

With the exception of his son Gregory who is an artist, who likes to have a good time rubbing shoulders with the upper crust of society, Mr Soros’ other three sons Alexander, Jonathan, Robert and his daughter Andrea have all been instrumental in running the Open Society Foundation.

Both Jonathan and Robert had their turn as deputy chairs of the Soros Fund management, Alexander is the deputy chair of the Open Society Foundation, Andrea is an Open Society Global board member.

Since Mr Soros’ children are committed to their father’s legacy of Global Imperialist Philanthropy, more than likely nations like Zimbabwe and Venezuela whose vision and policies, appear to get under their father’s skin will remain the targets of the children after he is sent to his final resting place.

With that being said some might argue that this outlook is absolutely defeatist and leaves no window of optimism, and Zimbabweans and Venezuelans who are troubled by Mr Soros’ obsession with depriving them the opportunity to live their lives, would hope his children do not harbour the same feelings of resentment towards them.

Some could point to the tactical shift of the Cuban American National Foundation(CANF), who when created in 1983 under the watchful eye of the Cold War Imperialist zealot Ronald Wilson Reagan, wanted to see the Cuban Revolution dismantled by brute force with the assassination of Commandant Fidel Castro as the grand prize.

Today in Miami pro gusanos like the billionaire real estate developer Jorge Perez, whose parents describe themselves as Cubans of Spanish origin, when asked about the US blockade on Cuba stated the following; “I strongly believe it is a failed policy, lift the embargo and start a policy in which there’s a lot more communication all across the spectrum: government with government, non profits with non profits, people with people in order to show why our system is the best system in the world”.

While Mr Perez sentiments appear to be a strategic departure, from the energy and rhetoric of CANF’s first leader Jorge Mascanosa who would shout loudly Cuba must go from an island of proletarians to profiteerians, and treated the terrorists in groups like Alpha 66 and Brothers to the Rescue with the reverence Cuban revolutionaries pay Commandant Fidel Castro and Ernesto Che Guevara.

Many Zionists today would argue until the cows come home, while they feel that Israel must exist at all costs, they are devoid of the feelings of former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir when she shocked the world when stating; “There is no such thing as a Palestinian”.

What this illustrates is that while Mr Soros’ children may not be as invested and committed to regime change in Zimbabwe and Venezuela as their father, if they feel imperialist interference helps true democracy and humanity’s uplift, then they are truly cut from the same cloth.

For a calculating political mover and shaker like Mr Soros, playing both sides against each other means absolutely nothing to him, no matter how hypocritical it looks.

On February 5th in Washington DC, a think tank with a reputation for being progressive called The Institute for Policy Studies(IPS), sponsored a forum entitled Venezuela and the Bellicose Return of the Monroe Doctrine where the guest speakers were IPS board members Latin America expert James Early and internationally acclaimed actor Danny Glover.

What made this rather interesting was not only that IPS receives funding from Mr Soros, but the most decorated Venezuelan regime change agent in the world today Mr Moises Naim sits on the board of directors of Open Society Foundation.

The people of Zimbabwe remember how the civil society groups on Mr Soros payroll parading up and down the streets of Harare during the political dispensation, giving the world the impression that the resignation of former president Mugabe was not an internal ZANU-PF decision, but because of their Western-financed regime change efforts.

If anyone is wondering how this would sit with both Mr Glover and Mr Early, the answer is simple, the equivalent of being in the leadership of TransAfrica Forum and funnelling National Endowment for Democracy money to civil society groups in Zimbabwe, Mr Glover was the chair of TAF’s board and Mr Early was a board member.

When it comes to the death of our most hateful and devious enemies, Mother Africa’s children and other people who have been subjected to colonialism and captivity can be rather fickle.

As youth we wanted our exploiters and conquerors, to die the most violent death possible, but as we gain maturity settling for total liberation from their ruthless clutches suits us just fine.

At the moment it appears Mr Soros won’t commit suicide like Hitler or be gunned down like Mussolini.

However, if he lives to see that his regime change plots concerning Zimbabwe and Venezuela blow up in smoke, and his children can go absolutely nothing to turn the tide as the youth of Africa and Latin America would say “that’s a good look”.

source:the herald

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