Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa Can Nick People’s Knickers, but Not Our Struggle – Sikhala

President Emmerson Mnangagwa can continue to frustrate the MDC Alliance’s operations, but he will never be able to block the people’s struggle demanding democratic rights, MDC deputy chair, Job Sikhala has said.

He was addressing MDC Alliance supporters during the party’s online rally in which party president, Nelson Chamisa was the main speaker.

“The struggle we are in is not Chamisa’s struggle, (MDC Alliance Vice President Tendai) Biti or Sikhala or the MDC Alliance alone, but it is the struggle of the people of Zimbabwe,” Sikhala said.

“So what Mnangagwa can steal from us are material things we have, but the struggle for free Zimbabwe will never be stolen.

“So let me reassure you that Mnangagwa can steal even our underwear, but we will never allow him to steal the struggle from us.

“We are determined to continue fighting you Mnangagwa until we have liberated this country. Our message is very clear. I know you the people of Zimbabwe are crying for action, as leaders we are here to reassure you that it is coming.

“We are organising ourselves, we are calling upon to you to keep your ears open when the day of the clarion call to liberate ourselves is going to be made.

“Action is going to come, this is not something Mnangagwa can stop, but we need to plan ourselves first. We are now well organised, we are coming after you Mnangagwa your time is up,” said Sikhala.

He claimed State apparatus were being used to destabilise the MDC Alliance.

“However, the MDC Alliance is stronger and getting stronger, do not be afraid of human rights abuses being perpetrated by the regime because the intention of Mnangagwa’s government is to destroy it.

“But, let me assure you; Mnangagwa’s government can take away everything material from us, but they will never steal the struggle from the people of Zimbabwe.”

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