#Zimbabwe ruling party ZANU PF introduces smart membership card

ZANU PF introduces smart membership card

Ransom Mandhlazi

ZANU PF is set to introduce a smart membership card that will enable members to access financial services through partnership with a financial institution and use the ZIMSWITCH platform, giving them access to ATMs, point of sale machines and mobile banking.

Members will also enjoy the standard deposit and withdrawal facilities associated with a bank card.

The smart membership card was presented to the Politburo by ZANU PF Secretary for Science and Technology Professor Jonathan Moyo.

The broad objective of the proposed membership card is to enhance the capabilities in two areas, revenue generation and party mobilisation.

An additional card is also proposed to encourage a new category of supporters, the ZANU PF Supporter Card, this card would be for people who are not necessarily members but who support ZANU PF and have a disposition towards the Party

On mobilisation of party supporters, the card will allow for the registration and maintenance of up to date details.

The party said these will be supported by routinely comparing information held by the party against other national electronic records; the party can generate a robust database in order to manage distribution of presidential input schemes, party regalia and so on.

The party will have clear information on the profile of individual members, the party structures they belong to, the province, the wing, districts, branches and cell, as well as the demographics.

The details stored in the card system will allow for targeted and highly effective communication.

“Integrating it into the lives of our members is a key component to its success, this can only be accomplished by associating the card with significant benefits thereby giving the user a good reason to carry it, the party said.

The proposed card will allow the party to efficiently collect subscriptions from the membership.

No cash will exchange hands, this will eliminate abuse and misappropriation. In addition, the system will be able to notify members who are not up to date on their payments that they risk being suspended from corporate benefits afforded by the card.

“One of the most powerful aspects of this smart card will be our ability to leverage our large and disciplined membership base in negotiations with various service providers,”  the party said.

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