Mataz told his congregation that the heavenly airways were congested with too many prayers, as millions are constantly shouting their wishes and requests to God. He urged those that did not have email addresses had to pay a fee of US$2 to him so that he could open the accounts for them.

“The Lord wrote me an email and instructed me to communicate only via email. Too many people are praying, shouting and screaming to the Lord, and the Lord is now tired of that noise. So now he wants some peace and quiet, that is why he revealed his heavenly email address to me.

“So if you want your prayers to be heard by the Lord, if you seek for your prayers to be answered, send me your emails and I will forward them to God. In a short time, God will email me the replies, and I will forward them to you.”

Mataz went on to tell his followers that emails to heaven require atleast 10 times more data than regular emails, so each member is required to contribute US$50 for each email sent.