Zamar rallies ‘heal our nation’ cry

Mthokozisi Dube in Pretoria, South Africa

South Africa-based gospel musician Takesure “Zamar” Ncube is rallying the “heal our nation” cry with his new song “Nyarara Nyika” off the “Genesis Volume One project”.

The ex-Joyous Celebration vocalist produced the “Genesis” project featuring 64 youths drawn from Bulawayo-headquartered at Harvest House International Churches. As part of the 26-track live DVD recording, the man popularly known as Zamar penned the song “Nyarara Nyika” inspired by the Biblical scripture Exodus 14:14 which says “The LORD will fight for you, and you have only to be silent”.

“We believe God is able to turn the nation of Zimbabwe around and this song is aimed at encouraging Zimbabweans to hold on because God has heard our cries and he will be faithful to answer us. We see it as our responsibility as musicians to instil hope in the people that listen to our music,” said Ncube.

The song says Rima richapera (Darkness will end), Dura richazara (the barns will be full), Nzizi dzoerera (rivers will overflow), Nyarara nyika (be still nation).

The Worship Addicts founder was recently at the three-day Gwanda International Gospel Music Festival, sponsored by Big Time Strategic Group, where he also belted out the song “Prayer For Zimbabwe,” calling on people to unite and rebuild the nation from a place of prayer. 

“I sang the song twice in Gwanda because I felt Zimbabweans needed encouragement, we need to encourage the spirit of solidarity and oneness in prayer.

“Scripture says ‘where there is unity, God commands a blessing. Right now, it’s not about political differences, but we must realise that we are one and we need to build our beautiful nation through prayer.

“We have to do it for our children and future generations,” said Zamar, whose wife, Kudzi, coincidentally gave birth to their first child last week.

The “Genesis project” is the brainchild of Harvest House leader, Bishop Colin Nyathi, whose vision is to empower budding musicians in his church.

“We’ve seen Takesure (Ncube) come through our Clash of Choirs route and our hope is that the up-and-coming musicians will launch their careers from the Genesis project,” Nyathi said.

Ncube, who had a three-year stint with Joyous, was plucked from the annual Harvest House International Church’s Clash of Choirs while singing as a guest artiste. He was spotted by one of the Joyous principals Lindelani Mkhize, who was a judge at the clash. Nyathi believes the song “Nyarara Nyika” is prophetic and will instil hope in Zimbabweans. 

“Zimbabweans have suffered torment and trauma because of the economic meltdown, but the song assures them that things will get better.

“We want people to know that it is important that our trust must continually be in the Lord. Zimbabwe will be restored,” he said. The nation stands on the verge after all!

The “Genesis project” is being sold on online platforms including iTunes and Google play. Some of the budding musicians featured are Wenyasha Chingono, Amanda Nkomo, Sipho ‘Snowy’ Ncube, Carlos Jiri, Joy Shalom Nyathi, Nompumelelo Bhebhe and Oceana Ncube.

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