Zimbabwe: Mliswa Demands Seizure of Grace’s 11 Farms

Norton MP, Temba Mliswa has demanded the seizure of former First Lady Grace Mugabe’s 11 farms for redistribution to those in need of land.

He was speaking during parliament’s question and answer session on Wednesday.

Mliswa said a lands audit done by the ministry had shown that the wife to late former President Robert Mugabe had acquired 12 farmers when her husband was still at the helm of the country.

He demanded that government should enforce its one-man, one-farm policy.

“Land audit has been done. This is something on record that Grace Mugabe has 12 farms.

“What is government doing in repossessing the land that was taken by the former First Lady? The country has a one-man one-farm policy,” Mliswa said while directing his question to the leader of the house Ziyambi Ziyambi.

In his response, Ziyambi said government was going ahead with getting back all land that was in excess of stipulated farm sizes.

“We are repossessing farms from multiple farm owners,” he said.

Late President Mugabe from 2000 led a violent land grab from the hands of a minority white Zimbabwean farm owners of European descent for ostensible redistribution to landless locals.

However, the land reform policy was discredited by reports some top government officials and security commanders seized tracts of fertile farmland, some of which they rented out to the same former farm owners they had dispossessed.

Government has made repeated threats to seize extra land taken by the culprits but this has largely remained just a threat which was not followed by any action.

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