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#Zimbabwe Man Sells Own Daughter For Ritual Killing

National  Shock: Man Sells Own Daughter For Ritual Killing
In a callous act that left the community in a state of shock, a local man presented her own daughter for ritual killing in exchange for cash.
However, the man Tapiwa Vhutani (27) of Chikunguwo Village under Chief Neshangwe in Chivhu was arrested by police detectives as he attempted to present her daughter to a local businessman in exchange for $ 12 000.
The matter was heard before Chivhu Magistrate, Winfilda Tiyatara last week.
The court heard that on March 27 this year, Vhutani contacted Obert Juru, a local businessman and asked him whether he wanted human body parts to perform some rituals. He then kept on pestering Juru through text messages and the latter informed the police about the issue. Vhutani also told Juru he was desperate for cash.
Incensed by Vhutani’s persistent calls, Juru reported the matter to the police.
Police detectives then set a trap for the unsuspecting Vhutani who was told some South Africans wanted to buy human body parts. Vhutani then travelled to Chivhu town to meet the said prospective buyers.
Upon his arrival, police detectives introduced themselves as the buyers of human body parts. They offered him $ 12 000 cash and he accepted.
Vhutani travelled to his rural home and brought her daughter to Chivhu.
He surrendered her daughter to the detectives believing they were South African dealers.
Oblivious of the fact that he was talking to detectives, Vhutani disclosed he wanted to use the money to purchase a gold mine.
He was given an envelope written $ 12 000 and then was arrested by other detectives who were watching from a distance.
Vhutani was remanded in custody.
He is being charged with conspiracy to murder and he will appear before a High Court Judge on June 13, 2017.
The matter left Chivhu residents in a state of shock and they called for a tough sentence for Vhutani.

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