Zimbabwe Prophet Makandiwa – Laws of success: The art of receiving

Zimbabwe Prophet Makandiwa – Laws of success : The art of receiving

It is very important for us to understand that there is a gift called receiving. You have to be gifted in order for you to be able to receive a gift. Receiving is one of the keys you need to be successful in life. If you cannot receive, you cannot acquire, you cannot accumulate and you cannot be successful. Again if you cannot receive you cannot give.A person cannot give what he has not received.

If you are not good at receiving, it means you are also not good at giving because what comes first is receiving before giving.

Many people have done studies in as far as giving is concerned, but they have not learnt much about receiving.

God does not expect you to give what was never given to you in the first place.

Receiving is an art which you have to master. You can only give what you have, and you can only have what you have received.

Do not try to help a person who has not yet mastered the art of receiving because whatever you put on the table for him in terms of sacrificing for him, he does not know how to receive it.

Be it money, be it time or commitment, as long as the person does not have an ability to receive, do not attempt to give.

The reason why most people are broke right now is not because the gift was not given, but it is because the gift could not be received.

God would never require anything from you that was never given to you.

If God tells you to jump He has given you the ability to jump and if He tells you to fly, it is after He has given you the ability to fly. Nothing will be required from a person who was given nothing.

If something was given to you, then God is entitled to demand that you produce or present what was given to you. Receiving is an art which is as equally important as giving.

Most people continue to emphasize on giving after giving, but what you need to understand is that when you do that, your giving will trigger a reaction. Because of your giving, you will have to receive at some point.

If all that you know is giving and you do not know how to receive, you will be that kind of a person who will be frustrated in life.

You will look at what you have given and yet you have not received anything. It is not because it is not given but you have not mastered the art of receiving.

Receiving on its own is a gift and most people do not know how to receive.

Do not get married to a husband who does not know how to receive and do not marry a wife who does not know how to receive.

If you do, it does not matter how much you are going to give love, the person simply does not know how to receive it.

Look at what God gave you. Jesus came and gave what was supposed to be given and yet up to now, it is not all of us that are saved. It is because receiving is an art. It will not be forced on you but it has to be received willingly.

Jesus was already given to us. He is never going to come back again and die the second time.

Everything we are ever going to need was already given. It is already purchased but not yet claimed. It is already provided but not yet collected.

You cannot convince a person that salvation is important if you cannot clearly explain the benefits of salvation. That could be the reason why most people are not born again, they have not really heard about the benefits of salvation.

What we have is simply what we can take for now but everything that we need was provided.

If we are going to prosper, we have to prosper God’s way, if we are going to be blessed, our blessing has to reflect the God that we serve.

The only principle we have to go by is in the Word of God.

Sometimes before you can help a person who has fallen down in life so that he can recover again, he has to first explain what brought him down to where he is and then you can proceed and help him.

Certain people were not fought by the devil but by principles.

People have got principles they are violating, which they have to be aware of before you can help.

The principles that they tempered with are not dead, they are still alive. Those are the same principles that killed them and if you resurrect the person, the principle is still waiting to kill him again.

A person has to know and explain to you how he came down and what brought him down. Prosperity and the blessings of God are found in certain places. The prosperity that God has given to you might not have been given directly to you, but it might have been given to a certain location.

There is a location right now where your prosperity is situated. There is a certain geographical location where your prosperity is found.

Prosperity is not always everywhere.

The prodigal son was restored when he moved from the wrong place into the right place. He became broke simply because he changed the location.

His restoration came only when he decided to go back to his Father.

The prodigal son compared the two places, where he was and where he should be.

The moment he made up his mind to move from one place to another place, his financial status automatically changed. The choice was between two places, it was not between two ideas.

We need to understand the work that Jesus did for us that we do not have to do for ourselves.

From the day that Jesus was born, something was already being bought on your behalf.

Jesus did not just come to die for us, He also came to live for us. We have to understand Salvation and what God is trying to provide so that we can receive.

When something is given to you, learn how to receive.

There is a way that when you receive, the gifts will continue coming to you because of how you receive.

If we do not talk about the art of receiving and we jump into salvation and the blood of Jesus, how are people going to receive it?

Receiving is as important as giving.




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