Zimbabwe: Nichrut Transforms Tourism Landscape in Midlands

Isdore Guvamombe Tourism Matrix It started with a simple lodge four years ago, but today, Nichrut Investments have transformed the travel and tourism landscape in the Midlands with a massive investment into lodges an amusement park, snake park, crocodile pen and service station.

NICHRUT Resort, situated between Gweru and Shurugwi has officially opened it animal kingdom, with the snake world and the crocodile park now operational.

In less than four years of operation Nichrut has transformed from a mere roadside lodge to a resort with a state- of-the-start theme park, a service station in site and a take away.

So far pythons and cobras have proved to be the main attraction of the animal kingdom followed by crocodiles.

“We have opened with snake world and the crocodiles and are now expecting our delivery of zebras and other plains game from National Parks, anytime soon,” said proprietor Mr Nicholas Gara.

The animal kingdom will have caged and roaming wildlife. Among the caged will be the king of jungle, The Lion. The master predator of Africa’s fresh water predators, The Crocodile, and Tortoise among others.


Africa’s plains game from the elegant zebra to the spindly-footed impala will roam in the park and visitors can have a walk in safari. Explanations for the animal behaviour proffered.

NICHRUT snake kingdom

An array of lethal snakes are already on display. The African rock python that grows up to 10 metres is a master attraction. The longest at Nichrut 3,2m.

There is also the black mamba with its coffin shaped head, a deadly serpent. Trained snake charmers do circus with tourists for photoshoot.

NICHRUT aviary and bird


Birds of all kind will be kept and documented from habits to growth and lifestyle. The birds will capture all the varieties resident in Africa South of the Sahara. Bird circus.

NICHRUT children play centre and amusement park

State-of-the-art children’s play centre featuring jump castles, water castles, slides, glides and lunar park plus a sand bath spa and miniature swimming pool will be a fascination.

The play centre will have a resident tattoo and face painter and a shop for ice-cream, candy-floss, sweets and toys.

NICHRUT Adrenalin kingdom

A high rising zip-line supported by poles on a promontory, one high on the other side and another lower and supported by a sand pad.

Next to is will be a mud rut for those who love mud-bathing and mud-wrestling. This facility is supported with a bathing shower place. It will also have an adult swimming pool by the side.

While many people are crying about economic hardships, Nichrut Resort has soldiered on and invested. This is serious business.

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