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TWENTY-SEVEN year old author of a new motivational book “Transform Your Life From Inside Out” (DOMY Press, 2018), Blessings E Moyo is proud to have made positive steps so far in selling, distributing and promoting his debut publication after saying that some bookshops became too conditional with him.

Moyo had to dump them and individually pursue the remainder of his book’s publishing process when he was asked by certain bookstores to produce proof that he is a ‘registered author’ in order for them to sell his book. This was the biggest block!

He did not know how one becomes a registered author. His publisher, Lisbon T Chigwenjere, is registered as an individual member to a local writers’ organization and Moyo had to follow suit to convince the bookshops yet until today, his book is not yet available in those bookshops

And not only his book but he says there is a conspicuous paucity of this type of literature in the local bookstores.

Today, he has managed to put “Transform Your Life from Inside Out” up for sale on the global online book market Some local readers, having come across the book on social media, are buying it straight from him. He is his own bookseller and he says the sales are not really bad so far.

“The sales are not bad, neither slow nor fast. The readership is good also, though readers are sharing the book more than buying. However, what is surprising me is that my readers are being so grateful after reading the book, some suggesting it is worth more than its price,” Moyo said.

Half of 2018 is now history and yet Bookshelf wonders if the remaining half will see as many fiction and poetry books which could match motivational books in numbers.

However, quantity may not matter more than quality but it does matter! This year has witnessed the emergence of literature of motivation. And we can only weigh up the quality when we read.

Blessings E Moyo claims his book is outstanding. Somewhere within the pages he writes that a lot of motivational writers or speakers ave not yielded results because they theorized, did much telling than showing listeners/readers the practical way to success.

How practical is Moyo’s transformative process which he lays out in ten chapters? The chapters, concise and arranged as a course of action, are articulated in a language free from gobbledygook.

There is one area which, now it seems, writers cannot ignore when they talk about the mind. Motivational authors who belong to that class which sets high value on mental processes influencing human behaviour have never got tired of mentioning the ‘subconscious’ or ‘unconscious’. There is also another class of motivational writers that dwells on the ‘spiritual’ as most important brass tacks for success in life.

Even novelists or poets believe the mind is the greatest tool of the creator. An earlier writer Dorothea Bronte who in the 1920s explored and wrote more about the creative process, also explains how the ‘unconscious’, together with one’s environment, plays a significant role in awakening the writer inside. She once wrote she became a writer because there were certain mental programming that happened in her childhood and places in which she grew up.

While Moyo comprehensibly takes the reader through the different stages of life transformation in his book, the reader’s train gets both awry and interesting when he also starts the explanation of the subconscious. He writes as someone who has studied the mind completely and has made own conclusions about it.

In addition to defining, believing in oneself and knowing God, controlling the subconscious mind, an issue he profoundly captures in his book’s third chapter, is what Moyo emphasises makes a person a hero of his/her own life.

He told Bookshelf that the ‘subconscious’ and ‘unconscious’ means the same.

“It is that part of the brain one does not have direct contact with and have little knowledge about. It is said that one becomes the master of his fate when he makes the subconscious conscious,” he said.

Blessings E Moyo was born in Bulawayo and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Local Governance Studies from the Midlands State University (2015).

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