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#Zimbabwe Pastor calls God on the phone during church service

#Zimbabwe Pastor calls God on the phone during church service

A video of a Zimbabwean pastor claiming to be on the phone with God during a prayer service has gone viral

In the video, Pastor Paul Sanyangore from Victory World International Ministries Church is seen having a conversation with “God”.

On YouTube on Monday, the video had garnered more than 77 000 views. It was posted on 7 March. It is not clear where the video was filmed.

The CRL Rights Commission says they will look into the matter.

In the video, Sanyangore is seen marching to the front of the stage with a woman dressed in a white dress, kneeling down, with both her hands in the air.

“Hello‚ is this heaven? I have a woman here‚ what do you have to say about her?” the pastor asks on his cellphone.

“Praise the Lord,” a second man with a microphone is heard saying.

‘Heaven is online’

The congregation looks on – some in disbelief.

This was followed with moans of amazement‚ as the pastor seemingly listens intently as “God” speaks to him on the phone.

“I should ask her who Sibo is,” the pastor says out loud.

After asking the woman who Sibo was, the pastor then asks: “What else, Papa God? God is telling me to ask you why he is showing me a heart.”

The soft-spoken woman could not be heard in the video.

“He says we should pray for your children, two of them… He is saying the one is epileptic and the other is asthmatic.”

Some of the congregants were rejoicing and praising the pastor for his miraculous call with “God”.

The pastor then screamed: “Heaven is online.”

He ended his call by saying to the woman: “Your story has changed.”

CRL Rights Commission CEO Edward Mafadza said he was not aware of the video.

“We will look into the video. For now, we can’t comment on the matter because we haven’t seen it,” Mafadza told News24 on Monday afternoon.


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