Zanu PF factions pin hopes on Mugabe

ZANU PF rival factions are now pinning their hopes on President Robert Mugabe’s decision concerning the fate of under-fire political commissar (PC) Saviour Kasukuwere amid indications they are prepared to take the fight ahead if their positions are dismissed.


In separate interviews yesterday, the rival factions said for now the buck stops with Mugabe and even if the Mashonaland Central fact-finding mission releases its findings, still the veteran ruler would have the ultimate decision on Kasukuwere.

Others were calling on the fact-finding mission to be deployed countrywide, so that those with separate issues are given the opportunity to make their input.

On Wednesday, politburo member and Speaker of Parliament Jacob Mudenda led a delegation that presided over a tension-filled meeting in Bindura, where Kasukuwere’s accusers battled to prove their accusations.

In an interview yesterday, Mudenda said he would not comment on whether they will be embarking on a whirlwind nationwide tour to probe Kasukuwere.

Asked about the concerns raised by the anti-Kasukuwere group that he was biased and the threat that they would take their matter personally to Mugabe, Mudenda said he would not care about their actions.

“They can write the letter. I am not commenting any further, let them write their complaint and we will deal with it accordingly,” Mudenda said.

The anti-Kasukuwere group confirmed yesterday that it was weighing the option of directly approaching Mugabe with its grievances.

Mashonaland Central war veterans leader Sam Parirenyatwa, who, despite several warnings of ejection at the Wednesday meeting, remained vocal in pushing for the ouster of Kasukuwere, said they were not impressed by Mudenda, hence, the decision to seek audience with Mugabe.

“We are definitely going to take action. We are also waiting to get a response from His Excellency because what they were doing yesterday (Wednesday) was to gather information and we realise they were very biased. It appeared as if they were on a mission,” Parirenyatwa said.

“The PC will not be able to operate effectively (even if he is let off the hook) because people have already said they don’t want him, so he will not be able to work effectively as the PC.”

He added: “We are also preparing a document explaining what happened because I understand they want to move into other areas. We are preparing the document which will be addressed to the President.”

Parirenyatwa also expressed unhappiness over the manner war veterans were constantly ejected from the meeting.

“We are the backbone and whatever happens in the party is our concern,” he said.

Interim Mashonaland Central provincial leader Kazembe Kazembe, however, refused to be involved in the matter.

“I’m sorry I am not going to comment until the politburo has resolved the issue,” Kazembe said while distancing himself from a group led by Parirenyatwa which is seeking Mugabe’s intervention.

Mashonaland Central Provincial Affairs minister Martin Dinha maintained that their resolution as a province should carry the day although he admitted only Mugabe had powers now to decide on Kasukuwere’s fate.

“(Pupurai) Togarepi was removed recently as a politburo member for whatever reasons we don’t know. The reasons being put forward by the whole nation (against Kasukuwere) are there and the President is hearing what is being said.

“The decision now awaits the President. Even if the politburo gives a report, ultimately the person who appoints and disappoints is the President. We are asking, as the people of Mashonaland Central, that please listen to what has been said by the nation that this person is not suitable anymore,” Dinha said.

After the meeting in Bindura on Wednesday, Kasukuwere’s supporters claimed victory as they celebrated the failure by the commissar’s accusers to prove their points.

Yesterday, Kasukuwere declined to comment on the matter.

“I await the results from the committee led by Cde Mudenda. I cannot comment on anything,” he said.

Kasukuwere has been accused of setting up parallel structures meant to topple Mugabe and already almost all the provinces have endorsed his sacking.

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