The Zanu PF national youth league has accepted the resignations of six of its Bulawayo province’s executive members citing that the party is a democratic institution that allows members to freely exercise their will.

In his address to the district leadership of the party’s Bulawayo province at Davies Hall, Zanu PF Secretary for Youth Affairs Cde Kudzai Chipanga said the Bulawayo provincial youth leaders that resigned from their leadership positions were well within their rights as the party was a voluntary organisation.

This came following the resignation of 14 members although only six who were ring leaders had their resignation accepted.

The six are Aaron Ncube, Nation Ndebele, Lenox Mupomwe, Pelagia Hove, Gwinyai Mucheki and Delight Ngwenya.

Turning to the indiscipline that saw some demonstrations by some people who are allegedly funded by a Pakistani national at the party offices in Bulawayo, the youth leader warned the Pakistani national against involving himself in efforts to distabilise the party.

The meeting was organised for the national youth leader to meet the Bulawayo districts leadership on issues affecting the party in the province while also thanking them for their participation in organising the 21st February Movement celebrations in Matopo.