Zimbabwe: Journey of 41 Years – Worth Our Celebration

By Tinashe Nyamushanya
Tomorrow, the nation celebrates Independence Day. It is good that we are youth who grew up in an environment that has already been made perfect for us.

No need to adjust or adapt to the environment, everything was made perfect for us.

We found Zimbabwe with her beautiful nature, valleys, mountains and fruits that feed the nation.

But what we never asked ourselves is where this freedom (independence) came from.

We tend to forget about our culture because somehow it appears old fashioned to us. It appears as a myth only able to be told by those of the past.

This freedom that we so hold onto today did not come easy, someone thought of the future and decided to pull up their sleeves and stood up for what was theirs.

They knew that the only way out was to face your fears.

They knew that the road to freedom was only going to be achieved by someone who was able to come out from their hiding place and fight for it.

That’s how this nation got its freedom.

But instead, as youths, we tend to forget about these sacrifices because to some of us it’s just like history that’s only studied at high school and after that shoved away like the rest of other books. This beautiful nation that is admired by many came as a result of endless sacrifices.

As youth, we need to respect this day and the people who made this special day happen. Just imagine if its you fighting for what’s yours and mostly fighting for something that will benefit the whole nation, obviously you deserve respect and words of gratitude for all the sacrifices made.

If that does not happen you will feel unappreciated, sometimes sad and even heartbroken.

When it comes to independence, its not all about power or any political issues, but it is all about those brave women and men who made the journey smooth and possible for us.

This country is one of the safest places to be, that is why many tourists love to be here.

This due to the peace that was brought by a group of people who saw it worth to fight the liberation war for us to have this everlasting joy and peace.

Independence Day is all about remembering and respecting people who made this possible for us. It is a day where we all stand together for our nation. It is a time of appreciating the peace that we enjoy which came as a result of sacrifices.

Our freedom fighters, both living and dead, fought for us, they liberated our country, they sacrificed for us to be free in Zimbabwe and they left indelible legacy which every Zimbabwean should remember.

Zimbabweans are now enjoying the privileges, having productive land, education for all, etc, which means everyone has the rights, privileges and freedom.

It is befitting that the independence celebrations will be held under the theme: “Together, Growing our Economy for a Prosperous, Resilient and Inclusive Society”.

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