Zimbabwe: Global Fund Allocates U.S.$500m for Malaria, HIV, Coronavirus

THE Global Fund has announced that it has allocated US$500 million to Zimbabwe to fight against malaria, HIV and coronavirus.

Addressing journalists in Bulawayo this week, Global Fund executive director, Peter Sands said $25 million will go towards the fight against coronavirus while the remainder will go towards the fight against malaria, TB and HIV.

“The Global Fund has allocated this next cycle $500 million to Zimbabwe and right now we are in the process by which specific programme submissions are being made around how the $500 million is going to be invested. 5% of the money will go towards the fight against coronavirus,” said Sands.

He said the coronavirus funds will be availed in the next five working days.

The executive director praised Zimbabwe for making great strides in the fight against the HIV, TB and malaria.

“Zimbabwe has made very significance progress in fighting HIV, TB and malaria. Zimbabwe is one of the very few countries on the continent that has succeeded in getting to 95% positive of HIV people on anti-retroviral treatment. That is a very significant achievement,” he said.

“Zimbabwe’s success on TB compares very favourably with some of the most advanced health care systems in the world. These are enormous achievements that I think you should be proud of.”

The Executive Director said the country has also seen a 75% reduction in malaria deaths.

Sands however bemoaned increasing cases of new HIV infections in Zimbabwe.

“The battle has not been won yet. There are still too many new infections of HIV. There is still drug resistance of TB which people are dying from. There much smaller numbers of people dying from malaria particularly on children. So the focus in the three year cycle of our funding will be very much on reducing cases of HIV Infection,” said Sands.

He said the fund will also focus on the elimination of Malaria and all drug resistance forms of TB.

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