#Zimbabwe government is lying about missing and abducted activist Itai Dzamara

#Zimbabwe government is lying about missing and abducted activist Itai Dzamara

My attention was drawn to utterances which were recently made by the Home Affairs Deputy Minister, Obedingwa Mguni regarding what he alleged the government is doing about Itai Dzamara’s missing. Not only were his utterances misleading, they were blatantly disingenuous.
Summarily, the following is the accurate picture regarding what happened and what is happening about Itai’s issue;

1. Searching
Despite the fact that it is the government’s responsibility to ensure the safety of Zimbabwean citizens, the Mugabe led government was initially unwilling to investigate the disappearance of Itai Dzamara. It took an order by the High Court to compel the police to search for Itai.

An investigation team led by the former CID boss, Assistant Commissioner Makedenge, comprising of representatives from all security arms, my family, and our lawyers was assembled. I represented my family on that team.

Even though the team carried out a few ‘investigation expeditions’, I was clear to the team that everything was a mere smoke screen. It is now over a year that the team has not met, neither is there any searching taking place as alleged by Minister Mguni.

From our standpoint, there is no genuine search that ever happened or should have happened because all or some of the security departments actually know what happened to Itai Dzamara by virtue of their involvement in what we maintain was abduction.

2. Family
As already highlighted, I represented my family on the so-called ‘investigation team’.

My family wishes to categorically distance itself from utterances made by Minister Mguni. Despite having participated in the initial charade by virtue of me having been a part of the ‘investigation team’, we are not working with the police in the alleged search for Itai Dzamara, neither are they working with us.

In fact, there is no searching that is taking place. It is a flagrant misrepresentation.

3. Responsibility
From the onset, I have never minced my words regarding who is responsible for Itai’s abduction and subsequent absence.

Itai’s abduction is the work of Mr. Mugabe’s government, masterminded and executed by the security agencies, particularly the military intelligence. They are responsible for Itai’s enforced disappearance.

We demand that Mr. Mugabe and his government must account for Itai Dzamara.

4. Fate
For as long as Mr. Mugabe and his government stonewall on this issue, despite our overtures to engage them, we continue to work with the assumption and hope that Itai is alive up to and until we have definite proof that he is not.

We will not endorse this government’s attempts to unilaterally declare the issue closed and sweep it under the carpet. Mr. Mugabe and his government must stop their sordid gibberish. They must live up to their constitutional responsibilities and bring Itai back to us.

Patson Dzamara

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Patson Dzamara

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