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BOND NOTES GERMANY UPDATE including E-Mail Response

This morning 25th August 2016 I called Giesecke & Deviant – the German company responsible for printing the pending Bond Notes for the Zimbabwean Government. I asked to speak to the person responsible for the current Bond Notes Consignment for Zimbabwe and was referred to Frau Kook who was said to be handling the portfolio. Unfortunately she was not in and would return my call, which she duly did. I proceeded to ask Frau Kook if she was aware that on the 19th of June 2008 there was an article in The Los Angeles Times in which US officials had decided not to take action against their firm for aiding Zimbabwe in the printing of banknotes during the hyperinflation period?
I asked her if she was also aware that the following month on the 1st of July 2008 her company‘s Management Board had decided to cease delivering banknote paper to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe with immediate effect. Why?
This decision was in response to an “official request” from the German government and calls for international sanctions by the European Union and the United Nations in relation to the human rights violations in the country.
Dr. Karsten Ottenberg, CEO and Chairman of the G&D Management Board, explained at the time:
“Our decision is a reaction to the political tension in Zimbabwe, which is mounting significantly rather than easing as expected, and takes account of the critical evaluation by the international community, German government and general public.”
I proceeded to officially inform her that the situation on the ground had not only remained unchanged but had in fact escalated. I informed her of the current response of the Government to those who dared to so much as speak against the currency and that as a representative of the #ThisFlagCitizens Movement I was officially informing her of the status quo.
To cut a long story short, Frau Kook stated that the last dealings they had with the Zimbabwe government was in 2008 and that there is no further consignment pending for Zimbabwe. She said that she had felt threatened by me mentioning the human rights violations on the ground and I hastened to correct her, suggesting that as external reporters are no longer allowed in the country she may not be aware of the situation and that is she needed further information I would be happy to oblige. I suggested to her that it was my conclusion that the President no longer represents the interests of our nation and that as such she may wish to remember this, should, the Zimbabwe government approach her company in the future.
At this point she said that they do not usually speak to people about their business and that the government should not have given anyone the company‘s name.
She said she will send me a categorical statement via e-mail and I am as yet to receive it. Other things were discussed which I have in recorded format. I will update you all as soon as I receive this documentation.
I was unable to speak to the CEO.

E-Mail Response

Dear Ms. Matarutse,

Thank you for your inquiry. As I already pointed out in our phone conversations, we do not produce anything nor do we currently plan on producing anything for the Zimbabwean central bank.
If you have further questions on any currency or country please inquire with the central bank in question.

Thank you very much.
Best regards

Andrea Nitsche
Andrea Nitsche
Corporate Communications
Tel. +49 89 4119-3494, Fax +49 89 4119-783494, Cell: +49 1520 9114828
Giesecke & Devrient GmbH, Prinzregentenstrasse 159, 81677 Munich, Germany
Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats: Prof. Klaus Josef Lutz
Geschäftsführer: Dr. Walter Schlebusch (Vorsitzender, CEO), Stefan Auerbach, Hans Wolfgang Kunz, Ralf Wintergerst, Dr. Peter Zattler (CFO)
Gesellschaftssitz: München, Handelsregister Amtsgericht München HRB 4619
Bitte prüfen Sie der Umwelt zuliebe, ob der Ausdruck dieser E-Mail erforderlich ist. G&D engagiert sich für den Klimaschutz.

UPDATE 2135 Hours
I‘ve just received a call from Giesecke & Deviant asking me to leave Frau Kook‘s name out of what I report to the citizens of Zimbabwe. I thanked her for her time and cut the line. Pane nyaya. Why are they still calling me if they have no involvement in the Bond Notes. A simple statement would have sufficed. Interesting. If anything happens to me you will know why. It‘ll give this story gravitas. Don‘t hesitate to publicise further if anything happens. This is bigger than any one person‘s wellbeing. Aluta Continua!!!! I‘ll leave the post pinned on Zim Solutions Facebook group for reference.

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