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Work to rehabilitate Gaika Mine begins

Freedom Mupanedemo Midlands Bureau

Gaika Mine in Kwekwe has engaged some geologists to determine the kind of rehabilitation that is required to return the mine to full production.

The mine, a subsidiary of Duration Gold Mines, ceased operations two years ago due to some legal battles over its control.

The fight for control was pitting Duration Gold Mine and former Member of Parliament for Mbizo, Cde Vongaishe Mpereri.

The High Court, however, ruled in favour of the former mine owners in March this year, paving way for operations to resume.

There have also been reports that the mine needed some experts to rehabilitate it after it was damaged by some illegal mining activities that had been taking place since 2018.

Duration Gold Mines acting country projects manager Mr Allan Mashingaidze said experts were now on the ground looking at the state of the damage.

He said the damage report will assist the company to map the development plan and prepare for full-scale mining operations.

“The company has engaged international experts who are conducting a detailed technical, financial and legal investigation into the extent of the damage caused by illegal and indiscriminate mining.

“Once the experts’ report and recommendations are received, and appropriate rehabilitation is completed to ensure the safety of our employees and the public, considerations will be given for further development plans, including organised mining-based on international best practices and standards,” said Mr Mashingaidze in a statement.

He said mining activities were already taking place, though at low levels.

Mr Mashingaidze said preliminary report shows that the mine was extensively damaged during the illegal mining activities that took place over the years.

“During the 14-month period of illegal trespass and occupation, the indiscriminate mining carried out caused material and significant damage to the historic mine workings, both underground and on surface, making some of the areas unsafe,” read part of the statement.

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