Reports: Zimbabwe government hires 20 000 Ruling Party Youths as “Bond Note Police” to arrest anyone refusing the new currency

Zimbabwe government hires 20 000 Ruling Party Youths as “Bond Note Police” to arrest anyone refusing the new currency

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PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s Cabinet has resolved to hire more than 20 000 ZANU-PF youths to work as “Bond Note police” to help foist the unpalatable bond notes on both business and members of the public. Cabinet sources told the patriotic and trusted Zimbo that the idea came from Home Affairs minister, Ignatius Chombo, and it was seconded by Local Government minister, Savior Kasukuwere, before it was adopted by the full meeting.

“These are party youths who will be seconded to the police so that they go around making sure that whoever refuses to accept the bond notes on the same face value as the United States Dollar is arrested and dealt with,” the source said. “The idea came about after (Finance minister Patrick) Chinamasa reported that indications on the ground were that resistance to the bond note would be so fierce that the whole idea may fail… it was then that Chombo made the suggestion which was quickly adopted by Cabinet,” the source added.

The move could create employment for the thousands of ZANU-PF youth most of whom depend on doing dirty jobs for the party. The government is trying to re-introduce the defunct Zimbabwe dollar disguised as a bond notes and members of the public, most of whom last their entire savings when the Z$ collapsed, are opposed to the move. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe says to worthless bond notes would be equal to the US dollar.


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