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Zanu-PF youths take clean-up to UK

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Vision 2030 launched by President Mnangagwa will transform the country and all Zimbabweans, at home and abroad, must embrace it in order to rebuild our nation, Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to Britain Christian Katsande has said.

He was speaking during the Diaspora clean-up campaign in the United Kingdom last week.

Inspired by the national clean-up campaign launched by President Mnangagwa back home, ZANU-PF youths in the UK took to the streets of London to launch their edition of the clean-up campaign.

Ambassador Katsande urged Zimbababweans to work hard in creating a clean environment in support of the Government’s Vision 2030.

“When you have a clean environment, even your thinking becomes clearer.

“This initiative by the youth(s) here in the Diaspora is a big lesson not just to community out here, but even back home and throughout the world.

“We all need to work hard to create clean working environments.

“This initiative will encourage others to come on board.

“For us as Zimbabweans, this is a key pillar of Vision 2030,” Ambassador Katsande said.

The ambassador said that he would like to encourage all Zimbabweans to push on this initiative and to do it more often. He said Vision 2030 was a national vision which will transform Zimbabwe.

The envoy urged all Zimbabweans to push on this initiative and to do it more often.

In response to passers-by taking interest in what was transpiring and asking what the youths were doing, Ms Salome Eric said: “As young Zimbabweans based in the UK, we decided to come together and raise awareness of Vision 2030, while re-emphasising that Zimbabwe is open for business. Taking to the streets is one of the strategies we are using to raise awareness and get more Zimbabweans and other nationals to explore investing in Zimbabwe. We strongly believe that no one but us will rebuild Zimbabwe and every effort taken toward this despite how trivial it may seem, will go a long way.”

Kudzai Makuku said: “This was a big step towards the right direction, as like-minded Zimbabweans who are truly patriotic about Zimbabwe gathering in support the clean-up campaigns being spearhead by President Mnangagwa, we feel this will assist in making our environments clean, be it in Zimbabwe or not.

“Us taking to the streets of London will hopefully encourage those back in Zimbabwe to also go out on the streets and participate is this key initiative.”

Others present to support the youth were the Zanu-PF UK branch chairman Masimba Tawengwa, Priscilla Mangwana, Damarias Kawonza.

In a spirit of Ubuntu, popular Zimbabwean comedian Comic Pastor graced the event and took to Facebook Live as a means of encouraging all Zimbabweans to unite and take part into cleaning up our environments.

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