Zim Economy in Typical Labour Pains

Some pains are just but a necessary evil and ought to be lived through than avoided if the benefits are to be harnessed in totality.

Joys of motherhood come with excruciating pain, sweating and energy draining pregnancy, but at the end of it all is the feeling of fulfilment and self-actualisation.

The economic events of the past two weeks in Zimbabwe bore Zimbabweans uncertainty, pain and disillusionment, as fuel and basic commodities disappeared amid exaggerations by political demagogues. Minister of Finance and Economic Development Professor Mthuli Ncube’s submissions saved the situation as they alleviated the fears that Zimbabwe is reverting back to 2008 economic meltdown.

Prof Ncube’s declaration meant that there is never going to be empty shelves as the market self-corrects in accordance with the situation while Government choreographs. The difference here is in 2008, Government then, effected price controls, and this worsened the situation as it only protected the consumers and sacrificing the producer on the other hand. Evidence to all this, is the continued restocking by the big shops and increase in prices while Government, on the other hand, is busy initiating stability of the formal foreign currency market by equalising the US dollar to the bond notes by acquiring more of the US dollars and financing nostro accounts.

Ideally and practically, the situation will normalise, but not without some temporary pains.

There can never be a struggle without sacrifice and as a country we ought to brace for the turbulences as the economy reshapes.

That having been said, there is need for the exorcism of mal-elements, economic misfits and other related chuff whose roots had gone deeper over the decades before Zimbabwe can move forward. There had been created all forms of economic malpractises over the past decades and it would certainly take a revolution to uproot these. Fat cats had been making a killing and they will not go down without a fight, and the battles are already showing.

Back in the biblical times, everyone knows the beautiful story of Abraham and the sacrifice of Isaac. How this noble father led his child to the slaughter; how Isaac meekly submitted; how the farce went on till the lad was bound and laid on the altar, and how God then stopped the murder, and blessed the intending murderer for his willingness to commit the crime.

As President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his team mend the economy they should crack the whip unsparingly leaving no stone unturned. They will be the public’s enemies, but what needs to be done has to be done. Austerity has never been rosy, rather strenuous and pregnant of tough decisions and sacrifices. In this case, the Isaacs are not as innocent and should be dealt with in the harshest of all forms for the benefit of every Zimbabwean. It should not be very difficult for President Mnangagwa and his team.

The Fourth Chimurenga is certainly upon Zimbabwe as she fights for her economic emancipation. It would be folly to think there will not be casualties, the Morrison Nyathis (sellouts), Selous Scouts, intra-party conflicts and the economic liberation freedom fighters. Like the young man, young women, and the old of the First Chimurenga, the modern-day generations can book themselves a seat in the future and history of the struggle by participating in the birth of a politically and economically free Zimbabwe.

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The Herald

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