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Zimbabwe Missing Activist Itai Dzamara Hiding in Botswana

A Zimbabwean gay-cum-journalist Itai Dzamara who has made international headlines following a fake abduction is hiding in Botswana it has emerged. According to our findings, the fake journalist who actually sings for his supper from the opposition MDCT has been taken hostage by a German national named Dirk Frey who has not only invented the hide and seek game but also secured a place for the poor Zimbabwean man to hide in a town called Selebi Pikwe in Botswana. The reason for his fake abduction is mainly to cause panic among Zimbabweans with regards to their own safety and as a result cause them to react angrily in an Arab-spring style, leading to a potential uprising against President Robert Mugabe’s administration that will eventually create an opportunity for the opposition MDCT rise to power.

Itai Dzamara, an attention seeking poor and lowly-schooled man who staged a solo demonstration commonly called ‘Occupy Africa Unity Square’ has been in the news in recent weeks after reports indicated that he had been abducted by alleged state security agents. But investigations have revealed the man is holed in a hotel in Botswana and is being used as an epicenter for anarchy and controversy by regime change agents. In fact, a boastful member of the opposition MDC-T has said that Morgan Tsvangirai, the MDCT leader as well as Obert Gutu the party’s spokesperson among other sinior opposition figures are behind the fake abduction just to make headlines and create relevance for their now unpopular opposition party. Both police and ZANU PF government officials have recently condemed the disappearance of Dzamara, with Acting President Mnangagwa describing it as barbaric and therefore unacceptable.

Police are being encouraged to immediately arrest Bulawayo East MDC-T Member of Parliament Thabita Khumalo so that she can assist them locate the destitute journalist. It is emerging Dzamara is trying to use this fake abduction to get an International Award like the one which was given to Jestina Mukoko and other sellouts who are on record. At the very least, he hopes to be given an asylum in UK where he hopes to land greener pastures. Muri kungozvionerawo mhuri ye Zimbabwe ndiwo mabasa e zvimbwasungata aya.

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