World Cup fever grips Zim

How many cricket fans around the country who don’t have access to the social media knew that the Cricket World Cup trophy had been in Zimbabwe?

Yes, it’s true- The International Cricket Council (ICC) took it upon themselves to spread the game of cricket to all the World Cup participants by sending the trophy from country to country, so that cricket lovers would have the once in a lifetime opportunity to have themselves photographed with the cup.

For us city slickers, news would have spread like wild fire, and Harare Sports Club would have been a hive of activity with fans jostling each other, and engaging in friendly banter, just to get a look and have their photo taken..

Although yesterday’s affair would have been full of gayety, pomp and fanfare, so many questions are still, and truth be told will remain unanswered, as once again the big brush will be used to sweep all concerns under the carpet.

The first concern is the building of what appears to be a magnificent 12000 seater venue in Victoria Falls.

At first thought, this sounds like a fantastic initiative, as many tourists, as well as the Livingston population would find this latest development most agreeable.

A weekend in Zimbabwe, and a family outing at the cricket would be a tonic many people would be unable to refuse.

But, and unfortunately there is always a but…

For how long will this continue before once again crippling finances rear their ugly head and plunge a potential gold mine into the quagmire?

How is it that building of a venue that will cost millions of dollars can go ahead when players, staff and the general infrastructure of the sport in this country is constantly being battered, bruised, used and abused?

What does all of this actually mean to a sport who has suffered terrible losses at all levels over the last 10 years?

Do we really feel excited about a trophy and a new cricketing venue being built when we know what turmoil our beloved sport is in?

Or do we turn a blind eye, don the blinkers and jump up and down in fake celebration?

Will the presence of the World Cup really inspire the team to give it their all at next year’s World Cup to be co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand?

Or are we just going to go to the event to play it safe and add up the numbers?

The fleeting stopover of cricket’s most pristine trophy may very well be the kick-start Zimbabwe have been waiting for, but sadly, one gets the feeling that players and quite possibly many of the fans have become hypnotized zombies who have gone past the point of any emotion, other than to accept whatever fate is handed out.- Daily News

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