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Zanu-PF Cape District Youth League Commemorates Heroes’ Day

Today we celebrate the heroic deeds of the men and women who fought for our liberation.

We commemorate and remember our fallen heroes left in Mozambique, in Zambia and those in the bushes of Zimbabwe.

What’s left for us is to unite with unity of purpose. Some are still where, when and how we will start begin. The good news is the journey has already begun.

On the 30th of July we demonstrated to the world that we could hold free, fair and transparent elections. Now that the elections are behind us, we need to unite more than ever, roll up our sleeves as we, together polish the jewel of Africa and make it shine once more.

It’s now time for action, production, and service delivery, President Emmerson Mnangagwa said today. His message was not only mature and  unambiguous, but exciting to those with a patriotic ear.  As the disciplined youths of the revolutionary party, we are ready to work towards that common goal.

As we also honour the heroes and heroines that are still with us to this day, we regret the insults and ungratefulness that comes from a fraction of our generation. We apologize for them because they are lost. They may have been misled into taking for granted, your selflessness and sacrifice, but we will not quit on them. It is you who taught us the great lesson of not giving up on our own – searching for the lost ones who strayed away, and bringing them safely home again.

In our natal tongue we say “Vasingazive ngavadzidziswe”.

We promise to safeguard the gains of the liberation struggle and the hard won independence that we enjoy today.

Cdes, we appreciate you. Icho!

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