Zimbabwe: Magaisa – Zanu-PF Members Should Be Happy I Exposed Thieving Leaders

The United Kingdom-based lawyer and prolific blogger, Alex Magaisa says Zanu PF supporters should first take a deep breath and consider thanking him instead for exposing their greedy leaders who have plundered the same resources they (supporters) should also be enjoying.

Magaisa recently threw the proverbial cat among the pigeons when he penned an article which had a list of current and former government and Zanu PF officials who took millions worth of farm machinery which came by way of loans from the central bank 2007 and never repaid.

The list of beneficiaries included court judges, Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) officials, prominent religious leaders, among others.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa and predecessor Robert Mugabe were some of the beneficiaries.

Magaisa’s expose’ invited anger from Zanu PF politicians and supporters who felt the once advisor to ex-Prime Minister and now late opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai was launching a direct attack on the country’s land reform programme.

Former RBZ governor Gideon Gono also argued the millions disbursed were gifts and not loans.

“Instead of attacking me and the BSR, many in Zanu PF should be thankful that at long last, they now know the very few among them who were eating on their behalf and on behalf of everyone else.

“They can now see that while they got very little or nothing, very few had everything,” Magaisa said.

He added: “It is utter madness for those with nothing to be defending this looting in the name of Land Reform or to be hoodwinked into believing that this egregious looting is somehow part of the land reform.

“The majority should be getting together to demand that the elites #PayBackTheMoney.”

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