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Zimbabwe: Sponsorship Boost for Starbrite

Local talent television show, StarBrite, has received about US$5 900 sponsorship for the season 7 finale from a non-profit organisation Glo International Sports and Arts Agency (GISAA).

This came to light after organisers of the show said they were broke, but had creative ideas which needed finances and resources.

The company deals with philanthropic work that creates opportunities and platforms for nonentities.

According to GISSA chief executive Gloraine Francis, who is based in the United Kingdom, they were approached by the show organisers seeking assistance with prize money for winners and camera equipment.

“All in all, the money we have given to StarBrite amounts to US$5 900, after they had requested for cameras and prize money,” she said. “The show has a good concept and can be a major boost for up and coming talent in Zimbabwe. It would be great for the show to get much deserved support from stakeholders and community leaders.”

Francis said it was a win-win situation where sponsors invested in the arts culture.

“The StarBrite organisers should come out clearly on what they require and be honest too in their production logistics. If you want to grow and improve, do things which in transparent manner. A lot has and can be said about the show, but it is our job too to assist.”

Meanwhile, show organiser Barney Mpariwa said GISAA got involved for the season 8 semi-finals.

“It is a bit confusing, I know that we are announcing for season 7, we should really take time to know what really happens at StarBrite,” he said. “We require massive sponsorship on the various stages of the show and we appreciate everyone. Some are bringing bread while others juice and we appreciate that. We are now getting sponsors.”

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