#Zimbabwe first lady Grace Mugabe ‘They want to kill my children,’

Zanu PF Women’s league boss Grace Mugabe has begged party members to stop fighting each other while reprimanding top leadership.
Grace made a brief address to thousands of party members at the Headquarters.

“We have an upper hand as Zanu PF. So why fighting? You stop it!

“Quiteness doesn’t mean we are foolish. Kure kwemeso nzeve dzinonzwa.

“Let us forgive each other. Do not take issues outside, let us solve them internally.

“Focus should be on solving the grain shortages not talking nonsensical issues. We can’t spend the whole time discussing disciplinary issues.

“Vamwe vakutoti vakaenda kuchikoro kunodzidza mavhoko. Stop it,” she said in apparent reference to Jonathan Moyo and Chris Mutswanga.

On planned bombings and Gushungo Dairy Farm she said : “Why being so heartless? We have sanctions in place and we should have unity of purpose.”

“We are aware they want to bomb the dairy, kill my children and all. It is not good. They are threatening Mugabe but you know him.

“He will not be intimidated by words. We want peace so the leadership must get to work. We want the politburo to concentrate on real issues not petty things.

One of the bomb plotters, Owen Kuchatawas was on Tuesday slapped with an 11-year jail term for banditry and money-laundering after being convicted of attempting to petrol-bomb Mugabe’s dairy plant in Mazowe two weeks ago.

Kuchata, 34, was sentenced to nine years for banditry and two years for money-laundering. He will, however, serve nine years after two years were conditionally suspended by Harare regional magistrate Hosea Mujaya.

Last week, Kuchata told the court he believed the bombing would have made Mugabe feel the pain that the majority of Zimbabweans were feeling under his rule.

“In my view, I saw the problems of Zimbabwe as being caused by Mugabe considering the demolition of houses, terminations of employment on three months’ notice or lack of action against persons accused of corruption,” Kuchata said.




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