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‘Zim-India relations ideal for business’

The Indian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Rungsung Masakui says the strong ties that have existed between the two countries have facilitated the flow of business and will also witness more Indian investors into the country, soon.

Speaking at the Zimbabwe India Chamber of Commerce (ZICC) breakfast meeting in Harare on Wednesday, he said: “Zimbabwe and India have long tsanding business, cultural and social ties. ZICC emphasises leveraging these existing historical relationship for more economic tie-ups, enhanced bi-lateral trade and investments.

“The country has through numerous economic challenges which has resulted in the high inflation which has impacted negatively on economic growth. This did not chase away Indian investors because what this nation is facing economically, has also been faced by India and so it is through unity, hard work and commitment that will bring things to normal.”

“More businesses in India are keen to invest in this country because Zimbabwe is unique in terms of human resources, minerals, agricultural land you name it, explained Ambassador Masukui.

ZICC chairman Mr George Chitsinde said the aim of the business meeting was to inform potential Indian investors of the situation in the country and hence provide a platform to discuss the way forward in terms of business.

“Our nation has been blackmailed and this has resulted in the investors being stigmatised. This is an awareness between Zimbabwe business authorities and Indian investors. To investors my word of advice is that they must not rely on the social media for information but consult the relevant authorities,” he said.

An investor from India Mr Mahidhara Davangere who rercently came into the country to invest in education, mining and technology said it is what India has gone through that gives them confidence that Zimbabwe will make it.

“I have come to invest in education that is to offer the technical know-how of extracting what this nation has in terms of minerals because there are so many educated people around and that is why we choose this nation. Secondly the availability resources in terms of minerals and the vast land that can be used for agriculture because currently everything is being imported, so when the nation starts to produce this will be a milestone for economic growth,” said Mr Chitsinde.

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