ZANU-PF Deputy Director of Information Psychology Maziwisa defends Bona State Visit to Japan

Many Zimbabweans do not even know the attention – seeking Psychology Maziwisa from a bar of soap. To millions of peace-loving and well-groomed patriots, this misguided and uncouth young man is nothing but just another brick in the wall.
It is extremely unfortunate that one Psychology Maziwiza characteristically attempts to spring up to the defence of the indefensible regarding one Bona Mugabe – Chikore’s State -funded jamboree to Japan.
That a little-known political turncoat by the name Maziwisa takes advantage of the Zanu PF – controlled ZBC TV in order to launch a crude, primitive and malicious attack on the person of MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai just goes to show how low the fascist, faction – ridden and beleaguered Zanu PF regime can sink in desperately attempting to divert the people’s attention from the crumbling economy as well as the collapsing public health delivery system.
It is absolutely shocking and uncivilised for someone with such a dubious character and controversial personal lifestyle to denigrate the former Prime Minister of the Republic of Zimbabwe in such a crass and uncouth manner.
This Maziwisa boy desperately needs expert psychiatric attention to help him cope with the hazards that come with leading a rather controversial lifestyle. Maziwisa has definitely taken leave of his senses. He needs every concerned Zimbabwean’s prayers to help him get rehabilitated back into mainstream and conventional society.
In a typical Mugabe hero-worshipping fashion, Maziwisa, a moral pervert himself, had nothing substantial to tell the nation to prove his point except to attack Morgan Tsvangirai’s personality with his foul and unmeasured diatribe.
Whilst it is common knowledge that the junior Zanu PF employee, working in the regime’s information department, is merely singing for his supper, he should be mindful that it is not in his best interest to throw stones when he knows that he, himself, is fully ensconced in a very transparent glass house!
For one Psychology Maziwisa to get stupidly carried away and abuse the public broadcaster to wantonly insult other citizens and the intelligence of the people of Zimbabwe, it would certainly attract dire consequences on his personality and character, not least his ominous and wayward identity.
The MDC takes great exception to the unfortunate and Stone-Age utterances that were made by the thoroughly misguided and hopelessly excitable junior spokesperson of the Weevils faction of the collapsing Zanu PF party.
As a responsible and family-centred political party,the MDC will not succumb to the temptation of unmasking one Psychology Maziwisa’s rather unusual and controversial personal lifestyle. Suffice to reiterate that this young man should have some little bit of decency in both his public and private lives.
Obert Chaurura Gutu
National Spokesperson

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