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ZG Medical Aid Fund Taps Into Zim’s ‘Jobless’ Market

Fast growing Gweru based Medical Aid Company the Zimbabwe General Medical Aid Fund (ZG Medical) has begun tapping into the country’s vast jobless market which is usually neglected by most insurance and medical aid companies by target clients with no pay slips.

With an estimated 80 percent of Zimbabweans unemployed, ZG Medical Public Relations and Marketing Consultant Miss Vanessa Moyo said the company is diverting from focusing only on those formally employed, to the informal and low income earners.

“The emergence of the new dispensation in Zimbabwe saw the emergence of an even greater dispensation in terms of health insurance.

“Medical aid cover in Zimbabwe has often been known to cater for those with pay slips and those who can afford it. Zimbabwe General Medical Aid Fund has taken an initiative to offer Medical Aid cover to the marginalized people in society in Zimbabwe,” she said.

Moyo said they offer packages which range from as little as $5 to a high of $55 per month for those who can afford, ranging from general to platinum package.

She added that the $5 package gives clients access to Government Hospitals where they are given medication without co-payment.

“Not only does it target the informal traders, it is tailor made for the unemployed and of course low income earners,” she said.

Moyo said ZG Medical is striving to increase the number of people on Health Insurance as each and every Zimbabwean has a right to access healthcare.

As it stands just about 10 percent of the Zimbabwean population is on medical aid cover, as studies have shown.

“This is an opportunity for a regular Zimbabwean to get access to health cover without spending what he/she cannot afford. This is medical cover for all. Health Insurance at ZG medical also involves a free funeral cover as partnership is extended for members till they pass on,” she said.

“These packages strive more on benefits and value for money as they also include visits to general practitioners, specialists, radiology, drugs, optical consultations, maternity, rehabilitation and psychiatry,” she added.

Apart from targeting the marginalized, Moyo said they were also offering flexible Medical Aid packages tailor made to suit companies whereby the companies and their employees are insured on one health policy.

Partnerships have already been formed with reputable institutions in the province like the Midlands State University while collaborating with corporate like PSMI, United Bulawayo Hospital, Clay bank Hospital and many others.

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