World Class Private Boarding School Opened in Troutbeck, Nyanga, #Zimbabwe

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Come to Troutbeck for: The highest standards of academic education within a Christian, Zimbabwean setting and culture. Our teachers start each day with a Christian devotional for the class to join in and learn from. English is the language of teaching, and Shona will be taught and used to give your child proficiency. Fully equipped classroom and learning materials. Much of our equipment came with us from overseas and is augmented by teaching materials purchased in the UK. Our first Montessori classroom has been designed and built specifically for its stated purpose. Openplan rooms are lined with child height shelving to form workstations. A strictly maintained 1:12 teacher to child ratio in the class room. The teacher knows and understands your child personally including their strengths, weaknesses, character traits, likes and dislikes. The teacher will form a learning plan according to your child’s needs to ensure strengths are enjoyed in the classroom and that other areas are not allowed to fall behind.


All of our teachers are university graduates who become Montessori teachers. Thus we are able to draw on our teachers for their specialized subject knowledge and experience, in addition to their teaching skills. Preparedness for life approach. At Troutbeck we not only teach the academic subjects. We also provide tuition in sports a child can play for their whole life (long after school years are behind them). We teach each child “grace and courtesy”, conflict resolution, and the Christian values they will need during school and for the rest of their life A “governess” and staff, fully responsible for the care and development of your child out of academic teaching hours. For overseas parents we offer a communications package including regular private phone calls with your child and accompanied travel home to London Heathrow airport or O.R. Tambo Johannesburg airport. Flexible exeat weekend. You may visit your child at any time during the term and you are not obliged to remove your child from school during term. For instance, if you are on a business trip in the east of the country it makes good sense to combine that with a trip to Troutbeck to visit you child and see their progress at school.


Registering for the Cambridge Primary syllabus and exam


Primary Learning

Academic curriculum Our strong academic curriculum gives children a comprehensive, wide ranging and in-depth primary education. The primary academic subjects, which are fully supported by physical materials, equipment and books, include: Mathematics English: Grammar and Literature Biology: Botany and Zoology History Chemistry Geography: Physical and Cultural Physics: Matter and Astronomy Please note: there are no limits to academic learning here. When your child is ready for a higher level in any subject the coursework and materials are provided and introduced by their teacher. We too have heard the horror stories of parents told by school not to provide extra education to their child, and, of children acting up who are really just bored in class. At Troutbeck neither age nor grade are limits to learning progression. Naturally their teacher will ensure that all other subjects are maintained and progress accordingly with their age and ability.


The Montessori classroom Our first classroom is a two level building comprising a lower level science learning area, kitchen, child sized bathroom, masonry stove and stairway up to the next level. The whole building has been designed with learning in mind and the upper level is lined with shelving holding the materials and equipment currently in use by the class and teacher. Driven by the syllabus the teacher will change the content of the workstations to match the coursework as the class progresses though the curriculum. Overlooking the lake our classrooms welcome children and encourage them to learn. They are warm, clean and appealing, with room to move around – as shown in our picture below.


Practical Life

Augmenting academic learning is our need to develop equally important aspects of the child’s bodily growth and maturing mind. At Troutbeck we have an extensive Practical Life program to provide such mental and physical growth. Our curriculum provides activities based on: • memory and perception • motor skills and creativity • food preparation and cooking • fabric and crafts • planting and gardening • grace and courtesy One might initial think that a topic such as fabric and crafts sounds a bit old fashioned and even boring for todays fast moving world, but lets think through the mental and physical skills that can be developed and applied outside of the academic setting.


Making a hand puppet or friendship bracelet for example, develops motor skills and hand eye coordination. Imagination needs to be stimulated and applied as patterns are created. Maths skills are put to the test through measuring and adding. Finally, the chance to create something fun or useful generates a sense of focus and concentration rather different to sitting in front of the television. Thus, the above activities are fun and enjoyable in their own right but the important point is that they are all opportunities to see the child practice and apply both classroom learning and more fundamental skills and independence by doing and making real things. Ultimately we are developing a child’s sense of values, their independence, their ability to concentrate on a task, their ability to apply a logical sequence of steps through a recipe or instructions. They learn to care for themselves and value their surroundings, they enhance their own self confidence and self control.


Grace and Courtesy

Grace and Courtesy, also known as the social graces, are integral to the Montessori approach of teaching children to have behaviours which are civil, considerate and courteous to others, be that in school or the outside world. The outcome of explaining, developing, and practising the Christian values of Grace and Courtesy gives your child: • real ways to demonstrate respect for other people • the feedback of seeing others react to their positive, polite behaviour • a feeling of self confidence when meeting and speaking with others • positive feedback from those they are polite to • an ability to make a positive contribution to their school environment As children develop into very young adults and become more interested with the wider world and other cultures their own good behaviour, manners and beliefs help them to be successful as they travel or meet people different to themselves.



To apply to Troutbeck please complete our application form (click on the following link, then go to file>save in your browser to save it onto your own computer) The Troutbeck School 2015 enrolment form, complete all the details then scan it and email back to us

To secure a place for your child once they have been accepted, please pay the fees for the term ahead within 14 calendar days of receiving your acceptance email.

Once the initial fees have been paid the subsequent termly fees are $2,900 per term, payable 2 weeks in advance.

The desk fee of $2,900 is currently waived for the first 5 successful applicants only.

Download Brochure here

More information and to enroll, visit


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