Zimbabwe pastor sold women anointed cucumbers promising their husbands’ penises would grow to that size

According to reports, a Zimbabwean preacher, Prophet Walter Magaya, has been selling anointed cucumbers to his female congregants during church services.

Prophet Walter Magaya of the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance ministries (PHDM) had his ushers circulate cucumbers to the congregants who were each required to pay $5 (Sh500).

Cucumber is used throughout Africa to represent the male organ, and critics say the pastor may be telling his female congregation they would become more fertile if they had sex with their husbands after eating the anointed cucumber.

In August 2016, Prophet Magaya made headlines after being accused of rape. He has also been the talk of the town in the past after banning PHD holders from his church services.

However, his latest actions of selling ‘anointed’ cucumbers drew widespread criticism with some members, who accuse him of conning his congregants and doing business in the house of God.

Reports indicate that the prophet harvested the fruits from his farm before selling them to members, while other sources say he bought them at a nearby market.

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